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HouseCall: Weight Loss Struggle, Vaginal Thrush, Addiction Imbalances, Braces & Amalgams, Colostrum Powder, Nootropics, Lab Consults, Clenbuterol Side Effects

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This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

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Rebecca: Hello! I did the 7-Day Detox and loved it! I’ve been struggling with Hoshimitos plus PCOS for likely 15 years and have never found anything that works for my body as far as the weight goes (or really anything else). With the detox I could see a change in my body and even though the weight on the scale didnt go down, my percentage of body fat did reduce. I plan to do the detox again soon and I also take the Daily Thyroid Support. I have been listening to the podcasts since the detox and now believe that my body is even more messed up than I once thought based on my thyroid, PCOS, stress, etc, but I also see that maybe I can finally figure out why and what to do. The more I learn from Dr. Cabral, the more I want to learn and the more I feel like I can take better control of my body. My doctors don’t help other than to give me synthroid, so I will be doing a test in order to get an evaluation from you. I suffer from a ridiculous struggle to lose weight/not gain again (I’m 5’6” and currently weigh 150lbs, but started my struggle with thyroid and PCSO at 140lbs before I gained 40+lbs within 2 months), thin hair, hair in the wrong places, brain fog, exhaustion, poor blood flow, and a constantly flow of other random issues that come and go without explanation. The brain fog and exhaustion also come and go. I exercise regularly and eat a very low carb, mostly vegetable, and typically under 1000 cal per day diet. I also now drink your detox shake every morning. Do you recommend the Thyroid and Adrenal test for me? Further, my sister has a couple issues that I’m hoping can be helped with some of your products. 1. She has had a pretty continuous yeast infection for years. The doctors have given her medicine when she isn’t pregnant, however the infection is always coming back. She has been pregnant 5 times in the last 4 years (2 lost babies), so there seems to be difficulty with treating her based on the only medicine that has worked being one that cannot be taken during a pregnancy. Can there be some imbalance or toxin in her system that there might be a more natural way to work with to actually prevent the yeast rather than just treat? 2. She is currently 8 weeks pregnant and ended up in the hospital yesterday with a subchorionic hemorage. Are there any supplements available that can help her support the pregnancy? I look forward to your response so I can get us both moving forward in our health and hopefully the health of her baby. Many thanks, Rebecca

Sara: I have had vaginal thrush for the past 4-5 months, every week before my period. Each time getting worse, i had gone to the doctors and got it tested and of course came back as vaginal candidiasis. Then a few weeks later, i got a uti, which then i was prescribed antibiotics, it was a 7 day course of tablets, i took 3 of them and got really bad thrush again, so wasnt able to take the whole course. I have had this thrush now for about 7 days and it has gotten better with canastan cream but i feel isnt fully healed. I think i may have a yeast overgrowth in my body, i have read up on this and they say to cut out sugar, the thing is that i dont eat that much sugar. I am stuck for what to do? Hope you can help! thank you!

Ari: I’ve read that addiction is a disease like any other. Can rebalancing your body help snap the brains addiction both with drug and non drug addictions?

Cynthia: Hello, My name is Cynthia, I am currently going through the IHP certification course. I am planning to have braces on my teeth, but while learning through the modules I am now confused on whether that is something I should do or not. Is it safe? I am 22 years old. I also have silver amalgams, I have 6 of them. I would appreciate your opinion on what would be the best thing to do. Or should I get that done through a holistic dentist? I have already gone to the orthodontist twice, there are still two more for me to attend, but I have been putting them off because I am unsure. Also because in my initial visit they told me my teeth were overcrowded and that they would probably have to remove two teeth from top and bottom and well I kind of don’t want those teeth removed. Seems like a lot. I think that could cause health problems. I am no expert, but I’ve done some research and that’s what I’ve found. I did have to get my wisdom teeth out, four in total and I wouldn’t like to remove any more, not sure if that is something safe.Thank you for your time.

Karen: Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on taking a high quality colostrum powder for treating leaky gut? And if you do recommend it, what dosage and delivery (I’ve heard that putting 1 tablespoon inside your mouth, allowing it to turn into a ball of paste, then allowing that to slowly dissolve in your mouth so it is absorbed sublingually and through the gums, in addition to swallowing it is a better method than dissolving in water and drinking)? Your thoughts/insight? Thanks SO much!

Susanne: Hi! I am a student and curious about nootropics and smart drugs. What do you think of them and what do you know about their influence on health? Would it be bad for my stomach/health? I am currently doing your CBO protocol. Would you recommend taking it and could it potentially be used once or twice on the CBO protocol or parasite protocol? Do you have any other recommendations for mental performance and full concentration over specific periods of time? Thanks, best regards

Kathryn: I’ve had an Organic Acid test and Stool test done with my natural path and gotten the results back. the stool test was done about 8 months ago, and the organic acids test just about 6 weeks ago. Is it possible set up a 60 min consult to go over my results for a second opinion from the natural path I’ve been going to for the past 2 years? this is my second OAT, the first one over 2 years ago showed Candida and the supplements she has given me has not been able to alleviate my symptoms or change much of the results from the test. I’d like a consult to go over the test without having to purchase the test and take it again. Thank You, Kathryn

Darrell: Hey Dr. Cabral. Good show. I am in fitness industry and I am seeing a disturbing trend of many men and women young and somewhat older using clenbuterol (clen) to gain muscle mass and lose weight. I know it is a veterinary asthma drug for horses and use to bulk livestock but I can’t quite exain to them why using it is dangerous. They results are too tempting for them. Can you say why it should be avoided at all cost? Also thanks for this podcast. Is there any means to show appreciation or boost it beside given great iTunes reviews? Some people like myself may not be Apple users so we can’t access the iTunes review feature (I download your show via Twitter for eg) and would still like to show some appreciation.


Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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