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HouseCall: Anxiety Effects, Food Reactions, Stomach Cramping, Daily Detox, Crohn’s Disease, Lost Period, Severe Pain Flares, Pregnancy Detox

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Brennan: Hi Dr. Cabral and team- I am a new follower of Dr. Cabral and stumbled upon his podcast when searching for podcasts on juicing celery. I love how real and level headed Dr. Cabral is and that he looks at both sides of the story. With that being said, I have a question. To give you a bit of background I am a 34 year old female. I am 5’1″ and weigh 105 lbs. I consider myself pretty active engaging in crossfit and yoga 5-6 days a week. I am a former devision 1 athlete and have been active my whole life. I feel I eat fairly well… although am learning daily from Dr. Cabral’s podcast on improvements I can make. I have 2 bachelors degrees… one in health promotions and one in nursing. About 9 months ago I started to feel tingling and a little numb in my extremities… my arms, legs and right side of face. I was went to multiple drs… was prescribed steroids (which I will never take again… I feel like they are poison) and about a week or so after the 5 day steroid taper I began to feel extremely anxious. This anxiety has been present on and off since it started. I have had MRIs of my brain and all of my spine (lumbar, thoracic, cervical), saw a neurologist, did a full blood panel and all tests and Drs… have cleared me for anything significant. Fast forward to middle of December when i started to feel “lightheaded”, this is the best way I know how to describe it, It is not like the “light headed that you would get if you were laying down and then got up fast. It is more of a constant fog, lightheaded, unfocused feeling at the front of my head and eyes. Once this began I went to an integrative Nurse practitioner who ran a few more additional tests, cortisol levels, thyroid, Vitamin D3, and adrenals… She called back saying the results were all normal and that the symptoms I am having must be from anxiety. Due to the unfocused feeling I have with my eyes I went to an eye dr… who tested multiple things and in the end said I have “better than great eyesight”. I have had the “light headed” feeling for going on 2 months now. To say I am confused is an understatement. I think all of the not knowing is making me anxious for sure. I will wake up at least 1 time a week with a little “anxiety attack”. Ive never considered myself to be an anxious person… I do worry about things… but for the most part have always been pretty “chill”. I am trying my very best to naturally take care of the anxiety. I am meditating, doing more yoga, doing my best to eat healthy, focusing on my buried emotions and feelings, acupuncture…. etc. Now to my question haha…. Does this sound like it could be anxiety? OR does it sound like it could be something else…. Ive had a million thoughts…. Maybe hormonal?? I would love any suggestions you have for me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Brennan

Sarah: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have been experiencing what I think my be a reaction to food. I turn red and feel swollen in the face about a half hour after I eat some foods, as well as digestive discomfort, smelly gas(which I read can be linked to food intolerance) and bloating. I am not sure what the food is but seems too be around when I have crackers, tortilla chips, or trail mix. I have taken the skin prick test for allergies but have not reacted to any foods. My body does not respond well digestively when I have dairy (the past couple of years, before that I would have yogurt and milk multiple times a day) so I avoid that but do not have any other food rules. I was thinking gluten or wheat may be a factor but I tested negative for celiac and did not have a reactive to the skin prick. I also was wondering if oils could cause this or be a reaction to a type of oils like canola. I looked into your food sensitivity lab and am interested in it, but did not know if what I am experiencing is IGG (which is the lab kit) or IGE. If I ordered the lab would it show if I have an IGE to food? I would love to hear what you think may be going on. I have been experiencing these symptoms for a while and am tired of feeling this way. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Sarah

Emma: Hi Stephen, Thank you for all of your podcasts and for helping so many people. Your story is inspirational and natural health is something I care about immensely and hope to be involved with myself one day maybe on a professional level. I’m writing for my partner mainly who has been suffering with stomach cramps, bloating, gas and loose/irregular bowel movements for years now, he has eliminated bread from his diet but not because of the wheat as he can have pasta with no cramps but we believe it is to do with the yeast. The cramps also happen sporadically even if he hasn’t had yeast, as far as we’re aware. He is a well built man who eats generally healthily but is prone to binging on junk occasionally and he also eats very quickly and very large quantities. He works out daily and has a stressful office job. We have two small children and life can be quite stressful sometimes! We are quite health conscious and drink fresh fruit/veg juices daily and are always looking to improve further. He also drinks protein drinks daily using 100% whey powder. I really wanted to know your thoughts on him and what tests you’d recommend? For me I’d also be really interested in optimising my health and testing for my vitamin levels as this interests me so much! I am just finishing breast feeding my daughter after 1year and now want to get as healthy as I can. I’ve suffered from several stomach bugs lately and have always suffered with migraines with aura which I would love to eliminate if possible. Are there tests you would recommend for me and my partner? We live in the UK so I don’t think all of your tests are available to us, but I’ve listened to lots of your podcasts and would trust you with helping us more than anyone I’ve found in the UK so far. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks Emma

Dre: Thank you so much for all you do! I have learned so much from you on my journey to health. I am hoping you could dedicate a few minutes to provide daily, monthly, and/or yearly habits to support the liver. I have heard things like sleeping on your left side, and drinking milk thistle tea are good for the liver, but I really want to do all I can for my liver because it is working overtime in this modern life.

Jim: Dr Cabral, I am 45 years and have been dealing with crohns disease for the past 4 years. I currently treat it through diet and exercise only but feel that I am starting to lose the battle. if this is something you have experience with I would be interested in meeting with you for a consultation. Thank you in advance for your help, Jim

Daniella: Hi Dr. Cabral, I was hoping you could help me: About three years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and so when I got to college I decided to change my eating habits and become a regular at the gym. This for me meant cardio at the time and slowly I was introduced to weight training. As a result of this change which was characterized by a low carb diet and tons of extraneous activity I lost around 30 pounds. Now I am 21 years old and I have low progesterone and low estrogen which has cumulated in me losing my period. I know that I am underweight because I have a very low body fat percentage (about 13%) but I’ve been trying to up my carbohydrates consistently and have still struggled. I follow a paleoish diet and am the type of person who NEEDS to go to the gym to de-stress. I’ve listened to your podcasts and you are clearly a wealth of knowledge and have given so many tips but I don’t have access to a smoothie machine on campus and because of my schedule I have to workout fasted in the morning right after my first class and then I have my first meal. I always have 3 big meals a day the biggest being dinner (which I know is not the best). I want to get my period back and my health on track so I recently invested in a coach but I’m struggling to hit the macros. What do you suggest? (PS if it was not clear I am a college student and so dining options are somewhat limited in quality.) Thank you so much for what you do and for even taking the time to read this, All the best, Daniela

Sauchanee: I have been suffering from stomach problems and fatigue problems for many years. I’ve had my gallbladder out a couple of years ago, which made matters worse. I have hypothyroidism, EBV, in the past I’ve had severe pain flares in my knees and in my shoulders and collar bone. I was wondering if you deal with these problems.

Kelly: Hello,I read in the FAQs the detox isn’t recommended while pregnant. I’m concerned I have some toxicity and I have a rash that’s been persistent for some time. Is there any supplements you’d recommend that are safe while I am pregnant to gently detox?


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