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HouseCall: Ultrasounds & Natural Child Birth, Epilepsy & The Gut, Fatigue & Bloating, PachaKarma vs FM Detox, Migraine Mystery

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Luke: Hi Dr. Cabral. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. I found you on Ben Pakulski’s podcast and have been hooked on the knowledge that you have to offer ever since. As a result my wife and I have found ourselves adopting a much healthier and more natural lifestyle. We completed the 21 Day Detox and are taking the Daily Protocol (level one), eating all organic and my wife is taking the Prenatal Package. Hopefully by the time you read this she will be pregnant and my questions are related to our pregnancy. Question 1. I have read that ultrasounds can be harmful to the baby and these should be limited or even avoided. My question is are they necessary and if not what else can we do to substitute ultrasounds so we know that our baby is developing safely? Question 2. We are interested in having the most natural birth possible. What are your thoughts on home births and what do we need to have in place to make sure that we have a safe and healthy pregnancy? We live in Australia and are told that home births are dangerous and we are struggling to find support from our friends and family with this idea. If a home birth is not an option that you would take then what else could we do? I have seen many friends who have had hospital births and these seem so far from natural that it’s concerning and they have all had complications. Thanks again for all that you do and thank you for taking the time to respond. Cheers.

Kelly: Good morning ! I was listening to a podcast with Lucas Rockwood where you were the guest speaker. You mentioned a correlation between gut microbim and eplilepsy.
I know this isn’t this place to explain my back story but I am interested in diving into this further And wonder if this is something that you work on with people. I’d be more than happy to book some time with you. Much like your backstory and taking your health into your own hands, I am proactive and want to do the same. Navigating through th BS is the hardest part and really just looking for a starting point. Let me know your thought. 🙂 Have a good one!

Stephanie: Hello, I’m writing to you to see if you can help me. Previous history.. I deal with depression and anxiety. I haven’t been able to find a medication that works for me yet. It has been a process. The biggest thing I am dealing with is chronic fatigue and chronic inflammation if that is a thing? (diagnosed). I have had numerous blood test ran testing thyroid, B12 etc. The tests all come back normal. I have always thought the way I have been feeling is due to depression. But in my gut i know that isn’t what it is. I wake up in the morning and my stomach is flat and the moment i drink water my stomach gets very descended. The fatigue I feel and gut issues i am having have to be related (but I’m no doctor) I am very into health and fitness. I workout regularly and I track my macros so I know what i am eating. I live a healthy lifestyle. I am from Canada and the doctors I have been dealing with haven’t helped me all. I am hoping you can offer me some insight as I feel very very stuck. I hope you can help me!

Jenna: Hi! I am very interested in taking your integrative health practitioner corse. I saw that you are not accepting students at this time. Will you be opening more spots in the near future?? Thank you!

Alana: Hi Stephen I am an Ayurvedic practitioner and have been following an Ayurvedic vegan diet for the past 3 years and have done intestive panchakarmas in India with very recognised and profound vaidyas, I do know the importance of good panchakarma centres as I have worked in ones that are dangerous! These have been very beneficial for my mind but physically my symptoms are still here. I wonder how a functional medicine detox differs from a panchakarma, I understand in Ayurveda panchakarmas rid toxins and my teachers in Ayurveda say they can reverse imbalances through all treatments . I wonder if they heal Candida? I have had digestive issues my whole life, bloating, constipation and what feels like a stone stuck under my belly button and on my small intestine. My Ayurvedic doctor tells me it’ll go away its excess vata and chronic constipation, but even when I have passed a good bowel movement its there. I also have hypothalamic amenorrhea and always have a bloodshot right eye, intuitively I feel its from fatigue. I have ordered the 21 day detox, intestinal cleanse and CBO protocol and plan to do them, yet wonder if the CBO protocol will still be beneficial without doing the lab test based on my symptoms. I just feel like there is something inside or stuck on my intestines and don’t really remember what it feels like to have a flat stomach or energy. It feels as if my fatigue is even more predominant now and it is a struggle. my mind wants to do so much but I just feel weak. I am also very thin and struggle to feel satiated. My Ayurvedic diet has helped tremendously with digestive ease but I have not reached a vibrant, energetic state yet and almost daily feel constipated and bloating. I wonder what you recommend. and also for the future how does a functional medicine detox different from panchakarmas, does it have the ability to remove as much toxins that are stored in the tissues as the process as a panchakarma does? Thank you for your work, you are so inspiring and I love that you have been through such a journey yourself it makes me want to listen to your advice so much more as I can feel your genuine compassion and care listening to you

Mary: Hello Dr Cabral and thank you for this opportunity to ask a question! My 28 yo daughter started suffering intermittent migraines at age 16 and they have progressed now to severe chronic daily painful migraines. She has trie gluten/dairy/sugar/salicylate/amine/coffee free diets on multiple occasions with no reduction in the number of migraines. She has a good diet and is reducing her histamine foods (not perfect) and is considering Keto as some studies suggest relief of neurological symptoms, but is feeling unsure about hormonal side effects. She has tried several pharmaceutical drugs and botox with no relief and too many side effects. Temporary relief has occurred when receiving myotherapy, psychology and mindfulness but not consistently and not ongoing. 2 days a week she can take a Triptan drug that alleviates pain for about 8-10 hours but leaves her exhausted afterwards. She can have trouble sleeping and has digestive problems for 2 years including bloating, which could be exacerbated by this medication and needs to eat every 2 hours or so, though remains lean in stature (BMI = 16). She has had bloodwork done through a functional medical doctor with no outstanding results other than imbalanced ratio of oestrogen and progesterone and low in iodine which was corrected. She has lost her ability to function in everyday life due to chronic pain. This is a tragedy as she is young and a truly wonderful person and such an asset to our world. I would love to know where you think she should start again with testing, diets and how to work out what is filling her rain barrel and can she still take a Triptan if necessary so she can still have 2 pain free days per week until something improves? Many, many thanks for your time!


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