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HouseCall: Athlete Nutritional Needs, SAD Diet, Loose Sagging Skin, Rhino Horns, Donate Blood, Menstrual Cups, Styrofoam& Plastic Straw Substitute

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

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Jenna: Dear Dr. Cabral, First of all thanks for everything you do, you’re really an inspiration and have helped more people than you know with their health journeys. I wanted to ask a question regarding the dietary recommendations for professional athletes. I am currently dancing ballet professionally and when I asked in the group on dietary guidelines for athletes, I was directed to just increase my portion sizes. And that’s good information, but how much food does that mean? I’m also in a profession where my body needs to be as lean as possible but also energized enough to perform. Our dietitian tells us to ramp up the carbs, but I’m a little afraid of taking it up too much to the point where I gain weight (I have a good amount of pitta in me and am prone to gain weight in muscle mass). I know I need to work on my mindset around food, but long hours at the studio with a limited amount of time to actually eat a lunch have me confused about what to eat throughout the day to intake the proper amount of nutrients while also not feeling too bloated and full and maintaining a healthy but also lean, lower weight for my body. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jenna

Lydia: Hi Dr. Cabral! My dad eats the Standard American Diet and was a smoker for 35 or so years. He had a heart attack in 2006 and now takes statin drugs and aspirin. He is also a type two diabetic and takes medication to control his blood sugar, but not insulin. When he wakes up in the morning his blood sugar ranges anywhere from 115 to 170. He quit smoking at the start of last year after he was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. He underwent surgery to remove the spot on his lung, then had 12 weeks of chemotherapy– ever since he has dealt with severe neuropathy. His chronic pain has hindered his daily life and forced him to retire early. I encourage him to adopt a more plant-based diet and there is resistance to it. I have him taking the multi from equilibrium which turns his urine yellow/orange. Is this a concern? I have suggested Natural Calm as well, his pain makes sleeping difficult. He started using CBD and it seems to be helping to a very small degree. I would love to help him get his life back and would really appreciate a push from you in the right direction. Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer: Dear Dr Cabral Thank you for all that you do to teach and lead us down this healthy path! I hope you can help with a question I have. While on my new healthy path I have lost over 100 pounds! While I am thrilled with these results and i am the healthiest i have ever been in my life, it has left me with some loose and sagging skin that can sometimes be uncomfortable and cause some problems. Conventional medicines solution is surgery. I wonder if there might be an alternative way to minimize the loose skin. I exercise regularly, dry brush, detox quarterly and I am on the daily protocol. Is there anything more I can do? Thank you so much for answering my question!

Anonymous: Hello! A random but important question that has been on my mind a lot. I am a big activist for African wildlife, especially rhino. They are getting killed by the hour for their horns which are believed to be extremely healing in Asian cultures. Would consuming this type of wildlife fall under “Chinese Medicine” or another type ? I love eastern medicine but struggle because I know they are wiping out so many wildlife species across the globe. Would love to know your thoughts and whether you came across it at all?Loving the IHP course by the way! Absolutely life changing.

Adrienne: Hi Dr. Cabral, I trust your perspectives 100 percent and need your thoughts. I have o negative blood, the universal donor. I donate annually, because I fear it’s not healthy at all. The Red cross wants me to donate every 56 days and are quite aggressive with their campaign towards o negative donors. How frequently is donating safe, and or healthy? Do you have any thoughts on the healing impact of a transfusion from someone in optimum health, versus an average person, on a standard American diet? You mention blood is a homeostatic fluid, however, for healing purposes, wouldn’t blood from a healthy person be more ideal? Additionally, if you have thoughts on directed donations for friends and family for surgery, cancer, etc, please share. I sincerely, thank you for FREELY sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

Hannah: Hi Dr Cabral! First of all, thanks for being awesome and sharing your knowledge. I’d love to know what your opinion is on Menstrual Cups. I personally try to avoid plastics due to the hormonal havoc they cause, and am switching to cloth reusable pads as my budget allows but am also looking at other options. I’m not sure if the silicone material used in the cups could be detrimental like plastics are. One of the reasons I’m researching my options, is because I have a history of endometriosis which was removed about 2 years ago via laparoscopic excision surgery, I have recently completed the CBO protocol, intestinal cleanse and am in my first month of gut healing protocol. I am also looking at doing the 21 day DCD and heavy metals protocol to ensure I am doing all I can to minimise the endometriosis coming back, if it hasn’t already. Thank you!

Patrick: Hey Dr Cabral hope all is well, I’m a huge fan and tell everyone I know all about you and send them some of your podcast that I know They will like. I was wondering if a hot cup of organic bone broth would be a good substitute for a hot cup of coffee plus a lot of times when I drink your dns or other drinks during the day I use a styrofoam cup with a plastic straw would it be better to go stainless steel for both. Thanks so much

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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