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HouseCall: AIP Diet, Fatigue Symptoms, Stress Worts, Research Study, Cat Allergy, DCD & CBO, Belly Bloat

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Check out today’s questions:

Ashley: Hi Dr. Cabral, What are your thoughts on AIP diet to heal the gut? I’ve done research about healing the gut and it all says you shouldn’t have legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, etc? My naturopath told me that is the best way to discover food sensitivities as well.Also, do you recommend still making sure you get 10,000 steps a day even if you’re sick with a cold or cough or should you let your body rest as much as possible? Thank you so much!

Robert: Hi 1. fatigue (mental and physical) 2. concentration issues 3. no energy ala chronic fatigue syndrome 4. neuroasthenia (weakness) 5. Depression 6. hypersensitivity to chemicals / electromagnetism 7. brain development issues (ADD but not autism) In the Boston area….Thanks

Sarah: Hello, After ACL surgery in 1999, I started getting flat warts on my knees around the scars. They persisted over years. At least 10. Finally, they almost disappeared but a few were left. Recently, after a stressful life event, they’ve started accumulating around my neck and shoulders. I am 35 and have had these things making me feel so self-conscious and inhibiting my romantic life and self-esteem. I’ve looked at all types of treatments and cannot find anything that I know wouldn’t scar around my delicate neck and chest area. Do you have any suggestions for these? I don’t want to wait until I’m 45 until they go away this time. Thanks in advance and I’d be so grateful if you know of anything to eradicate these.

Lindsey: Hello!I’m halfway through the 21 day detox and want to do the food sensitivity test right away when I’m done. Is it okay to not be eating the so called foods that usually show up as allergies (like gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, etc) and take the test or should I eat these foods in anticipation of taking the test? Thanks for any insight! -Lindsey

Lauren: Hi Dr Cabral! I’m a member of IHP & was listening to the supplement module just now and it got me thinking. You mention that you don’t publish your studies or research from your practice, mainly because you want to focus on the regular every day people that you can help, which is why you also do this podcast, and therefore you dont focus on the ones reading the journals or the research. I couldn’t help but wonder though, wouldn’t publishing these studies lead to other practitioners in the field help others in the same way, so therefore you would be helping the regular every day people anyway because at the end of the day, your goal is to help people understand how to get healthy & feel better? Or help the people that are helping those people?Wouldn’t these huge research studies that you are doing lead towards the changes needed in how one approaches health? Dont we need more of this? You yourself say that you rely heavily on the research & read it daily, so I dont quite understand how such important data that you have collected in your practice is not being shared with the world. I have friends in research and I understand that it takes a lot of time, energy and money, but wouldn’t it all be worth it? Thanks for taking the time to read my question, love all that you do Cheers Lauren

Taylor:  Dear Dr. Cabral, Hoping you can help give me some insight. I have severe allergies (almost constant congestion, sneezing, red eyes, runny nose) to my cat. (I know – everyone asks why I still have the cat, but he is a part of the family and I had him for a year until I knew it was him that was causing my reactions and I couldn’t bear to get rid of him.) He’s 4 years old now. I take anti-histamines in the AM and PM (Allegra and Xyzal), and also get allergy shots every 2 weeks for a little over 2 years. I don’t want to keep taking medications, but they have helped to manage my symptoms. Even with all of this, I still get extremely bad days where I seem to flair up. I get extremely sick and barely function on these days due to the amount of sneezing, congestions, watery eyes, and my face even gets red/blotchy and itchy. I’m trying to make as many healthy choices as possible, but the shots & anti-histamines are essential at this point. I would like to heal this allergy from the inside out, with the hopes that I can someday come off the pills and/or shots. Any suggestions on how to heal my gut? I believe based on your podcasts that could be huge contributor to allergies? I take probiotics every day now, drink a lot of green smoothies or juices, eat a vegetarian salad for lunch, and try to mainly eat clean for dinner (whole foods, no dairy, no gluten usually). I did your Detox in the fall and will do another this Feb or March. P.S. Allergy testing showed that the cat was the ONLY thing I am allergic too (environmentally). I also have an old bathroom where we can see black mold on the ceiling, grout, and even the window now. I am hoping to renovate this bathroom soon, and clean out that black mold and any contributing factor it may have to my symptoms. You’re recent podcasts on mold are what made me even think that mold could be a part of the issue. I have also considered running a food sensitivity test with my allergist, since insurance may cover it as they did the environmental test. A few weeks ago, I came off of birth control pills for the first time in 10 years. I am sure that the birth control has done lots of damage, but how much? What should I expect coming off the pill? And what can I do to help my body heal from taking it for that long? My hope is that with time, now off of the pill, I can heal my gut and hopefully heal my allergies. Lastly, the water that runs to our house (we have lived her 4 years) will occasionally turn light to medium brown. The town has said that this is excess iron in our water. Is this dangerous? Safe to drink (after filter)? Safe to bathe in? I would not bathe in it when it is tinted, but most of the time it is clear. It concerns me, but the town insists it’s perfectly safe (just old pipes). I don’t have a lot of spare money right now for testing, so what would be the #1 test you would recommend? You’re podcasts are helping me change my life for the better a little bit everyday. Thank you for everything you do, Taylor

Tyler: I have candida overgrowth and have also never done a detox, I ordered your 21 day detox as well as the CBO detox can I do them at the same time or should I do one then the other, and what order is optimal? thank you.

Ryan: I had a terrible stomach bug around two years ago that lasted around 10 days, it was accompanied with pretty severe bloating. Since that time, I still have bouts of severe bloating, to the point where my belt and pant-line can cut into my waistline. Very uncomfortable but not what I would call painful. I have also found it impossible to lose weight, I actually gained around 20 pounds during this time period despite trying many different diets, most recently Keto. No carbs in nearly three months and I have gained one pound. Searching for answers I have had nearly every panel my general doctor can request, food allergy tests, food intolerance tests, Genova diagnostics GI tests, SIBO breath test, food digestion/tracing tests and most recently an endoscopy. The result of all this testing is I do have some stomach inflammation and no presence of lactobacillus in my gut. I have been taking a high dose probiotic since. I do find that cutting carbs helps with my overall health, but I still can’t lose weight and still have bouts of bloating. Being a frequent drinker of alcohol most of my life, cutting back on that now as well. I was referred here by Amanda as she has helped a family member with weight loss, but feels her program isn’t right for me at this time.


Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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