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WW: Can Constipation Cause Weight Gain?

It’s easy to look at and preach “eating less and exercising more,” but often times there are deeper rooted causes for why someone can’t lose the weight…

At my Boston practice we look at the underlying imbalances with each client and have found that constipation can lead to inflammation, hormone imbalances, toxicity, and blood sugar dysregulation – which can then cause weight issues.

My goal for you is to understand that our current weight loss model is broken and that all of us must assess how we’re not only looking at how we lose weight, but also the ways that we go about it…

Opt for permanent weight loss results, rather than fad diets or other harmful short-term programs that only lower your metabolism in the long-run.

Check out today’s #CabralConcept show for details on how to relieve constipation and start losing weight again!

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