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HouseCall: Lyme & Antibiotics, Detox Power, Hormone Acne, Cluster Headaches, Imposter Syndrome, High HPV

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Betsey: Dr. Cabral, I enjoyed your interview with Melissa Ambrosini a while back. I felt inspired to make changes and work with my aryervedic body type. I also tried your CBD and enjoyed it’s effects. I’m currently scheduled to see Dr X for Lyme Disease. But I feel uncomfortable treating with antibiotics because I believe so fully in natural medicine and natural living. I just heard on your podcast about the disease being gone but that I need to detox. My nervous system is the biggest issue which is why I’m hurrying to get help. It’s difficult to breathe, walk, eat, speak, and think most days. I also have terrible convulsions regularly. I believe my body can heal on its own with the right tools but I’m feeling rushed to get better given my circumstances. I’m considering canceling with Dr. X and I’m curious what you charge for treatment and when you’d be available. Thanks for all you do, Betsey

Stacy: First, thank you for your amazing and informative podcast! I appreciate you spending so much time sharing what you have learned, as well as the support of you, your team and other members of the FB page! I have learned so much! I recently finished my second DCD and had very different results than most seem to have. While I recognize, understand and appreciate that everyone is different, it has led me to one major question. Before I go further with my detox experience, I am on Lexapro. Thankfully, it is the last prescription med I am taking and my goal is to also remove that from my life-I have already been able to stop taking two other psychotropic meds, as well as a PPI since doing the CBO protocol last year. About a week after finishing the DCD, I noticed a change for the worse in my mood. I noticed feeling sadder and even more anxious. Just for more complete information, I also take adrenal soothe, cal/mag, full spectrum mag, activated b complex, vitamin d, daily thyroid support, and adrenal support. I spoke to my health coach who shared it is possible, but not entirely common for the antidepressant to lose its efficacy due to the detox. I have some conjectures of my own as to why there could be a connection between a detox and a lessening of an antidepressant’s efficacy, but I was not able to find anything definitive on Dr. Google (as you like to say). 🙂 I did speak with my PCP prior to the DCDs and she was fine with me doing them, but does not feel they are necessary or really useful. So, I do not feel I will get an unbiased response to this question/query. Bottom line-why might the efficacy of the antidepressant I take lessen after a DCD? I want and feel it necessary to do them in the future, so if there is something I can do to cope with it–that would be great! Thank you, in advance! Stacy

Tara: Hi Dr. Cabral,I really appreciate all that you do for our health! I did the 7 day DCD in July 2018, Big 5 Labs in August, finished the CBO Protocol in December (also completing the Heavy Metal Protocol at the end the CBO), did another 7 day DCD at the beginning of January, and am now doing the Healthy Gut Protocol and Parasite Protocol. I’ve followed all the supplement suggestions from your health coach (including Estrogen balance and seed cycling for my estrogen dominance), and haven’t had any of the foods that I’m sensitive to even for my once a week cheat meal. I am eating clean, following the DCD guidelines very closely. I fast 12 hours a night and eat 3 meals a day, plus liquid shake for a snack in the afternoon. I work out (weight lifting, HIT training, Pyo, running) 6 days a week. I’ve been off all pharmaceutical drugs for 4 months (NasalCrom for allergies, Birth Control Pill, Ziana gel for acne). Still, I have terrible facial acne! It usually ramps up the week before my period, and then I break out for 2-3 weeks, then have 1 week of clear skin before it starts over. I’ve listened to your previous podcasts on acne and you state that it’s “bad blood” or poor gut health, but I feel like I’ve already cleaned up my gut and liver and am at a loss for what else can be done. Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

Ashley: Hi Dr. Cabral, I want to say first, thank you so much for all the helpful information you’ve provided the community. I also want to apologize for this long winded question.
I have a history of cluster headaches over the last 10 years. I get them every 1.5-2 years. My usual triggers are either processed foods, or strong smells, so I avoid them as much as possible. I’ll get the ice pick unilateral ocular headache twice a day for 1-2 weeks per attack, always a couple hours after sleeping so I wake up, and then again in the daytime at some point. I have to either inhale oxygen at 15L through a non rebreather for 20 min IF I can catch it right when it starts. If not I need to take 50mg imitrex, and pace around and get fresh air until the headache subsides. During my most recent attack my trigger was the daily nutritional support shake, and the attack was worse than ever lasting a month. I asked the support group about any inside tips, they didn’t think it was the shake. I tried searching the podcasts for cluster headaches and didn’t find any podcasts. I stayed away from the support shake and then 2 months later added it back just in case I was wrong about my triggers, but another round of cluster headaches came back. 1. I think I need to do a detox, but how can I do this without the daily shakes? I don’t see the detox supplements sold separately 2. When I do get the cluster headaches what are your tips on how to end the cycle sooner? I will typically switch to an organic diet, avoiding processed foods, nitrates even in spinach and such, caffeine, tannins, and any products with scents. I’ll increase my yoga and low impact exercise, I’ve tried 120mg verapamil twice daily, capsaicin nasal spray, increasing magnesium glycinate 800mg daily, and melatonin 10mg nightly, chiropractors, massage, cupping and accupuncture, but I’m feeling helpless. Thanks for the advice in advance!

Ryan: This I guess applies to my Success Mindset aspect of my health, I wanted to ask you about the Imposter Syndrome. You have mentioned many times how sick you were when you were young and that even up until your mid-late 20s you were relapsing every now and then. However, this whole time you were training and teaching people and seeing clients etc and advising them on how to get well. I think this question would especially apply to when you were a young PT and quite sick yourself at the time. Did you ever feel the Impostor Syndrome? Did you feel bad that you were telling people do this or that and how to to get healthy when you yourself were not? Sometimes I think I should wait and hold back on teaching certain things because I’m not quite there myself yet, even though I have the knowledge and can advise. What’s your take? Should you push through and advise if you have the knowledge or hold back until you’ve fully healed in that area as well? Would you change anything looking back? Thanks so much for all you do!

Erin: Hi, has Dr Cabral ever successfully treated anyone with high grade HPV Virus? Thankyou


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