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HouseCall: Food Nausea, Osteogenesis Imperfector, Practitioners, Saunas & Metals, Serrapeptase, Airplane Bloating

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This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

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Bria: I am desperate for help for my sister. Please!! For two years, she’s been unable to eat almost anything except a few foods. One mistaken ingredient, and she’s vomiting for 72 hours with a raging migraine. Even a sip of water causes her to vomit so she can’t keep anything down during this period of time, not medicine, not electrolytes, nothing. She knows she has Cibo, and bought the CBO protocol from your site. One pill sent her over the edge and into severe vomiting for three days. Please help! Western medicine doctors call it acid reflux but we know it’s not tha. How can she get the Cibo out of her system if she can’t even take one pill? The number of days of missed work, the amount of money spent, and the helplessness of her husband and her family is very difficult to watch. She recently saw a functional medicine practitioner in Anaheim California, but hasn’t been able to even start that lingual medicine yet. We need guidance. Thank you. Bria

Jeanette: (I felt I couldn’t ask this question on the Facebook page due to privacy for my daughter) I have searched the list of podcast topics and have not located any information on osteogenesis imperfector. My daughter was clinically diagnosed with OI type 1 twenty years ago and has had ten fractures predominantly involving leg bones. Prior to 2011 she had not endure pain other than when she broke. In March 2011 she had to move 4 hours away to attend university and that very weekend she had to be hospitalised for an absus removal. Soon after she started having back pain and has endured 8 years of constant pain while studying a pharmacy degree. Over this time Ok she has taken anti inflammatories of varying strengths since it started in 2011. Plus a paracetamol every day at a full dose. She was on tramadol from May 2011 – October 2018 and now Is taking palexia. She took omeprazole along side the anti inflammatory as well. It seems as a result of the medication she has an ulcer and has regular bouts of diarrhoea. She lost 10kg in 2018 and was hoping with this she would lessen the pain which has only happened a little. When she tries to exercise the pain gets worse. As a mum I hate to see her in pain. In 2012 we took her to an alternative practitioner who had her on water and fruit for six months, but it made no difference and consequently she is very sceptical of all things alternative. As an wellness client I am starting to experience success Please help me with some ideas for my daughter.

Kira: Do you have a list of recommended function medicine practitioners in certain areas or do you have a suggestion for finding a good one. I live in Fair Oaks, CA. Thanks.

Patrick: Thanks so much for sharing all of your knowledge I can’t even express you how much I appreciate it. Im 45 years young 5/7 and weigh 170 when I started listening to you 6 months ago I was 205 . just making some simple life changes and taking your Daily Nutritional Support shake. I I’ve always been very active but now feel the best I ever felt . I’ve been listening to about 3 or 4 of your podcasts a day. since hearing the ones on saunas I now try to use one 3 days a week for 20 minutes I know you say it’s a great way to detox and has a ton of benefits but I’m not sure if you answered if it detoxs heavy metals , if I can’t get to the gym to use the sauna I take a dr teals epson salt bath will that have some of the same benefits and will that detox heavy metals. Thanks again for all you do and keep up the good work .

Elizabeth: Hey Dr Cabral, recently I came across Serrapeptase and found it very interesting, particularly concerning circulation and cysts. I decided to take 80,000IU Serra for a cyst located on the inframammary fold of the breast as it appears Serra may be extremely helpful for eliminating cysts. Unfortunately, upon using Serra on two separate occasions, it caused vomiting (the second time I took only one tablet). I contacted the company to ask if this could possibly be a detox/herxheimer reaction or if generally it does not agree with the body, unfortunately they were unhelpful. Having done some further research, Serra can result in nausea and may be best to start off with a lower potency, even though the majority of Serra start at 40,000iu. I did a podcast search and you briefly mention Serrapeptase on podcast 617, the notes link is missing so not sure of the brand suggested but wondered if you had any thoughts? Perhaps it can conflict with some people and I should just discontinue? (May also have underlining candida/thyroid issues). Thank you always for all you do.

Elizabeth: Hi Dr Cabral, could you suggest anything for getting bloated on a flight? I tend to not eat/drink anything during a flight (unless I’m flying business it may be a light meal and bottled mineral water). I tend to have peppermint tea (at least two cups) before the flight. Even on a sleeper service flat bed and not eating or drinking anything may cause some bloating. I never touch the water/tea/coffee on a flight due to the hygiene. Even after a flight I can occasionally be left bloated for a couple of days. Does an aggravated/inflamed stomach during a flight specifically indicate something such as candida or is it simply the air pressure can be hard on a sensitive stomach? Is there anything you would recommend that would prevent an uncomfortable stomach during a flight? Thank you very much.


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