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HouseCall: Nerve Cell Degeneration, Adrenal Products, Blood Work, Daily Vitamin C, Twisty Colon, Complicated Case, Iron Deficiency, Renal Damage

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Luke: Dear Doctor Cabral, Thank you so much for all the advice you share, my wife and I really enjoy your podcast and have benefited greatly from doing the 21 day detox and applying many of your suggestions in our day to day life. I am writing to you because my mother in law has just been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, her symptoms are not very severe yet, some cognitive issues, OCD tendencies etc and she physically can’t stay still. She lives by herself and struggles to maintain motivation to keep a balanced diet. Could you please let me know what results your clinic has been able achieve in treating this condition? We would like to keep realistic expectations.Could you also please let us know what tests are recommended for her to take in order of importance, as my mother in law has not been able to work for many years and is on a very tight budget we would really appreciate your efforts to give us the most cost effective, value for money plan of attack. Thanks so much in advance for all your advice, it is much appreciated at this anxious time. Warm regards, Luke 

Denise: Hello! I have recently done adrenal and hormones lab testing and wanted to get some advice on what products I can get from the online store to help balance my hormones. I have done fertility treatments for the last 3 years and feel this has impacted my body negatively. I use to have high testosterone and now have low testosterone low estrogen and low progesterone. I also have high LH levels. Cortisol levels on adrenal test were also high. Please advise. Thank you. 

Judy: Hello – first, thank you for the work you do. It has been very helpful for me personally. My health practitioner uses Quest labs for my blood/urine tests. Recently, Quest has informed me that I can now order testing direct through Questdirect. Can you please advise if this is lab that you recommend? Thank you in advance. Regards Judy 

Cherie: Hello. I know Dr. Cabral says supplements should be taken as you need them and not on a continuous basis. Are the vitamin C and collagen considered supplements, or can they be taken daily, just like the all in one shake and greens powder? 

Cara: ‘ve been told by my gastroenterologist during a recent colonoscopy exam that my colon is very twisty and that is why I experience constipation. I never had constipation growing up and I only recently have had constipation in the past couple years so how did my colon get twisted all of a sudden and if it was always that way, then why didn’t I experience constipation my whole life? I am a lean 50 year old female who exercises almost every day. I had methane dominant sibo in the past and still do a low-moderate FODMAP diet. I eat plenty of vegetables daily and do a celery juice every morning. What other suggestions do you have and will any untwist my colon and what caused it to get twisted in the first place? Thank you – love the podcast as I am a licensed nutritionist myself. 

Jennifer: I don’t know where to begin. I listen to your pod cast from time to time and I’ve got your book- the rain barrel effect. I’ve done your detox- I was able to do 2 weeks this past July. I’m hoping you can help give me some advice. I was born with lots of musculoskeletal abnormalities. Hip dysplasia, cleft pallet, all my joints are messed up, barrel chest and scoliosis. I’ve made a good life for myself. I’m married- have 2 kids. However in February 2016, I woke up one day and couldn’t walk because I had Vertigo so bad. I was given some medicines by my primary Doctor and was told it would go away within a few days. It didn’t- my condition got worse. Within 2 weeks I also started to lose my hearing. Within 2 months I’d lost 100% of my hearing in my right ear and about 90% in my left. I also have tinnitus start with all that and the vertigo turned to a constant daily unsteadiness- weather I’m sitting, standing or laying. My vision twitched with my pulse too sometimes. I’ve seen probably 20-30 doctors over the last 2.5 years. I’ve had numerous MRI, CAT scans, eye exams, blood work, Allergy tests, food sensitivity, tested for Lyme, and everything else under the sun. Everything came back negative or fine. The thing with this hearing loss is it fluctuates, but the vertigo and tinnitus are constant. My hearing can be affected by weather- if it’s raining or snowing. Thank God I’m in Las Vegas, where we don’t get much of either. I have good days and bad days. Some days I can hear water running and other days not. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and hear great – only to have it fade a few hours later. At one point I was told it was allergies and given 5-6 different meds to take. After 4 weeks there wasn’t any change and I got off all that. In years past I’d only have seasonal allergies- more like hay fever just for 2 weeks in the spring. I know stress affects it I can tell. If I’m dehydrated my vertigo and tinnitus get worse. Also when I drive my dizziness is horrible unless my head is against the headrest of the car seat- then it’s completely manageable and I can drive fine. My main ENT Doctor (I’ve seen 6) at 1st said he thought it was autoimmune related because I also have ulcerative colitis- I have for 20 years. He sent me to a rheumatologist- who said for lack of anything else that it was autoimmune inner ear disease. I was put on high doses of steroids and chemo drugs. When I’d do my research & think maybe I had Addison’s, or something else- she’d order the tests for me. I asked her about diet such as the paleo plan. She had no clue what that was. But during that time I switched myself to an autoimmune paleo eating plan. I did that religiously for 6 months and then switched to a more paleo plan. I also used the treadmill every day during the time since I could barely walk unassisted, but with the treadmill I could hold on and walk. My brain has adjusted where I can walk unassisted even with the constant unsteadiness/dizziness. I also weaned myself off all the toxic harmful drugs after 10-12 months. My rheumatologist was good at indulging me. Anyway, only problem though after about 4 months off I had a bad ulcerative flare. I also had Erythema Nodosum on my legs. My body got so use being on steroids and chemo drugs. So I had to go back on a biologic- Simponi in May of 2017. I injected at 1st every 4 weeks… I’m able to space the injections out to about 8 weeks now. I’m weaning myself off these too. I’m probably 80-85% paleo now. But I’m not perfect. I don’t do caffeine, or soda. I avoid processed foods as much as I can. I’ve also done so many holistic treatments through the last 2 years such as acupuncture, cranial sacral massage, essential oils, meditation, CBD oil, I even recently I tried Kambo. We are currently building a house now. I’ve made sure to get options such as water softener and a reverse osmosis, advanced air filters too in an effort to improve my environment. Deep in my heart I KNOW I will figure this out, and I WILL get my hearing and balance back. I’m just trying to figure out what else to try. Have you ever had a patient it similar situation? Do you have any suggestions what I can try or what you think might be the root cause? The only thing different before all this began is I was having work related stress, and we got a puppy (we already had cats & I’ve had dogs before). I’ve done allergy testing- blood and skin pricks, 2 different times each 1 year apart. They all came back that I wasn’t allergic to anything including dogs/dander. And my workplace stress resolved itself. I’m truly at a loss for what else to try. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. 

Maureen: Im a 24yo female with major GI issues due to chronic UTI’s and the consequential antibiotics taken for them. Im working with a FMD and did the organic acids test and a GI MAP stool test. We found bacterial overgrowth and candida overgrowth (no parasites), extremely low Vitamin C/Asc Acid (1.0 was the result) and high gut inflammation (calprotectin is at 217 ug/g.) My question is, my hair has been falling out tremendously over the last few months, and I’m wondering what you think the cause may be? To note: my ferritin is low at 21ng/ml. Do you think it’s because of the low ferritin? Low Ascorbic Acid? Gut Issues? or just all of the above? It’s very scary – I’ve lost at least 60% of my hair. I’m starting a protocol now to fix my gut and everything else, but I would love your take on the hair loss ordeal. He’s also having me take Laktoferrin (bovine colostrum) to help with the iron deficiency and gut issues – do you think that will help? I listen to you daily, and am so thankful for what you do. Thanks in advance! 

Steph: Hey Dr. Cabral – I was wondering what your take on the Keto diet is? If so, how would you go about it? If not, what carbs are best for optimal health and fat loss? If you have already been over this topic in detail in another podcast which podcast episode was it in? Thanks so much! ~ Fellow New Englander 

Nicolas: Hi Dr. Cabral, thanks for sharing your knwoledge. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months now, and they really got me into Natural healing. I’m really interested in becoming part of your IHP program, but I have a doubt. My father needs to have dialysis every other day due to a chronic renal damage provoqued by years of high blood pressure. I’m trying for him to follow a protocol to attempt to reverse the damage, but the doctors say it’s beyond repair. Is there anything to be done to help him recover? Or is this his permanent condition for the rest of his life? Thanks in advance, I really hope you can help me help him. 


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