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HouseCall: Pregnancy Detox, Traveler’s Diarrhea, Gallbladder Removed, Abdominal Distention, Antibiotic Overload, Rosacea, Childhood Asthma, Genetic Eczema

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This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

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Taylor: Hello I found Dr. Cabral by listening to his podcast. I am seven months pregnant and want to be very intentional about getting my body as healthy as possible for the baby while it continues to grow and when I am breast feeding. I just don’t know where to start and also what is safe to do while pregnant. Can I do the Dr. Cabral 7 day detox while pregnant? Is that where I should I start or should I just try to focus on healthy eating as much as possible? Or is there a certain lad I should run while pregnant that will benefit me and baby most? Thank you for your time! 

Katie:  ast year I got horrible travelers diarrhea and stomach pain while traveling in Peru. Even after the initial symptoms subsided I still suffered with acid reflux for up to a year later. I felt like I was back to normal when I went to Bali and again got travelers diarrhea and stomach issues. Should I run any test to make sure I don’t have some long term gut issues from all this? 

Dinos: Hello Doctor Cabral.I am a man 35 years old ,I had a polyp 1cm in my gallblader and I had a surgery removed of gallbalder.i know I made a huge mistake..I am 3 months post op and from first month I have symptoms that I never had before I was asymptomatic. I developed chronic inactive gastritis in one month after surgery before I had a mild simple gastritis no pylori found. I have heartburn after i eat most of the time and sometimes pain in right side.i live a he’ll.i have loss of apetite but last 1 week apettite somehow came back.i don’t vomit I don’t have diarrea but when i eat fried food like crap food my stools are yellowish brown .When I eat lentils for example my stools are brown.I have aches in my joints that I never blood tests are ultrasound too.i take gaviscon advanced which is helping me.I want to tell me if that situation is reversable and I can be cured again and live a normal life.I want your help.i am from Greece Athens.I have possible bile acid reflux. thank you very much 

Rene: Hi there, I am suffering from severe and constant abdominal distension. I also have what I have been told is contact dermatitis on my right hand and atopic eczema on my arms. My moods tend to fluctuate significantly and I’m easily agitated/anxious. I suffered from bulimia during my teenage years so believe this may have something to do with it? Could you please advise what my first step to getting back to health should be? 

Denver: Hello Dr Cabral. I am following you on social media, and have listened to your podcasts for some times now.  When I was 18 I got glandular fever, shingles, and acute tonsilitis (quincy) and had my tonsils removed twice. Over this time I was on A LOT of antibiotics.   I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS and have put on 30+ kilos in the last few years (mostly around my stomach) I really want to lose the weight, but i just cant no matter what I do. I am also constantly tired and suffer with acne and lots of brain fog.  As I am a student (studying naturopathy in Australia) I have been saving up for some time now to purchase some of your products because I believe they really are my best bet.  Do you have any suggestions on what I should purchase, I can’t buy much to start with but will keep saving and purchasing as I can. Should I keep saving and purchase the monthly concierge to have these questions answered.  Thankyou, take Care  Kindest regards  Denver 

Devon: Hi Dr. Cabral! I have recently been diagnosed with severe rosacea and am avoiding taking the antibiotics prescribed to me. I would prefer to get it under control through lifestyle/diet changes.  I have listened to you for a while, and am wondering- should I do the organic acids test or the food sensitivity test from your website? I know I can get this under control but I need some guidance!  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Sabrina: Hi. I just found out that my 5yr old has asthma and the doctor wants her to zyrtec daily, inhaler 2x/week (Qvar 40mg). Do I fill out the application to talk to a health coach or has this been addressed in a podcast that I can listen too. I really don’t want my 5yr to start taking medication daily?  What do we do?  Please Advise,  Very Worried Mom  Sabrina  P.S.  I’m a personal trainer and we eat a pretty high plant based diet and she takes multivitamins everyday. So, I’m concerned about her asthma. She doesn’t have difficutly breathing. She had a cough that lingered on, so we tookk her to the doctor and this was their diagnosis. 

Quynh: Hi Dr. Cabral,  I am asking for help on how to start treating my 2.5 years old son. He currently has eczema that flares up on a normal basis. He was born 4 weeks early, but was at a good weight of 6lbs 10 ounces. He had Jaundice the first 10 days of his life but overcame it himself. At 2 weeks he had his first eczema breakout on his cheek. I breastfed him and started to add goat formula to supplement at 3 months. During the first year of his life he constantly has eczema rash on his face, especially close to the mouth area. After he turned 2 the flareups decreased a lot but it’s still on various areas of his body (crease by elbow and knees, ears, and sometimes around the mouth, but not as much as when he was 1 years old) We feed him mostly organic foods, no dairy products, no eggs, and gluten free carbs. After he turned one and was off the goat formula, we made him fresh coconut milk to replace the formula. He does go to a child care outside of the home while we are at work so I can’t completely control his diet while he is there. We do instruct the care place to not feed him dairy and eggs but I know he likes to get his hands on candy and snacks. His regular diet consists of green juice, bone broth, pastured raised and grass-fed meats, wild caught seafood. We give him probiotics, vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Omega 3, and Cold liver oil daily. We do notice that when the level of mold in the air is high, he will flare up a few days later. During the month June-October he usually get a few stubborn flareups that will last a long time. Steroids creams will maintain it but won’t take it away completely. Other than the eczema flareups he is a healthy kid. No vaccines has been given to him since birth. What do you recommend we start with to treat his condition?  A side note: My husband sometimes will get eczema spots around his knees. During the winter he gets it on his arms as well, it will be red then turns white and will stay discolored until winter is over. Could my son’s eczema be passed down from his dad? What do you recommend my husband do to treat his condition?  We as a family are eating a clean, organic or beyond organic diet and are taking vitamins to enhance our health. Your time and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Quynh 


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