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HouseCall: Aging Hair Loss, AUS Shipping, Children & Veggies, Thyroid Medication, Reaction to Supplements, Hard Lymph Nodes, Vata Lunch, Tan vs. Wrinkles

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Sue: HI Mr Cabral, I’m in Australia, Im 64 and I love your podcasts.
I had a Gastric sleeve 4 years ago and my hair loss is huge I’ve gone from long hair to short but I’m losing more than Im growing all the time. Im always just exhausted.
I suppose its also my age but I cant eat all the food you talk about.
I’ve lost weight which was great but the hair loss isnt. I’ve tried KETO and I actually put weight on which Im struggling to get rid of. I need your help please.thank you Sue

Ed: Hi, I’m looking into getting 3 lab tests done with you but wanted to check a few tgings before purchasing as I’m from Australia. I want the organic acids test, stool test and food sensitivity test. Will this take along time with customs and how much more $ for shipping/tarriff/customs costs? Thanks Ed

Virginia: Hi. I have a 2 year old who has trouble digesting raw veg, some fruits and definitely anything with a tough skin (apple, pear, beans, blueberries, raisins etc.). This resulted in 20 months of next to no sleep for our family until we started to work things out. I’ve almost finished your Rain Barrel Effect and am about to purchase daily nutritional support, daily fruit and veg blend and daily digestive enzyme. I was wondering however how I might get the enzyme into my 2 year old prior to food? Mixed in a little water? Or maybe our homemade almond milk? Do you know of any successful approaches? Many thanks, Virginia

Deborah: Hello! Love your podcasts. I’m on a mission to listen to everyone. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid @ 11 years ago. I didn’t know at the time but running a complete panel on myself last year discovered it is actually Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I had been put on synthesis per protocol of conventional medicine at my diagnosis. Since then I’ve been trying to heal my thyoid, paying attention to Vit/min, healthy organic diet, gluten and dairy-free. I was successful at bringing TSH down and antibodies lower while not medicating. Is there anything I might have missed that would help my condition. I did change Rx to Nature-thyroid. Thoughts on that as well? Thanks for your time.

Ursula: Dear doctor cabral and team i heard from you over a close friend. I have been facing health difficulties over the past five years. No doctor in germany or austria was able to really help me till now. After i gave birth to little girl one and a half year ago it got worse and i spent a lot of time in clinics but nothing was found, than an unstable flora of my gut. i know that all problems i have come from my digestive system so i been trying out a LOT of things, some help a little most not and on many things i react very badly, especialy antibiotics. I read and heard (podcast) a lot of the bacteria and candida overgrowth protocol, and though i am short on money i am really willing to give it a another try. But i wanted to ask if you have heard and stories that patient reacted badly to the products? i have to ask cause i often react badly also to vitamins nature products like spirulina, normal supplements like iron, vit c, dolomit, etc, it it feels like my digestive system and my mucous membrane is not able to take more stuff up (doctors often don’t believe me) it starts shortly after eating so my stomach must be affected by now as well, but i know feel (i do a lot of yoga and mediation) and know that it started from the gut. As it really is a lot to of money for my young family i have to ask if there is something like the possibility to return the products IF the really don’t help. i am also willing to go through with it, if a bit of deterioration is expected. But i need to know what to expect and if you have patient that are not able to digest or to be better with this products. i really really appreciate if you find the time to answer me. all the best and good health to all of you ursula and luise from berlin

Bethany: Hello doctor, I’ve been seeing an ENT for four years now regarding a couple issues that remain unsolved. First back in 2014 I realized I had swollen lymph nodes only on the left side of my neck. Imaging revealed I had one three inch lymph node under my muscle, and five smaller hardened ones. Biopsy was done, everything came back negative. They left the three inch one because it was hard to access but they did biopsy it. Everything was okay until a 1 1/2 years ago, I went back to my ent for a separate issue regarding my right ear. After eating certain foods I could hear my blood pressure/pulse through my ear, only on the right side. They tested my hearing wich came back good, did another CT scan everything came back fine with my right ear. They did notice I have another new swollen lymph node on the left side again, they are going to biopsy that in two weeks. Regarding my ear and hearing my pulse through it my doctor said nothing really of it and said it’s fine. I feel like it may happen more when eating more salt but I’m not really sure because it’s hard to narrow down. It does concern me because sometimes the pulsing is stronger and sometimes it is weaker. My background information is 25 year old female, 203 lbs. I do receive annual physicals and blood work comes back normal (BP WNL). I eat a pretty healthy diet and try to work out 2-3 days a week, including rebounding to try to help lymphatic drainage. I do have a lot of environmental allergies including cats and dogs which I have one of each. Any recommendations for either situion? Thank you

Kylie: Hi Dr Stephen Cabral, thank you so much for all the info u share! I was just wondering your suggestion for lunch options if wanting to gain weight as I am mainly vata. I spend a lot of time stressing over food as I don’t have time to cook something in the morning before I leave so I was just wondering your suggestions as I know it’s not great to be reheating food. I have just finished ure CBO protocol also. Thanks for your response 🙂

Darra: Hey Dr Cabral. Great show. Taught me so much. I read your book and observed your recommendations with regard to sunscreen. I am a person of African & Portuguese descent, with a lighter complexion. With regard to getting sunlight for vitamin D, I was wondering how should I go about it for aesthetic purposes to avoid fine lines, nasolabial folds wrinkles etc. Are there techniques or supplements one can use or should you forget that and focus on getting sunlight despite the potential cons? Keep up good work


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