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HouseCall: Non-Dairy Formula, Slow Oxidizer, Fatigue & Immunity, Dystonia, Lupus, Keto Gone Wrong

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Sandra: Hello! Love your podcast. My supply is drying up please help! I have listened to your podcast about goat milk formula and I’m forced to choose between two. One is called Holle Organic goat milk formula and the other one is non gmo Kabrita goat milk Formula. Should I choose the organic one because non organic has pesticides? Here are the ingredients for both. Do any of these ingredients look alarming to you? You said to stay away from palm oil. Seems like every goat milk formula available has some type of palm or vegetable oil in it. What about organic dairy formula? Baby only is the brand I used with my daughter. Is Taurine an ingredient I should avaoid? What about palm kernal oil? Sunflower seed oil? I’ll attach the dairy one too for ingredients. I know you can’t tell me what to feed me baby but i value your opinion and i hope you can educate me on which one has the best ingredients so i don’t have to have anxiety over it. Cant wait to hear your response on the podcast. Hope all is well. Holle organic goat milk formula: ORGANIC GOAT MILK POWDER, ORGANIC MALTODEXTRIN, ORGANIC LACTOSE, ORGANIC VEGETABLE OILS [ORGANIC PALM OIL, ORGANIC RAPESEED OIL, ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL], CALCIUM CARBONATE, L-TRYPTOPHAN, SODIUM CITRATE, CHOLINE BITARTRATE, VITAMIN C, L-CYSTINE, L-METHIONINE, L-ISOLEUCINE, VITAMIN E, IRON SULFATE, ZINC SULFATE, CALCIUM D-PANTOTHENATE, NIACIN, COPPER SULFATE, VITAMIN B2, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN B1, VITAMIN B6, MANGANESE SULFATE, POTASSIUM IODATE, FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN K, SODIUM SELENATE, BIOTIN, VITAMIN D, VITAMIN B12. Kabrita goat milk formula: Lactose (milk), Nonfat dry goat milk, Goat whey protein concentrate powder (milk), High 2-Palmitic Acid Oil, Soybean oil, Galacto-oligosaccharides (milk), Palm kernel oil, Sunflower oil, And Less than 1%: Tri calcium citrate, Mortierella alpina oil (ARA), Tri sodium citrate, Crypthecodinium chohnii oil (DHA), Calcium carbonate, Potassium hydroxide, Choline bitartrate, Sodium L-ascorbate, Choline chloride, Ferrous sulphate, L-ascorbic acid, Zinc sulphate, Vitamin E acetate, Inositol, Niacinamide, Calcium pantothenate, Cupric sulfate, Retinyl acetate, Thiamin hydrochloride, Vitamin B6 hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Manganese sulphate, Folic acid, Potassium iodide, Vitamin K1, D-Biotin, Sodium selenate, Vitamin D3, Cyanocobalamin. Organic Baby only dairy formula: Organic brown rice syrup, organic nonfat milk, organic high oleic sunflower oil and/or organic high oleic safflower oil, organic soybean oil, organic coconut oil, calcium phosphate, calcium ascorbate (vit. C), organic soy lecithin, calcium citrate, choline bitartrate, organic vanilla, taurine, ferrous sulfate, inositol, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vit. E), zinc sulfate, niacinamide, vitamin A palmitate, calcium pantothenate, thiamin hydrochloride (vit. B1), copper sulfate, riboflavin (vit. B2).

Judy: Greetings! Can you please do a podcast on slow oxidizers? My husband and I have recently gone through a 1 hour coaching session with one of your fabulous health coaches and she mentioned that we were both slow oxidizers. She answered our questions and gave us some great health recommendations but I’d love to learn more about slow oxidizers. Are there specific foods that would be best for me? How should my habits differ from a fast oxidizer? Is it a good or a bad thing to be a slow oxidizer? Anything else I should know about being a slow oxidizer? Thank you, Judy

Jordan: I am interested in working with Dr. Cabral on wellness issues including general fatigue and immunity issues. Is he able to do this consultation remotely? I live in Tacoma, Washington. Also – will you bill insurance or provide me with forms to submit to my insurance company?

Carter: Hey stephen! LOVE everything you do!! I have a cousin with cery bad dystonia, have you heard of this? It is genetic in our family but my mother does not carry the gene. He is stuggling bad and has found little relief with brain surgeries, wires/batteries put into his chest and brain etc. He would be willing to try ANYTHING and supports alternative medicine 100% so please ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks again much love everyone on the cabral team! 

Stacey: Hi Dr. Cabral. I was wondering if you could do an episode on lupus if possible. My husband has lupus that affects the skin only. He breaks out in rashes if exposed to too much sun. It is pretty well confined to his back. He is 41 and it presented itself in his mid 30’s. He does take an anti malarial medication to help control it. Are there any dietary or lifestyle changes that we could make to better control this? Any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you, Stacey

Zoe: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’ve just listened to your podcast on keto (965) and I wanted to confirm that everything you have warned about has happened to me. I’m a highly stressed (presumed/self assessed) vata-pitta dosha – I operate at a hundred miles an hour and pride myself on “efficiency” rather than moderation. I started exercising with a personal trainer 3x per week for 6months (on top of walking 10k steps, cycling everywhere and generally rushing about all over the place) and undertook a highly keto (80%+ fat diet) for this period, plus a further 6 months. I also undertook significant fasting periods (regularly 60hr water fasts) and undertook fasted workouts. Initially, I felt good, almost “high” and was running off cortisol/adrenalin. In the last couple of months, I realised that I was flagging and wasting my muscles (despite undertaking strength and cardio training). Long story short, I think I have flogged my adrenals and thyroid half to death (nb I was previously informed by a conventional GP that my thyroid was borderline underactive, although I never took medication) – I am now introducing a lot more carbs into my diet (now aiming for 200g per day, which is more than I have had for years and years). (I think) I have realized my mistakes with surviving on a keto diet with long periods of fasting just in the nick of time – and am thankful for your insight, which helped me come to this conclusion (albeit more slowly than I should have!). A quick question – do you think that fasting for any period longer than the overnight 12 hours can be helpful/advisable for someone in my situation – that is a high-cortisol, adrenal fatigued female in her early thirties. I loved the effect that fasting had on clearing brain fog and an almost “spiritual” feeling after the 36 hr period, but im now afraid to do anything to further wreck my fragile adrenals. Secondly, and unrelated, would it be possible for you to dedicate an entire podcast to the menopause. My mother is suffering extensively with effects, including very low estrogen, feelings of anger, uncontrolled emotions and dryness. Thanks for all you do – you’re an incredible contributor to this world. Best, Zoe

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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