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HouseCall: Mold Issues, Private Client Application, AUS Shipping, Tight Budget, Greens Powder, Molecular Hydrogen Water, Underlying Asthma Allergens, HyperThyroid Symptoms

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Dawn I’ve searched the podcasts and couldn’t find anything detailed about mold toxicity. I lived in an apartment that had water damage for 5 years. I developed weird headaches that I experienced everyday. They felt like random electrical shocks in my brain. I had a sore throat everyday, had constant yeast or bacteria infections. Always tired and moody. Before I realized what was causing my symptoms I thought I was sick for so long and did everything I could to fight it with healthy foods and supplements. As I was cleaning and reorganizing I found black mold all over my place. A friend said maybe I am allergic to something in my apartment. I didn’t think that was the case but took a Claritin allergy pill just to see what happened and within an hour all my symptoms disappeared that I had been experiencing for months. I went to doctors got many tests and they said it was all in my head. One of the tests my white blood cells came back extremely low. The doctor said it is probably because I was getting over a cold, which was actually mold allergies. I have since moved since I found out and ordered the CBO protocol and detox. I’m feeling better but would like to know if there is a specific mold protocol and how mold effects the body and mind, as I still am not even close to 100%

Thalas  I am 78 year old man and have been suffering from lyme, bartonella, babesiosis, ehrlichiasosis, and had chronic fatige prior to the tick bite. I’ve tested positive for lead poisoning, and candida. My OTA gave me your information and am looking forward to working with you and your team.

Jessica  Hello there, Thank you for taking the time to read over my email. I would really like to set up an individual phone consultation with one of Dr.Cabrals Holistic Health Coaches. I have a couple different symptoms and dis-eases within my body I am trying to rid and feel that having a phone consultation first would give me a better understanding of how to move forward. Kind Regards, Jessica

Shaye Good afternoon! I’ve been listening to the Cabral Concept for a while now and I wanted to take the plunge and purchase some Detox and other supplements from the website, Unfortunately being from Australia and on a very low income I can’t make it work with P&H costs too (which I completely understand of course!). I am wondering if your company has any known/trusted references for similar products in Australia? I really wanted to have a reliable shake mix and daily fruit & veg bend specifically. Thanks so much Shaye

Penny Hi, I am certified holistic nutritionist in Boulder, Colorado. I have been helping people get well for many years. I myself was very sick in my early 20s and through seeking and prayer I found my way to health and healing through holistic nutrition. This lead me on my path to wellness through various methods of education– traditional college education to alternative wellness education and beyond. In fact, at 59 years old I am still pursuing wellness and health education through attending seminars, conferences, clinics, and online learning. I love to learn and I love the study and world of holistic health. I have no doubt I will be attending some educational training until the die I die. I am writing you because in spite of my knowledge and expertise in health and healing I am experiencing some health issues recently that I do not have the energy or desire to try and figure out for myself. I have ignored them for too long in order to take care of others. I’m at the point I can no longer ignore my health issues because they are now affecting me on a daily basis, and I need to get well again so I can continue to help others get well. I have been listening to Dr. Stephen Cabral’s podcasts for two years and he is the one health expert I most agree with and connect to. I respect many others but it’s Dr. Cabral I most align myself with as a functional practitioner. Therefore, I would like to order the top five blood tests. However, I want to know exactly what kind of guidance and help I will receive as a “patient” after I order the lab test. I am interested in receiving more than just a lab reading. I would like to be treated as a “patient” not as a consumer. Does ordering these tests accomplish my objective or should I see counsel from another practitioner? Thank you for your time.

Joel Want to get started with Detox. I am currently reading your book now half way through. I am 43yrs old 5’11” 175lbs “decent” shape BUT WANT TO FEEL BETTER!!!! I have been married for 21yrs and have 4 children that we home school. So money is tight and would like to do what is best for our family budget. I live in Northern IL.

Baile Hey there Dr. Cabral.. i listen to your podcast every day and am so thrilled with the information that i learn everyday.. Keep doing what you’re doing.. i aswell as millions love it.. My question for you today was what your take on ‘molecular hydrogen water’ was.. i’ve been hearing a lot of hype behind it and was wondering what you thought.. Cheers, Bailey

Magaly Hello. I have a 4year old who constantly suffers from asthma. He gets sick about every 6 weeks. Except during summer. I’m tired of having him on the neutralizer with albuterol and having him taking steroids occasionally to open up the lungs. How can I help him with your practice? He’s not the kid who gets an attack out nowhere. It usually progresses in like 2 days. Mostly I’ve seen it’s accompanied by runny nose. He’s been tested for allergies and has a really high sensitivity to mold and dust mites.

Christine Hi, I have a friend diagnosed w Hashimoto’s disease, currently talking Synthroid to manage it although she still gets rapid heartbeat and anxiety sometimes. She would like to manage her symptoms naturally, without the synthroid. What lab tests do you recommend and/or course of action to start the process? Thank you.

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