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TWT: Discover Your Ayurvedic Dosha & Body Type

It would be hard to imagine completely optimizing your health, body, happiness, and longevity without fully understanding your body type…

Without that knowledge, you simply wouldn’t know the diet, exercise, sleep, and other healthy lifestyle factors that best match your unique body…

And once you do know your Ayurvedic Dosha (body type) you will begin to transform your health, mind, and body in ways you could have only imagined since you’ll no longer be fighting the process – Instead you’ll be working in harmony with your own bio-individuality….

Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 907 to discover your Ayurvedic Dosha & body type so that you can go on to fully get well, get in shape, and live longer stronger – Enjoy the show!

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Dr. Cabral’s Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz

Use Dr. Cabral’s “Head to Toe Ayurvedic Dosha Assessment” below to begin to understand your unique body type!

Directions: Choose the V, P, or K that most defines what your body type resembled after puberty (or for females, after having children if applicable)

V: Dry, curly kinky
P: Straight and light or blond
K: Think and wavy

V: Normal
P: High
K: Widow’s peak and low

V: Curly and messy
P: Thin
K: Thick or unibrow

V: Narrow
P: Almond
K: Wide or more circular

V: Longer or bump (often smaller nostril openings)
P: Small and often up turned at end (medium nostrils)
K: Thicker (often wider nostrils)

V: Moderate size
P: Thin
K: Thicker

V: Long and Thin
P: Short or medium
K: Large and thick

V: Small
P: Square
K: Thick (often contains a dimple)

Shape of Face
V: Oval, boney
P: Square, strong
K: Circle or round, soft

V: Long and thin
P: Medium and thick (often muscular looking)
K: Short and thin

V: Narrow
P: Broad
K: Round/Barrel-like

V: Thin and small breast
P: Broad and medium breast or larger/more defined broad pectorals
K: More barrel chest and larger breasts

V: Thin and can see ulna bone (may overlap middle finger on thumb)
P: Medium and muscular (middle finger may touch thumb)
K: Soft and thick joints (middle finger just touches thumb or does not touch)

Hands and Fingers
V: Small/long and thin (can see bones clearly)
P: Large and thick muscular hands
K: Moderate size and soft look (hard to see bones on top of hand)

V: Thin (easy to see abs but very lean)
P: Moderate (muscular obliques)
K: Thick (hard to get abs to show)

V: Thin and narrow
P: Muscular glutes
K: Thick and wider hips

V: Thin and small calves
P: Calves developed and visible
K: Thicker legs and ankles

V: Long and slender or small and slight – bony or long toes
P: Medium and muscular
K: Thick and blocky – short thick toes

Overall Body Shape
V: Thin or slender joints/frame and lose weight easily
P: Medium joints/frame, more defined/developed muscles
K: Thicker joints/frame and gains weight easily

* Add up how many V, P, and K’s you circled or checked for the start to understanding your unique Ayurvedic Dosha!


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