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HouseCall: Peeling Nails, European Supplements, New Constipation Cause, Pregnancy Virus, Arginine Foods, The SIBO Cycle, Female Bruising

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Louise: Dr. Cabral. I am so very grateful to have found you. You and your team do outstanding work, from your clinical expertise, to your podcasts, to your excellently laid-out website and user-friendly instructions for treatment protocols. I am starting my 7-day detox and will continue on with your candida protocol. Here is my question: I tend to have soft, peeling fingernails that break easily. What do you think about collagen, silica, and biotin supplementation?

Ruchi: Hi, I am looking for children candida and bacterial overgrowth protocol for my son. My 6 year old son is suspected to have candida yeast overgrowth and based on reviews from other moms, I am hoping that your protocol will help him. I am based in Netherlands and may not be allowed products from US. Do you have any branch in Europe from where we can order? Please advice. Thank you. Kind regards, Ruchi

Andrea: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have struggled with constipation for years now, and after trying several protocols, elimination diets, x-rays, etc. I still can’t figure out the root cause. My question is this: Can a tight hip flexor or abdominal muscle impair digestive function? When I palpate my lower left quadrant, it feels dense and ropey, and I can’t tell if I am feeling a strained muscle or part of the sigmoid colon. Thanks so much for any help you can provide! I love your podcast. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn more each day.

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral, thank you for answering my question on HSVII and the CBO protocol. I am early in my 2nd pregnancy and wondering if the high/full spectrum vitamin C, full spectrum magnesium and reishi powder are safe throughout pregnancy. I take your Orthomolecular/Innate Iron prenatal combo. If so, at what dosages? Also after a emergency cesarean first pregnancy I have contemplated a planned cesarean this go around (never thought I’d say that, as I wanted a natural birth) however I also have a fear of possible outbreak the time of birth. Any recommendations for delivery? OB wanted me on valtrex 2 weeks before delivery which I never took because my baby came a month early. Less important, but curious, if the virus can be eradicated why would arginine foods still sometimes trigger it?

Anonymous: Hi Dr Cabral! Accounting to the Arginine / Lysine List on episode 273 someone with HSVII should also avoid blueberries? This is one of the foods that i have every day in my smoothie as one of your high recommendations. Pumpkin seeds are another healthy go-to I have a couple times a week and I even opt for the sprouted pumpkin seeds. Any suggestions?

Anonymous: Hi Dr Cabral! I have a question linking the gut, SIBO and immunity. Stool tests have shown that I have ‘nil’ lactobacilli and bifidobacterium. I also have a leaky gut (lactulose recovery 1.5% and mannitol recovery 19.6%) and an immune deficiency (igG subset deficiency). My question is – how do I restore balance in my gut when I don’t seem to tolerate any probiotics due to relapsing SIBO (I’ve tried many). The only way I seem to keep SIBO in check is to stay on maintenance herbal protocols, prokinetics and strict(ish) diet. I know this isn’t helping to heal the gut though ….yet all my symptoms (eg stomach spasms, nausea etc) return when I try to broaden diet or introduce probiotics, fermented foods etc. It’s a vicious cycle. How would you suggest moving forward to heal the gut?

Andrew: Thank you so much for everything you do for us and humanity. You are an amazing soul. Quick question for you regarding a friend of mine. She bruises extremely easy all over and has pretty severe menstrual cycles. No birth control pretty healthy. I suggested she take the adrenal + hormone lab. She also was recently on acutain for acne until I was finally able to get her to question it enough to where she ended up stopping at less than a month of use. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!!


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