Cabral Concept 281

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HouseCall: Blood Type Diet, Vaginal Infections, Noisy Stomach, Premature Graying Hair, Graves’ Disease

The Cabral #HouseCall weekend edition is here!

Today we are answering more of our Community’s questions on all things wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging so let’s get started!

Erika: Hi Dr. Cabral! Thank you so much for your wonderful podcast. I am so happy to have discovered it. I have two questions for you. I have been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and am taking T3 and T4. The one thing that has yet to improve is that I am still ALWAYS cold. I am an athlete, work out, eat relatively clean, have low normal body fat, and at a healthy weight. Why am I always cold? Before the medication it was much worse,… but even with T3 and T4 it still isn’t much better.

Erika: The second question I have is around my stools. I read somewhere that if your stool is always floating that is a bad thing, and could mean I have digestion issues. Is that true? This isnt just once in a while for me, it is always. Thanks!

Hayley: Hi Dr. Cabral- I had an allergy test done when I suspected that I had a reaction to peanuts. The test revealed a peanut allergy but also a corn and wheat allergy. I like using a greens powder in my smoothie, but almost all of them have wheat grass powder. I avoid eating bread and flour products, but should I avoid wheatgrass too? Thank you !

Anna: Thank You for all you do! 1.My boyfriend has “athlete’s foot” or toe fungus. He has been putting various CVS/Walmart creams on it, that don’t seem to be working. I told him to go natural route, but he gets overwhelmed with the options online. He has had this for years, since “football in college” and he is now 35. What can he do? 

Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy all tips!

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