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HouseCall: Psoriasis & AutoImmune “Cure,” ADHD/ADD “Cure,” Safer Deadlifts

The 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend is here where we’re answering your questions that have come in over the past few weeks!

So let’s get started and here are today’s community questions:

Susan: Hello Dr Cabral I am an avid podcast listener and am so disappointed you are in Boston! I think you need to open a Toronto clinic! My question is about psoriasis. I have it but not too bad – scalp only. My 2 daughters have developed it as well one is 16 one is 7 . The 7 year old developed it after she scraped her knee. Just wondering what I could try to get rid of it and if you can “cure” this auto immune issue thru diet. Most information seems to say no. Also looking online and various studies show that people who get psoriasis before the age of 25 have a shortened life span. This is disturbing for me and looking for some help. Susan

Max: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’m writing on behalf of my friend Sally – she has a 12 year old son diagnosed with ADHD. She has not, nor does she want to get him on medication to treat it. Now that those teen hormones are kicking in, they are struggling. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on how to help them navigate and or treat ADHD? Thank you! Maxiel

Chad: Thanks for all of the great info!! What are your thoughts on the trap bar deadlift? It works the anterior chain more than a traditional deadlift, so is it a good substitute in a routine for squatting and deadlifting since it seems to be a combination of the two? I used to squat heavy, but now I’m no longer of fan of loading my spine with heavy weights

Me: How I choose labs & supplements – Safety first

Enjoy the show!

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