Cabral Concept 252

Today’s Cabral Concept is here!

HouseCall: Swallowing Charcoal, Parasite Exposure, Night Sweats, Multi-Vitamin Recommendations

Our first weekend Cabral House Call is here!

Here are today’s community questions:

Stephanie: Should someone take Charcoal capsules while on the detox?

Shawna: How do you get parasites and what foods should I stay away from?

Toni: Night Sweats: Are nightly night sweats our bodies way of trying to detoxify from a larger issue? My night sweats are so bad, I have stained my white sheets yellow and I am very worried. I eat healthy: vegetarian, don’t really drink, definitely do not smoke (occasionally marijuana), and workout five days a week. Help!

Isaac: Hi Stephen, Thank you so much for all that you do. I just started listening to your podcasts a few weeks ago and I find my self looking forward to each and everyone. I was wondering if you could recommend any brand of an all in one multivitamin for Adults. Once again thank you

I hope you enjoyed today’s show and be sure to tune back into tomorrow for 4 more community questions!

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Show Notes:

Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin

> Parasite Protocol

> Intestinal Cleanse

Cortisol Adrenal Hormone Test

Dr. Cabral Detox

Daily All-in-one Support Shake

Fatlossity Diet Plan

Run a Functional Medicine Test

View All Speciality Supplement Packages

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