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HouseCall: Knee Crunching, Healthy Vacation Spots, Monolaurin, Swollen Eyes, Iridology Efficacy, Bee Propolis

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Tatyana: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am a 37 years old female and use to be very athletic (doing bootcamp almost daily). I recently had to quit because I noticed a crunching noise when I would walk up the stairs. I do have some knee pain as well. Xrays showed nothing but I was told I may have caused a mild case of arthritis due to the intense work outs. I am devastated! I am too young to have arthritis, I am now taking up yoga. Can I get rid of arthritis? Is yoga okay? Any recommendations to get rid of the pain? I do not want to start taking medications. Help! Thank you

DB: Once a year we try to go for a vacation as a family to places like Mexico, Las vegas, etc, and I feel like that could be money better spent elsewhere as I feel like those trips take a toll on our health after all the terrible eating and drinking. My question is can you recommend a vacation spot where you can have fun and be healthy ? I looked up some health retreats and they were much too expensive. Thanks. Appreciate all you do.

Chris: Hi dr Cabral, I was wondering your thoughts on monolaurin as a microbial and antiviral solution? I have Klebsiella, HPV and Candida Albican and would like to know if that is a good recommendation? If so, at what dosage, length of protocol and any particular brand? Thank you for all of your good work, you are appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

Adrianne: Dr. Cabral, I have a mystery that google can’t seem to answer. When I cry, it causes me to suffer for 24-48 hours. This has always been the case since I was a young child. The symptoms are as follows: Immediate symptoms: *Puffy swollen eyelids that appear to be filled with liquid and sagging over my eyes *The bags under my eyes also completely fill up with liquid *my sinuses swell, and I get the sniffles Delayed and long-lasting symptoms: *Headache in the bones of my face and the sides of my head *Tension in my neck and shoulders *Severe brain fog, can hardly drive or think straight *My eyes become sensitive to sunlight and screens *Even after my sinuses clear up, the eye-lids and bags under my eyes are still bulging *The next day feels like a hangover but without the alcohol, and it lasts ALL day. Even after I let go, forgive, and make peace with what triggered the crying, my spirit recovers but my body does not. The crying basically disfigures my face and I don’t know how to get the fluid out. I don’t know how to make the pain in my head stop.Some remedies I use with limited success are: Hot Shower Natural Sinus Buster nasal spray tea bags on my eyes Coffee compress on my face Cold packs on my face Jumping Jacks I have to do all these things in order to clean myself up enough to got to work. When I get there everyone asks what happened to your face? It’s so embarrassing and I would like to be able to enjoy a good cleansing cry without the repercussions. Do you have some ideas as to what could cause such a longlasting reaction to crying? Thank you for the dedication you have to educating regular people like myself.

Annette: Hi Dr. Cabral! kudos for all of your great work and wonderful information you share with your audience every single day. I have done the hair tissue mineral analysis and OAT tests and am on my way to getting better, thank you for that! My question today is more of a petition and see if you would kindly dedicate an episode to iridology. During my first visit to a naturopathic doctor, he read my iris and I was in shock as to how much information he had access to from my past and family conditions I hadn’t even told him about, just by looking at my eyes! Ever since that first visit I have followed his indications and have noticed my green eyes turn even greener (I am a vegan and eat a lot of greens as well as drink liquid chlorophyll on his advice), he even says that if I keep doing his indications I’ll live to 109, lol. Joke aside, doing a search I found episode 597 in which you briefly said you believe in it, but I am intrigued to hear an episode dedicated to this practice which I find fascinating, only if you agree. Thank you in advance for your consideration and many blessings to you and your team.

Erin: Hi Dr. Cabral. I’ve read that bee propolis has anti fungal, antibacterial and antiflammatory properties and can be a great natural remedy for the common cold. Would love to hear your thoughts on bee propolis. Thanks!


Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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