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HouseCall: Fish Oil Dosage, Starting Supplements, Itchy Rash, Turpentine, Major Health Issues, Natural Hangover Remedy, Herbal Cycling, Mold in House

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Taylor: Dr. Cabral, thank you for your Podcast, Book, and wealth of information, the unique combining of ayurvedic/ancient healing into the realm of our western cultures today is extremely helpful and valuable. My question, i have high crp/inflammation markers. Im early 30s now, male, and played collegiate football with a history of concussions. Ive tried taking Omega-3s, both high EPA and High DHA forms, from every clean, reputable brand possible, because i know they are supposed to help with healing my brain and depression, mood, concentration which i all have problems with. However, everytime I try taking any form of fish-oil, cod liver oil, krill oil, etc, I feel really confused, retarded, amd depressed (forgetting to put my car in park, going from a good mood to thinking harmful thoughts, etc.). I know I Need more Omega 3s in my diet to help with my current symptoms, but my body/mind always seems to reject these when I’m trying to help it…. Any thoughts as to how to fix this? Why it may happen? Or other options to get Omega 3s… (Same affect with algea oil, and i know flax/chia is hardly enough because of the conversion). Im really stumped, hope you can shed some light. Thanks for all you do.

Ursula: Dear Dr Cabral and Team, please please let me save your time and come straight to the point,… after years of big health problems i found your page i listen to your podcasts and i have finally faith again!!!! I recently ordered the CBO protocol everything arrived and all good so far,… After listening to many of your podcasts i started to supplement zink (mg per day) and glutamin 3 times 5g. I felt good first but i fell sick on a very deep level, am better now but my bodies, still tries to get rid of something (have metal? it feels and tastes like iron everywhere in my nostrils, stomach, mouth etc). I am reale not sure anymore what to do now or first??? Should i have ordered the detox first, or the heavy metal detox first, or should i start the CBO protocol. And stay with zink?? and glutamin? I don’t know how to start now, i am scared that everything is going to be worse. I have a little daughter (1,5 years) not a lot money but i need to get on the right way. Please let me know if you can tell me the right order that you would recommend for your products, by dealing with havy metal toxification, and leaky gut symptoms (being sick more or less every month). Thank you so much if you find the time to answer to this!! Ursula and Luise

Jessi: Hi! Major help needed: Husband has had angry looking acne/rash on face for 6 months maybe longer. He also gets itchy rash on belly and back after eating almost anything. Recently rash appeared on his scrotum. They dissapate but easily come back. Sometimes legs too. Mostly mid section and face. He is 37 yo otherwise healthy but refuses to eliminate some bad foods completely believing in moderation ok. is dairy in moderation ok? Is it food allergy? What can he do now?

Danielle: Hi Dr Cabral, Have you heard of having the natural turpentine with sugar remedy for candida? I tried this a few times at the start of 2018 and it’s significantly helped with my bloating. It would be great to hear what you think about this. Thanks for being awesome. I’m a member of IHP and loving it so far. Dani from Australia

Anthony: Hi, I am contacting you in regards to my mom’s health issues. My mom has been dealing with the following: low energy, problems sleeping, esophageal reflux, hypertension, moderate mitral regurgitation, severe aortic regurgitation, severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction, cardiomyopathy, dysphagia, dyspepsia, stage 4 kidney disease, congestive heart failure – unspecified reason (not due to blockage as she is 5’4 107 lbs), loss of vision in left eye, recent ejection fraction is 25% up from 10%, need heart transplant on LVAD, chronic constipation and left side pain. She also has the following food allergies that she knows of (not necessarily from testing just experience): anything fresh, citrus, apples, bananas, oranges, fresh vegetables, some cooked vegetables, soy protein, nuts, tomatoes, vitamin C, anything green. She believes she can eat the following: chicken, steak, turkey, ground beef, lamb, potatoes, rice, bread, yogurt, milk, beans (create stomach pain), raisins. She was a nurse for almost 20 years but has not been able to work for the previous 4 or 5 years as she has been on disability. Traditional healthcare has been treating this with pharmaceutical medicine treating symptoms but not the underlying cause and has not provided improvement. I would like to help advise her with specific tests and protocols we can potentially use from a functional medicine/ayurvedic/naturopathic approach but with limited funding from her not having a job we were wondering based on the issues above if you have any general recommendations of testing or protocols that can be used to determine the underlying cause and/or create improvement. Thanks Anthony

Anonymous: I have an unusual question to ask you today 🙂 Do you know of a natural hangover remedy cure?? I am kind of the health expert in my group of friends and last weekend one of my buddies had a few too many (haha) and he came to me for a natural hangover remedy but I realized I didn’t know if anything but water and rest! I realize that’s probably the best way to get over a hangover but I’m sure there are small shortcuts we can use for a faster recovery.I figured you’d have some science that backing up certain foods or products. Look forward to hearing this one 🙂

Magnus: Sir, I have a question regarding herbal supplements and desensitization to their effects. Will the body become desensitized to the effectiveness of herbal supplements, requiring a cycling method (X number of weeks on and X number of weeks off)? Thank you, Sir. M.

Tracy: Hi, First of all thank you for all of your work. You are a true inspiration and I am aspiring to go through your certification in the near future. I have a question relating to mold toxicity. I moved back into my father’s house and have been living there since summer 2016. I work with a homeopath who uses an electrodermal screening machine and has repeatedly measured mold toxicity in my body since living there, which we have been treating with homeopathic remedies and lapacho/pau d’arco tea, however I am not able to see her often (every 4-6 months only) as she is located abroad. I am saving up to do your lab testing and am due to do a dr cabral detox soon, but was just wondering what your opinion is on detoxing the mold out of the body whilst still staying in the location that is likely causing the toxicity? I have no doubt that my father’s home is mold infested and overall damp, including the room that I stay in, which is likely causing the toxicity. My father is renovating the house himself, but the progess is very slow and although I am definitely looking to move out, financially this is not feasible at the moment. Is there any point in even detoxing when you are constantly re-subjecting yourself to the mold? Or are there maybe preventative measures that can be taken to ward off the worst of the toxicity (e.g. sleeping masks, diffusers, certain supplements etc)? I wake up most mornings feeling groggy and often with a headache. I also suffer from burts of anxiety, which are exacerbated whenever I think about the mold that I am subjecting myself to, seeing as I know a lot about how harmful it is (bit of a vicious cycle). I also suffer from mood swings, including aggressiveness and frustration and often find myself lethargic and scared to face tasks ahead. My digestion is not quite right since taking antibiotics approx. 8 months ago + 2018 has been a very stressful year for me work wise, so the symptoms might not only be mold related, however even on a psychological level it would be good for me to know that there is something that I can do to combat the mold. Also, do you recommend any sort of testing that can be done for homes to check for mold infestation? Seeing as I have become so paranoid about the subject, this would be good to know when moving into a future home. Many thanks in advance.


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