Cabral Concept 1106

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FR: Mindfulness, Manuka Honey, Omega-3 Research, High Copper Lab Results

We’re back with the #FridayReview and we’re going to tackle the best of the week from my practice and product reviews!

First up, we have the Mindfulness Mode interview I was just on and the Valentine’s Day week special announcement…

Next, I’ll be reviewing Manuka Honey and why its “KFactor” may be better than other forms in clinical practice…

We’ll also be covering some fresh Omega-3 and Vitamin D research on how they improve cardiovascular and cancer risk bio-markers…

And finally, I’ll be taking you through why copper toxicity on your lab test is disastrous for your health…

Tune in to today’s #CabralConcept 1106 for all details – Enjoy the show!

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Chocolate Daily Nutritional Support Shake

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Omega-3 Test (at-home lab kit)

Omega-3 (capsules)

Omega-3 (liquid)

Vitamin D3 (adults)

Vitamin D3 (children)

Manuka Honey (KFactor 16)

Manuka Honey (KFactor 12)

Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford Interview 

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