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HouseCall: AutoImmunity Diet, Adult Acne, Sports Performance Study, GMOs, Curated Research, Denmark Shipping, Anxiety Testing, Fitness Trainer Body Image

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Nathan: Dr. Cabral, I have followed you for several months and absolutely love your advice and it has helped me tremendously from recovering from an autoimmune disease recently. I am currently, “healthy” based off lab test. No abnormalities, I no longer test positive on the autoimmune antibodies test My food sensitivities have gone away, however I’m still having trouble going back to my regular bodyweight, I’m naturally an ectomorph with some slight mesomorph characteristics. I’ve lost 50 lbs in the past four months, however I still need to lose about 20 lbs to get back to my normal weight. Do you believe this body fat is being extremely stubborn to lose because of present toxins and inflammation present in my body? Eating organic vegan and consistent exercise isn’t quite helping at this point, water fasting also seems to not help me lose much body fat either. Is there any advice for someone coming out of autoimmunity that you’d recommend for the best recovery? Should I further fortify my gut, with the zinc, quercetin, glutamine? that you recommended?

Rigbe: Hello, I am struggling with a stubborn adult acne. I know its an internal issue I am about ready to find a cure for the disease and not the symptom

Megan: Hi Dr. Cabral, my name is Megan, I have been listening to the podcast for a couple years and have run many of the protocols and am SO SO thankful to get to learn daily from You daily, and share your message with as many people as I can. I sent today’s episode:930 to 15 people-SO good!! Anyways, I am a 1st year PhD student for a Human and Sport Performance program and I wanted to know if you had any ideas relating to performance & potentially combining it with a nutritional intervention that you think would be a good idea for a dissertation topic. I am kind of lost and I want to do something meaningful, and you are so immersed in the research that I really think your opinion would be great! Any gaps in research you can think of, I am open too! -The population I have the easiest access to is our collegiate athletes at the university I teach at, and we have capabilities to measure things in the blood and urine & muscle tissue from biopsies if you foresee something in that area being the Dependent variable. Thanks so much, Megan 

Sandra: How do you feel about gmos ? Did you ever watch gmo omg ? Does organic mean non gmo ?

Maddie: Hello Dr. Cabral! I was introduced to your podcast about two months ago, and since then, I have completed a 7-day detox, and I am currently in the midst of the CBO protocol. I have been following your nutritional recommendations (morning smoothie, vegan/vegetarian lunch, vegetarian/paleo dinner) and supplementing with the DNS powder, and I feel great. I have been reading a lot about different nutritional habits and lifestyles across cultures, for I recently finished “Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food” by Catherine Shanahan (I would LOVE to see a possible Friday review on this book and get your thoughts). I know you are a big proponent of a Mediterranean-style diet; however, in this book, she explores and scientifically supports the benefits of a diet void of processed sugar and vegetable oils, low in fruit and carbohydrates, and high in saturated fat and animal products (emphasis on eating the whole animal including organs). I know you do not support the idea of a long-term keto diet, but what is your opinion on this diet which emphasizes the consumption of organ meat to consume antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which is consistent with the Native American diet-style? Do you have any thoughts on how certain food alters genetic expression?

Christinna: Hi I Really need your help. I have yeast and bacterial overgrowth and no one in denmark seems to know anything. I am so upset. i have spend so much monny and I know a lot. No one has your expertice and I really need your yeast protocol. I just know it Will help. Your are really My last options. Would you du and exception and send it to denmark, I will pay ekstra for it and it Would Mean the a lot. Kind regrad Christinna

Taylor: Hey there, great work and your passion for what you do is truly inspiring. I am currently rebounding from a self-treatment for worsening anxiety/depression from age 21-26(current age). After self-treatment has failed, I have had to detox my liver and body with months of coffee enemas, and at this stage am right back where I started – when I open my eyes in the morning the first words that pour into my mind are pain, agony, and despair. I heard someone describing their chronic arthritis pain once as “just because I’m not talking about it in every conversation and at all times, that doesn’t change that I am hurting every second of the day, at all times.” In more or less words, and that’s exactly what it feels like battling anxiety and depression. I didn’t grow up feeling this way and so am afraid I have altered my brain chemisty(I realize that is the Western view, but still probably true) in an irreparable way with alcohol abuse from age 18-24. I no longer consume alcohol but am still struggling to maintain a balanced and clear state of mind all days, mostly because I never seem to be content or at peace and am always searching for an escape. In searching for an Ayurvedic alternative to SSRIs or something more toxic and imbalancing like benzodiazapenes, is there anything you would recommend, in the way of FM labs, that could help balance my body without the use of brain-altering drugs, and to help find the sense of inner peace? Also, I am curious which Ayurvedic herbs might help – I know depression has been linked to full body inflammation and a glass of water with half a bottle of organic turmeric spice seems to stabilize emotions. CBD helps the anxiety, but I would prefer to have brain balanced and an ama-free body. I would really appreciate your insight – I apologize for the lengthy question but it boils down to: What are the best recommended FM labs and Ayurvedic herbs in the treatment and the pursuit of balance against anxiety/depression? Notes: from my reading I appear to be exhibiting extremely Pitta based depression – and based on your at-home quiz, my dosha seems to be, scored out of 19: Vata: 7 Pitta: 9 Kaffa: 3
Thank you so much for your time and sharing your passion and depth of knowledge of the Ayurvedic system with us.
Sincerely and with appreciation, Taylor

Emily: I am a fitness coach… I have a lot of experience and nutrition, exercise etc. I’ve been struggling for the last three or four years after going through a bout of Epstein bar virus… And result became hyper thyroid… And since there and having a hard time regulating my bodyweight. Very hard to be going through this when I am in the fitness industry… And I’m always in the spotlight. I do not know what is going on with myself right now, I seem to be continually gaining weight… I know I do have problems with estrogen being high and have major water fluctuations every day . I have a great natural path I’ve been diligent in getting a regular labs done on my thyroid hormone levels… But can’t seem to lose weight. I am about 10 to 15 pounds over where I’m comfortable in my industry. I am only eating about 1200 to 1400 cal a day… And have a training schedule obviously and work long hours… And I still I’m gaining weight. I feel very hungry but at this point I am scared to eat… I am scared not to eat… I do not know whether I should be exercising… Or not exercising… I have played with adding in more exercise, I have played with taking out intense exercise and trying to see if my body needs a break. I am very frustrated, and actually becoming a bit depressed as I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. I have thought maybe that my caloric setpoint is low? I’m sure whether to add any more food, Takeaway food,… I diligently track my food. And I feel like I couldn’t be any more discipline than I am now. Could use any recommendation you could give. I don’t have a ton of money… But I have already spent a ton on supplements etc. I am taking synthetic medicine for my thyroid, Tim for my estrogen along with some other supplements, B vitamins, Ashwaganda….

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