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HouseCall: Hiatal Hernia Mystery, Bowel Resection, Supplement Confusion, NDs in Canada, Canned vs. Farmed Salmon, Hemolytic Anaemia, Bed Wetting, Citracidal Drops

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Eliana: Hello, I would first like to say that I absolutely love your Podcasts and everything you have taught me thus far! I am a 21 year old personal trainer who is extremely interested in natural health and this podcast has changed my world! I have been struggling with a hiatal hernia for years. It feels like something is pressed up against my diaphragm or sometimes my left rib cage (it switches between those 2 places so sometimes I wonder if my diaphragm is out rather than it being a hiatal hernia). I have received chiropractic treatment for this and while the manual adjustment of pushing it back into place does help, it does not last. My mom, grandma, and twin sister also struggle with this. I had lymes disease 3-4 years ago (so did mom and sister) and was treated with a combination of homeopathy, Chinese herbs and glandulars by a lymes specialist in Maine. Also had H pylori and Epstein bar and was treated for those coinfections as well. Since then I feel great, had a feeling of relapse a year ago and cut out all food sensitivities. I feel great again but my hiatal hernia comes and goes in long phases. It is back now and I have not noticed any pattern to when it comes and goes. It causes me extreme stress and anxiety, especially at night. Also causes bloat. I have eaten extremely healthy (organic Whole Foods) since I was born thanks to my parents, and I pay attention to deficiencies, eat 3 meals a day, have a smoothie in the morning, fast for 12-13 hours, etc. I also exercise 5 days a week (lifting, cardio, mobility work, etc) and avoid crunching movements due to the hernia. I take zinc, B12, D3, and am a pescatarian/gluten, dairy, corn free, no processed foods, no antibiotics, don’t eat late at night, don’t overeat, eat tons of veggies and fruit. Please let me know what you know and suggest regarding hiatal hernias. Thank you so much!

Christie: Good morning. Sorry for the long post but I’m hoping you can help. My mom started with diverticulosis in 2007 and in 2012 it became “moderate” diverticulitis. It got continually worse and then in 2017 she had a bowel resection done. They removed a foot of her colon. Ever since then she has dealt with horrible gas and constipation. She just had endoscopy done a few weeks ago because she felt like things weren’t passing through and the doctor said her stomach was red and inflamed but she does not have h. pylori. She also has Gastroparesis. The doctor then put her on Zantac two times a day for 4 weeks and Miralax at night. She also takes the Beachbody digestive boost. Her doctor has also mentioned putting her on Linzess. She can’t afford testing because my parents are retired and on a limited income so I’m wondering if you think doing a certain protocol would help her without testing first. Can you recommend anything? I would appreciate any suggestions. I’m not happy with how things are going for her and really want to see her healthy again. 

Laura: Hi I have a couple of questions. I have only been listening for around a month so I may have just missed this. I haven’t heard dr Cabral talk much about beans and legumes, is the a reason why hey aren’t recommended or not at the top of the list! I’m primarily veggie and eat a lot of veg, however I do like to add lentils, beans or chickpeas to my food to add in protein and other nutrients! I was just interested to find out what your take is on this. Also, I’m going to start a naturopath nutritional therapy course in the UK next month so maybe I will find all this out for myself. However I have taken nutritional supplements before and I use to really be bought into juicing detoxing. However I have read various things that suggests that a supplements can actually shorten your life and aren’t as good as they seem. Also taking butrioanl shakes with condensed nutrients can actually be difficult for your body to digest all at once. For example you would eat a whole meal in a few minutes, therefore how is it ok for your body to process nutritional supplement shakes in such a short amount of time! Thanks Laura

Katherine: Hi there, I’m from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and I’m wondering if there is a ND over here that you would recommend? I have benefits through my work that would cover my appointments so that’s why I was wondering if Dr. Cabral would recommend someone over here? Thank you so much for your time, Katherine

Meg: Hi Stephen, Being located in Australia, I don’t have easy access to wild salmon as all Australian salmon is farmed. Therefore I wanted your advice in regards to the best salmon choices. Would you recommend consuming wild tinned salmon over fresh farmed salmon? Is tinned salmon equally as nutritious?

Renae: Hello Dr Cabral, My Mum was diagnosed with hemolytic anaemia a couple of years ago and has been taking pharmaceutical medication daily to manage this. We both believe that there must be a way of finding the root cause and getting to the bottom of it so that she can feel well and be medication free again. Other symptoms she experiences separate from the anaemia are under active thyroid, osteo arthritis, IBS, foggy brain and really bad memory loss. She is only 62. She has tried to improve on things like diet to help herself and has seen a naturopath briefly but has not seen a change in her blood levels or other symptoms. I gratefully discovered your work a few months ago and I am very hopeful that with your advice on what labs she should run and where to start that she can finally find her path to wellness again. In the meantime I have given her a copy of your book. I did write in to your team who recommended the HTMA and OAT (thank you team :)), however given this is not a common auto immune condition I just wanted to be sure if there were any other recommendations you would make. Huge gratitude for your work. Warmest regards, Renae.

Julie: Do you have any protocols to address nighttime bed wetting in children? I have read that there may be imbalances or constipation that could cause this, but my pediatrician says it’s normal for boys and he will likely outgrow the issue (6 yr old boy) I have 3 children, 2 no longer had night time issues once potty trained and did not have to be “taught” to make it through the night. Thank you for your insight. I have learned so much from your podcasts already! Julie

Brittany: What are gse Citracidal drops? (Referenced from cold sore notes on podcast, mix them with apple cider vinegar and cyanne pepper)

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