Get Well

cabral-personalized-wellnessWellness is not going to your primary care doctor once a year and being told all your numbers are “in range.”

It’s also not a “wait and see” approach to see if your symptoms or labs get progressively worse.

True wellness is caring about the person as an individual – not a number. It’s about listening to their story, tracing back in time as to how how they got to this point, and eventually discovering the hidden root causes as to why they don’t look & feel their best.

Wellness is about feeling great in mind and body.

It’s also about listening to your body and being proactive when you know things could be better…

How do you stack up?

I don’t deny conventional medicine is keeping people alive longer – but to what end?

How I see it, currently people are living into the 70’s and 80’s, but are riddled with joint deformity, their memory is fading, they’re in pain, they have no energy, and they’re on a half dozen (or more) pharmaceutical drugs for their various health issues.

Is that how you want to age?

That’s not for me, and fortunately many others now feel it’s not for them either.

The tide is turning… and I believe our culture is slowly shifting towards a belief of “self-care.” It’s an understanding that we must seek out our own answers to what ails us, and how to truly become well again.

This is not an “alternative” way.

It’s the only way.

There is no alternative to natural medicine. Only natural medicine balances the body by getting at the underlying root causes.

Conventional medicine is at its best for acute emergency medical care – but besides that it treats the symptoms of your chronic health concerns, and so it will have a 100% rate of failure in terms of you ever overcoming X (fill in X with the autoimmune, skin, mood, digestive, sleep, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., etc., etc.)

Need more proof?

What would happen if you came off the medication you were on?

The answer is your dis-ease symptoms would come right back right… Proof that the health issues you’re suffering from are still there except now they’ve been masked by medications (but this does not mean your body is not suffering the underlying consequences of being imbalanced).

I’m not against conventional medicine by any means, but my mission is to spread the truth and so it would be unethical for me to not let you know that taking a medication for a chronic health condition will never “cure” that health condition. That is impossible, since the medication is not meant to cure anything.

There is a better way…

My advice is simple:

organic acids testPut state-of-the-art integrative natural medicine to the test.

Take back your own health and decide for yourself what you feel is best for you. It’s your body – you should have the right to choose.

My method puts the power back in your hands and gives you the data you need to make informed decisions from a deeper level.

To get started, all you have to do is choose the at-home lab test that best describes you. Once you’ve done that you’ve gotten the momentum going and we will take everything from there.

It really can be this easy…

Step 1. Choose the Functional Medicine lab test that best describes you

Step 2. Receive the saliva, urine, hair, or blood spot card and complete it at home

Step 3. I review your lab, create a Personalized Wellness Plan®, and then we walk you step-by-step through the process of getting well again.


Making things complicated is easy… it’s our job to simplify and customize a plan just for you.

I look forward to personally reviewing your results and creating your very own Personalized Wellness Plan® soon!

Stephen CabralAyubowan,

Stephen Cabral
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy


* Please let us know if you have any questions and if you’re ready to get started go to the Functional Medicine testing page for details.