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The following is a small sample of success stories from our weight loss & wellness clients that we have had the privilege of being able to work with to achieve lasting real world results.

Congratulations to all of you and we’re so proud of your results!

*Standard Disclaimer: All success stories are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary.

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*Standard Disclaimer: All success stories are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary.

Here are a few more client success stories we’d like to share with you from a handful of clients my team and I have had the privilege of working with. We hope that their words will inspire & motivate you to understand that any goal you have for yourself can and will be achieved with the proper mindset and proven system for body transformation!

“Best Shape of His Life!”

“Steve has been my personal trainer for two years. He is excellent. I have never
been in better shape, and he knows his stuff better than any trainer I have had in
the past. I am a physician, and this guy knows more about orthopedics and injuries than I do! He is also the head of several gyms and trains numerous other trainers.”

– Dr. Chris Phillips

“Lose 3″ Off Waist!”

“I have made more progress with Steve than I have on my own or with other trainers in the last 10 years. I have lost over 12 lbs, 3 inches off my
waist, and decreased my body fat. Steve is fun to work with and at the same time
very motivational.”

– Mark Anxil

“21 Pounds in 4 Weeks!”

“I went from 207 lbs. to 186 lbs. in just over four weeks! Not only did I lose 21 lbs., but my body fat went from 24.9% to 13.7%. Thanks to my new exercise routine, I no longer have to take daily medication for my high blood pressure.”

– David, Boston MA


– Mark Kohler

“Quit Smoking after 14 Years!”

“I lost 23 lbs. following Steve’s exercise and nutrition program that was designed
specifically for me. The best part is that after 14 years of smoking I finally quit!”

– Jorge G.

“Improved Golf Game!”

“When I started working with Steve 6 months ago, my goals were to achieve
increased strength, flexibility and improve my overall general fitness level. Steve
structured my workout program to include weekly sessions of upper and lower
body strengthening and stretching in addition to cardiovascular workouts. As a
result of this program, I have seen great improvements in muscle definition, flexibility, and overall body strength. In addition, I have lost weight and am getting increased distance with my golf game!!!”

– Deb G.

“Customized Program Gets Clear Results!”

“I searched for a trainer who could offer both personal attention and a wide range of services to help meet my goals and keep workouts fresh and interesting. Steve was the only trainer who could help me using Yoga, Martial Arts, Strength
Training, and Golf and Tennis Conditioning to make workouts fun. For the first
time, I was excited to workout and the results were obvious. Steve’s program
flexibility and commitment make him an ideal trainer for whatever your needs.”

– Martin Tian

“Lost 21.5 Pounds in 8 Weeks Without Being Perfect!”

“8 weeks! How is that for a testimonial?! A few of my friends from work and I
decided to have a little contest to see which of us could lose the most body weight
(percentage) in 8 weeks to get on track for the summer. Steve helped me design a
6 meal a day eating plan and also a workout schedule that I could do at lunch. I
ate 6 300-calorie meals per day and tried to keep a healthy ratio of carbs – protein – fat. I worked out 45 minutes per day at lunch by doing circuit training and a quick 10-minute cardio session. Over the 8 weeks I lost 21.5 pounds, going from 211.5 to 190 pounds! I did falter a few times with my nutritional program during the 8 weeks, but Steve’s strong base program kept me losing weight!”

– Mike Spellman



“Patience & Persistence Pays Off!”

“Thank you for your patience and help. It has worked! I feel much better and have lost 15lbs, so I am ready for next year. Happy New Year!”

– Meredith A.

“Lost 71.4 Pounds & 12″ Off Waist!”

Through Eddy’s determination and dedication to his new healthy lifestyle, he was able to achieve amazing results. Eddy followed his nutritional guidelines and
worked out three times a week with one day of additional cardio. His results say
it all:

• 248lbs – 176.6lbs (lost -71.4 pounds!)
• 37% – 16.7% (lost -20.3% body fat! )
• 48in – 36in (lost -12 off waist!)

Congratulations to Eddy, and I look forward to his continuing success!

– Eddy C

“This Program will Change Your Life!”

“Whether I was losing weight, toning up, or just increasing overall strength and
stamina, Steve’s program became a part of my life. It did not require long hours in a gym with impossible equipment. It was a lifestyle that incorporated smart, healthy eating with a simple, yet extremely affective strength and cardio routine. Steve provided a workout that kept my heart rate up and my muscles engaged, allowing me to loose weight and cut inches in less time then I thought possible. Through Steve’s program, I have been able to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle which keeps me engaged and experiencing results at all times. The benefits of this program will change your life.”

– Felicia Sauza

“Reached Every one of His Goals!”

“I have worked with Steve Cabral for over two years. Steve is a dedicated
professional who understands his client’s needs and helps them achieve their
personal goals. He tailors the workout to achieve maximum results and varies the exercises to focus on all muscle groups for a complete workout. Steve set up a balanced workout routine for me that focused on building lean muscle, core
strength, and better flexibility. I have reached all my goals for reducing body fat,
increasing lean mass, and strengthening my core muscles. I have great respect
for Steve and would recommend him to anyone who wants to work with an
experienced trainer.”

Client progress Report:
23.6% to 14.1% (lost 9.5%body fat!)
Lean Mass = + 18.7 lbs.
Body Fat = – 14.7 lbs.

– Paul Flannery

“Best Investment You Can Make!”

“I started hitting the gym in August of 2004. I did some basic cardio for about 40 minutes a day and attempted to put a program together with weights. Not a pretty picture. As most guys do, I concentrated on doing arms, chest and abs and not focusing on the total body. Needless to say, I was not getting the most out of the time I was spending in the gym. I was 34 and wanted to drop about 20 lbs and increase my overall muscle to make me stronger in my activities. In November, after losing my interest in going to the gym, I contacted Steve and let him know that I was interested in putting together a few sessions to get me on the right track. During our first meeting I let him know my goals, to drop the excess weight, and to put a solid program together to see results. I explained that I wanted to make the most out of my time at the gym and to see results as well as have fun. After the first 12 sessions, I was hooked. I was feeling better, had changed the way I looked at my workouts and made the commitment to myself to put in the time and effort both inside and outside the gym. My program changed every 6 weeks and as my personal goals changed, so did the programs. Once I lost the weight, it was time to focus on my core strength and finally on gaining muscle through nutrition and working out. A year and a half later, I have had some great results thanks to the training program. It is one of the best investments you can make in your own personal health and well being and Steve and his trainers truly partner with you to make your goals a reality.”

– Paul Clark

“FBI Agent Excels on Physical Test!”

“I had applied for a high-level government position. The position required that each applicant pass a physically exhaustive fitness exam that required strength and endurance. While I was not a novice to working out, this exam required me to develop additional skills. I had taken the fitness exam prior to signing on with Steve and failed. Once I started working out properly under the guidance of Steve using the new strength training exercises, I trimmed down & toned up. I passed the fitness exam the second go around! I have been able to improve incrementally using his advice. I don’t think I would have been able to do it on my own. Steve was always there to push me to do better. Thanks Steve!”

– Government Agent

“The Personal Trainer’s Trainer!”

“As a personal trainer I am well informed on health, nutrition and certainly on
exercise. However, after going through some personal changes in my life I had put on a few extra lbs. -yes, trainers are human too! I wanted to lose the weight for myself, but also wanted to feel good for my wedding in July. I for some reason could put together plans for my clients, but needed that extra motivation for myself. Steve and I had worked together previously, so I knew how wonderful he was at his profession. A friend was also working with him and sang his praises so I gave him a call. – great move by me:) Steve is an incredibly talented personal trainer. His workouts are clearly individualized and he always goes the extra step to make it a fully comprehensive program. He is up to date on nutrition and training and will spend additional time to provide you with all the tools he can. Steve is so incredibly motivating, fun to work with, creative and truly vested in his client’s progress. This may sound “cliche”, but I’ve really watched and felt my body transform since we’ve been working together, and I’m thankful to have him as my trainer.”

– Stephanie Weston

“Best Decision I Ever Made!”

“Working out with Steve has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I
am more inspired to focus on my exercise routine and I’ve noticed faster results
than just doing cardio on my own. Steve will take the time to understand your
fitness goals and puts together a program specifically tailored to you. I’m getting
compliments every day on how great I look; the whole experience has been
transforming. Thanks Steve for your help, dedication, commitment and motivation – I couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Crissy Cerullo

“Best of the Best!”

“I have been a client of Steve’s for the past 1.5 years. Steve is a true
professional. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and definitely makes sure you
achieve your personal goals. Steve keeps the workouts fresh and fun and pushes
you to see maximum results. I feel that Steve should be the mold for all other
personal trainers. If you are looking for the Best of the Best you have found it with Steve and do not need to look any further. “

– Paul, Boston MA

“In-Home Personal Training Works!”

“I can’t say enough about working with Steve. He has a great way of motivating me while easing into a serious workout on the days that it’s hard to muster up the energy. I don’t want some “hyper drill sergeant” walking in, and I don’t want someone who’s going to let me slack off either. Somehow with his great manner, he gets me to do it. Also I love the luxury of Steve coming to my home. That way I know I’m going to fit in my work out.”

– Anthony Corey

“Recovered From Injury & Now Fitter Than Ever!”

“Thank you Steve. A couple of years ago I catapulted myself into my
cobblestone driveway while helping my son bungee-cord his surf board to the
top of my car. Because of my 18 months or so of working with Steve before
the fall, the muscles in my back helped protect my spine. After Steve helped me
recover from the injury, I am fitter now than I ever was – and that’s pretty fit.”

– Crystal Gandrud

“Olympic Athlete Becomes Even Better!”

“In all my years of training as an international Olympic athlete, I have yet to come across a training program that gave me the results I was looking for, as quickly as Steve’s program did. His program is as scientific as it is comprehensive and, most importantly, results-oriented.

Before starting his routine, I had trained using a variety of methods, adopted by
coaches in different countries. However, his program was, by a long shot, the very best. He doesn’t have the usual ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, nor is he someone who simply talks the talk, as knowledgeable as he is on training techniques AND nutrition. His program is very comprehensive in that it focuses not just on the exercises, but also on stretching and nutrition. As excited as I was about starting up, I was even more amazed by the results I achieved in just 4 weeks. Specifically, I dropped 6 pounds of fat whilst adding 5 pounds of lean mass, something I had struggled to accomplish earlier.

I have already recommended Steve to a lot of friends and I strongly encourage
anyone who is committed to their fitness goals to meet with him; it definitely is
worth the time and effort.”

– Anil Nair (World Champion athlete)

*Standard Disclaimer: All success stories are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary.


Wellness Client Real World Success Stories


Boston Wellness Holistic Doctor

“High Cholesterol Gone!”

Bill came to us with cholesterol over 300 mg/dL. After looking at what his underlying causes were for this imbalance we quickly created a Personalized Wellness Plan® for him. Within 6 weeks his cholesterol dropped 100 points and he no longer needed medications to control his high cholesterol. To date (2014), in terms of high cholesterol, we have a 100% success rate in rebalancing cholesterol to within healthy range.

“High Blood Pressure Gone!”

Carol came to us after being on multiple medications for over 10 years for hypertension. Unfortunately, these medications were no longer to keep his blood pressure at safe levels. After determining her homesostatic imbalances we were able to rebalance her blood pressure within 10 weeks.

“Joint Pain Gone!”

Chris came to us with severe joint pain and inflammation. He had difficulty performing even normal daily activities now. After recognizing his joint pain stemmed from a systemic inflammatory condition, we created a Personalized Wellness Plan® for him that looked at the entire person. After decreasing the amount of toxic load in his system, his systems lessened each week. Less than 8 weeks later his joint was gone.

“Back Pain Gone!”

James has had severe back pain and stiffness off and on for over 2 decades. After assessing he had certain biomechanical imbalances with his hamstrings, IT Bands, and hip flexors, we devised a program for him to realign his ankles, knees, and hips. This included myofascial release, flexibility, and strengthening weakened musculature. We also helped him reduce his inflammatory food choices to allow his nervous system to calm down. Within weeks his back pain was completely gone and has not returned.

“Gas & Bloating Gone!”

Susan had tried everything for her gas and bloating, but nothing had worked for longer than a couple of weeks at most. After explaining to her how she got to where she is now and what she needs to do to repair her digestion, Susan skeptically agreed to follow the plan we created for her. Within 10 days her gas and bloating were completing eliminated and Susan now understands what it means to be able to enjoy food again!

“Constipation Gone!”

Jenny suffered from severe constipation for over 20 years. She had seen doens of doctors and tried every supplement or product she could think of… She often only had a full bowel movement once or twice a week. This led to pain in the abdomen and lower back, and an overall poor mood due to the toxic build up. After running a series of labs we discovered her true imbalances, which had nothing to do with adding more fiber to her diet. Jenny implemented her Personalized Wellness Plan® and within 3 weeks her constipation was gone forever.

“Chronic Diarrhea Gone!”

Bethany had come to except her daily diarrhea as part of her life, but when it began to affect her ability to be away from a bathroom for any extended period of time she knew she needed help. After running some specific labs and listening to her health history we found her underlying condition and imbalances and set about a plan to correct these issues. Within 3 weeks her diarrhea has subsided and she no longer even thinks about where the closest bathroom is.

“Heart Burn, GERD, and Acid Reflux Gone”

Bob walked in with heart burn, GERD, acid reflux, and a “sour” mouth as he described it. After running a series of labs, finding his imbalances, and then explaining to him why he had these issues, Bob took home his Personalized Wellness Plan®. After following the plan for 21 days, his heart burn, GERD, acid reflux, and sour mouth were gone.

“Chronic Fatigue Gone!”

Cynthia walked in with debilitating chronic fatigue. She said she felt like she was a part of the walking dead, like a zombie. Knowing that chronic fatigue is a complex set of conditions that affect cellular metabolism, hormones, immunity, ATP, and many other factors we had to find out why exactly Cynthia had these specific symptoms. After discovering her underlying factors that were keeping her from getting well, we designed a unique plan specific for her. Each week she began to have more and more energy, and I’m happy to say she is now able to work fully, exercise, play with her children, and her mood has dramatically improved.

“Fibromyalgia Pain Gone!”

Fibromyalgia remains a mystery to most health practitioners, but there is always a reason why you are exhibiting the symptoms you have. We just need to find out what those homeostatic imbalances are. That’s why when Kathy came in with a decade of fibromyalgia symptoms we went through a detailed outline of how we could go about improving her health & wellness. Each week we stayed in touch and through tweaking her Personalized Wellness Plan® we were able to rebalance her body by removing the triggers causing the fibromyalgia. She is now pain free and enjoying life again.

“10 Years of Anxiety & Depression Gone!”

Brenda was tired of how her anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications were making her feel. She felt disconnected from life and simply said she no longer felt any joy in any of her daily activities. She wanted to feel alive again. After assessing her neurotransmitter and underlying imbalances for her condition we set about a mental and physical health wellness plan to help her regain her love of life again. After reducing toxic load and restoring her body’s vital reserves Brenda started making marked improvement. After just 8 weeks of being on her CWI Personalized Wellness Plan®, she worked with her MD to taper off of her medication and today she is loving taking up new activities, playing with her children, and enjoying all the little things in life.


Brian was only 9 years old and had been having progressively more problems in school. He was getting in trouble and his grades were suffering. He was a good kid, but just had some issues with attention and hyperactiveness. Luckily, he wanted to get well again and hated being on his medication, which he said made him feel like a “zombie.” After working with him and his parents on his Personalized Wellness Plan® we saw an amazing improvement within just 3 weeks. Brian’s blood sugar, inflammation, nutrient levels, and energy all stabilized and his teachers commented on how he was like a different student now!

“Psoriasis & Eczema Gone!”

Although I have had dozens of wellness clients of all ages come in with skin rashes, I love helping young children and infants with their skin rashes. Bradley was only 2 years old and had psoriasis covering 60% of his body. He also had severe gas and bowel disregulation. After working with Bradley and his parents on why this was happening, we were able to create a Personalized Wellness Plan® just for him and appropriate for his young age. Within weeks his psoriasis cleared up and we then cautiously added back in certain foods and watched for further reactions. After just a few short months we had helped to heal his toxic load and found exactly what Bradley’s triggers were. Today he is pain and itch free.

“Urinary Tract Infections Gone!”

Regina had a long history of urinary tract infections (UTIs). She wasn’t sure I could hope, but was tired of being on and off antibiotics and hated being in pain from her infections. After showing her how to naturally remove the bacteria causing the UTI and then how to rebalance her body’s natural flora and pH, she is now UTI and pain free.

“Seasonal Affective Disorder Gone!”

After no longer wanting to “suffer” through another cold dark New England winter, Alana came in wanting to know if there was anything she could do to overcome these “winter blues.” After tweaking her program to find out what she needed and in what amount, Alana was enjoying the winter “almost as much as the summer.”

“Low Thyroid Gone!”

After Mary came in with a TSH of over 5 mIU/L and a long standing history of low thyroid, as well as a family genetic disposition to low thyroid (Hashimoto’s), she asked if there was any hope to normalize her thyroid. After explaining how the thyroid is actually part of a larger more complex hormonal system and then sending out additional labs to look at her health on a deeper level we found out the root causes of her health issues. After decreasing toxins, improving nutrient ratios, rebalancing the entire hormonal signaling axis, and showing her what exacerbates low thyroid she was well on her way to feeling well again. After 12 weeks her TSH of back under 2 mIU/L and she no longer needed any medication.

“Migraines Gone!”

After decades of suffering through debilitating migraines Steve came to me looking for a way out of this nightmare. He would start to see spots, feel nauseous, and then have excruciating head pain that would force him to leave work and go home to lie in a dark room. After assessing Steve’s underlying root causes we set about starting him on his own Personalized Wellness Plan®. From that point on he has never had another migraine.

* All names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. For past and current wellness client referrals please contact us.

* Standard Disclaimer: All success stories are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary.

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