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This is the spot where I’ll continue to update and share my favorite products that my family and I use all the time or that we recommend in the health practice. All of these products have been meticulously researched and reviewed to be clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

Please note: many of these links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, I may make a small commission that is solely used to help keep this website running – And remember, I only link to products I personally use and support. Now enjoy the recommendations and let me know if you have any questions!

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Binaural Beats

I’ve been using the Whole Tones binaural beats for well over 5 years. I use them in many ways to calm my nervous system when feeling stressed.

Acupressure Mat

One of the best ways to relax your nervous system is through acupuncture or acupressure. This acupressure mat enables you to do at-home sessions.

Chi Machine

I love using this product while lying on my acupressure mat and listening to binaural beats or using the Muse meditation headband.

Muse Meditation

This is one of the top biofeedback devices to help people quiet their minds. It’s simple to use and gamifys the practice of meditation.



Looking for an anti-aging and longevity skin care product? OneSkin promotes long-term skin care and health by targeting aging at its source.

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Red Light Face Mask

Level up your skincare routine with this red-light face mask. Boost your natural glow and enhance your mood with this easy to use mask.

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I’ve used many kinds of toothpaste & many claim to be natural but still contain carrageenan & other additives. This brand does not.

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Banish Acne Scars

This is a great skincare routine that you can use if you’re dealing with acne scars. The kit includes everything you need to get started.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Toilet paper that is soft, strong, and sustainable! Reel toilet paper is made from bamboo, contains no inks or dyes, and is eco-friendly.

Beauty Counter

Beautycounter’s mission is to formulate clean beauty products with sustainably sourced ingredients and the highest safety standards.

Tongue Scraper

This ayurvedic tongue scraper will boost oral hygiene and get rid of the excess bacteria and plaque giving you a cleaner and better smelling mouth.

Kids Toothpaste

Toothpaste that is safe for all ages with a subtle strawberry flavor that little ones love! This toothpaste is free of parabens and sulfates and is GMO-free.

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Hair Styling Product

This is as clean as it gets & only contains organic coconut oil, bentonite clay, beeswax & lavender oil – it’s my go-to daily hair styling product.

Men’s Deodorant

This is the cleanest deodorant (8 organic ingredients) I have found and it actually works. It’s now my go-to for any and all activities in daily life.

Natural Deodorant

This is a great alternative to toxic deodorants that contain synthetic aluminum. It contains clean ingredients to keep you fresh & dry.

Strong Deodorant

Looking for a strong deodorant? This unscented deodorant brand has a non-synthetic version of alum that helps with sweating & odor.

Dr. Bronner Soap

Dr. Bronner’s makes a clean, non-toxic concentrated soap that you can use everyday for your body or even cleaning around the house.

Badger Sunscreen

I’ve been using this non-nano particle zinc oxide sunscreen for many years for myself and my family. It’s a simple formula and rubs in easily.

Dryer Balls

Most dryer sheets release harmful ingredients into the home and the environment. These wool dryer balls contain no harsh ingredients or fragrances.

Rose Geranium Oil

This is a great add-on to my herbal bug spray and it’s something I use with my dog as well. It also helps with ticks- And it smells great too.

Bug Soother

My other favorite herbal bug spray. It has more of a vanilla scent and it comes in two sizes – one of which is easy to store away for travel or on the go.

Herbal Bug Spray

This was my go-to choice when traveling overseas and I still use it to this day. It is great for children and adults and is made of all-natural ingredients.


Hormones HRA

Everything you need to know about how your female hormones became imbalanced and how to begin rebalancing your body today.

Gut Health HRA

Everything you need to know about how your gut & digestion became imbalanced and the steps to take to begin rebalancing it.

Thyroid HRA

Everything you need to know about your thyroid and actionable steps you can take today to begin rebalancing your thyroid.

Fatlossity Course

Why do most diets not work for weight loss? Learn how to address the underlying, metabolic reasons of why you struggle to lose weight.

Detox Course

Take a deep dive into one of the most important topics. Learn to Empty Your Rain Barrel to get well, lose weight & finally feel alive again!

Detox Quiz

Take my free Total Toxic Load Detox Quiz to find out how toxins may or may not be affecting your overall health. Find your score today.

Rain Barrel Effect

This #1 International bestseller details how you became unwell and how to get your health & life back through my DESTRESS Protocol™.

Workout Program

I wrote this book for my Functional Medicine practice. It contains the best programs (for men & women) that will stand the test of time.

IHP Level 2

The next step in taking your knowledge to the highest level by learning how to read & apply at-home Functional Medicine Lab testing.

IHP Level 1

Looking to heal yourself and others? This is the globally recognized Health Coaching Certification based on my DESTRESS Protocol™.


Dr. Cabral Detox

My go-to Functional Medicine formula for helping people to reduce their total toxic load and begin the healing process to wellness.

Universal Binder

Enhance your body’s ability to remove toxins. This formula leverages high-quality ingredients to bind to harmful toxins and remove them from the body.

Portable Sauna

This is a great way to detox and sweat anywhere. This portable infrared sauna offers full-spectrum infrared, negative ions, earthing, and no EMF’s.

Infrared Sauna

Decrease inflammation, detoxify the body, and enhance your overall mood with this Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. The perfect wellness addition to your home.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Being able to sauna outdoors all four seasons is an amazing feat! I chose a cedar, 6′ barrel sauna and it’s been a great investment in my health.

Sauna Blanket

Wrap up in this detox blanket to detoxify the body, relax the mind, boost your mood and promote glowing skin.

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Organic Juice

Incorporating vegetable juices into a cleanse, or using them to break a water fast, can have powerful results. This is my go-to place for Organic juices. 

IFR Healing Pad

This is not like any heating pad you’ve ever used! Relieve pain, increase circulation, relax muscle spasms, sleep better and “heal with heat”.

PEMF on The Go

A great compact design that grounds you in the earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset. Enjoy the benefits of PEMF anywhere.

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This is the same PEMF mat I use and it is the highest quality at-home mat available. It is low EMF and backed by scientific research.

Use Code: CABRAL15 (Save 15%)

Drybrush Spa Kit

Dry brushing is essential for stimulating the lymphatic system. This spa kit has everything you need to get started.

ProStak Shaker

This is a must-have for anyone who is on-the-go! This blender bottle has 2 different places to hold powder plus a covert vitamin/pill organizer.

CBO Gut Protocol

This scientifically validated and comprehensive protocol addresses the root cause of your gut, digestion and related health issues.

ParaSupport Protocol

Use this scientifically researched protocol to help you take control of your gut and remove unwanted pathogens that don’t belong.

Mold Protocol

This protocol was specifically designed to seek out mycotoxins and mold spores within the body, and safely remove them while boosting your immune system. 

Intestinal Cleanse

Do you suffer from constipation or hard to pass stools? This intestinal cleanse protocol will help eliminate years of built-up toxic waste.


Rebounding encourages the drainage of lymph fluid and helps your body detox. Exercise and detox with this foldable rebounder.

Coffee Enema Kit

One of the many ways to help your body detox is through an enema. This all-in-one kit has everything you need to get started.

Sauna Hat

Protect your hair from high temperatures and maintain proper thermoregulation during sauna with this hat.


Food Sensitivity Test

Make positive changes in your diet and solve your food-based health mysteries by testing your levels of sensitivity to 190 common foods.

Inflammation Test

This easy, at-home lab test measures your inflammation levels and gives you an overview of your overall cardiovascular health.

Minerals & Metals

Are you stressed, tired, anxious, and overwhelmed? This is the test that will enable you to discover the underlying issues making you feel unwell

Candida & Vitamins

A convenient at-home lab, so you can assess how well your digestive system is functioning, along with your energy and mood metabolites.


Daily Support

This is a “One Stop Shop” for your multi-vitamin, mineral, electrolyte energy blend, antioxidant, and detox support. Perfect for daily use.

Daily Foundational Protocol

Give your morning routine a boost! This is the exact protocol that I do each morning and what I recommend to my private wellness clients.


Are you ready to get well and feel alive again? Start on your path to wellness with premium supplements that are 3rd party tested.

Throat Spray (kids)

This is a gentle and kid-friendly throat spray to help boost their immune system and soothe sore throats. It is made with buckwheat honey and propolis.

Zinc Lozenges

Grab these for the upcoming cold and flu season. These zinc Lozenges are made with elderberry to support a healthy immune system.

Travel Spray

This is my go-to when traveling to keep my immune system strong. A great blend of zinc, peppermint oil, menthol, and cherry bark extract.


Wellevate offers access to a variety of supplements that you can use for yourself or recommend to your health clients.

Himalayan Shilajit

The #1 Shilijit brand that provides you with all the benefits while being low in heavy metals and toxins.

Psyllium Husk Powder

Organic Psyllium Husk Powder is a great digestive aid and a natural source of fiber to help maintain regularity and support healthy cholesterol levels.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen has a variety of benefits including allergy relief, reducing inflammation, aiding in healing and strengthening the immune system.


Lancing Device

This is a simple and easy to use lancing device that was created to reduce pain during use. It comes with everything you need for collecting samples.


This continuous glucose monitor can help you analyze how your blood glucose levels respond to food, exercise, stress, and sleep.

Pulse Oximeter

Being able to assess your blood oxygen levels is a key biomarker you should be aware of. Use this to check your blood oxygen levels anytime.

Oral Thermometer

This is a professional thermometer that I use in my private practice. It’s fast, effective, and comes with disposable applicators.


A simple to use forehead thermometer for babies and an ear thermometer for children and adults is a must-have for your home health kit.

Blood Pressure

Find out your blood pressure without a trip to the doctor. This at-home device will automatically take your BP with the press of a button.


A simple at-home glucometer will allow you to prick your finger and find out your blood sugar level upon waking or at any other time of the day.

Vagus Nerve Stimulator

This device sends patented electrical signals to the brain that can counter dysregulation in the nervous system and significantly improves health.


Beauty Bundle

Beauty from the inside out. This is a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals that work together to address your top skin concerns.

Collagen Support

Give your skin and nails a boost. This is a powerful collagen powder with 4 patented products included in just one product!

Thyroid Support

A comprehensive formulation that provides a blend of nutrients and botanicals working in synergy to support thyroid health.

Hair Support

Daily Hair Support includes botanicals and trace minerals that work in synergy to help your body to start growing vibrant, beautiful hair.

The LaserBand

This is an at-home treatment for hair loss. The HairMax delivers light energy directly to your hair follicles and is clinically proven and safe.



This foldable, under the desk treadmill is a great way to increase physical activity and hit your daily step goal while you work.

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Whether you are looking to get your daily steps in the comfort of your own home or wanting to push yourself with an incline run, this is a great addition to any at-home gym.


The only Kin Tape that is infused with 2 Natural ingredients (Menthol and Magnesium) for added benefits of Pain Relief and Faster recovery.

Use Code: CABRAL20 (Save 20%)


Relieve sore muscles with a massage gun. Massage guns can help with muscle recovery and increased blood flow as well as improve flexibility.

Massage Ball Set

This set of massage SMR rolling balls allows me to ease tension in my muscles between massage visits. It’s a great all-in-one package.

Foot Massage Ball

This massage ball is perfect for rolling the bottoms of your feet after workouts or before bed to calm the nervous system and loosen up tight feet.

Foot Massager

This is the first true foot massager to come to the market! It’s one of a kind and can actually provide a real foot massage anytime anywhere.

Trigger Point Set

This takes foam rolling/SMR to the next level. It’s a deeper trigger point therapy that can be done at home with these highly effective massage tools.

Inverted Bars

I use these bars for inverted rows, dips & other bodyweight exercises. They’re lightweight, easy to store & highly effective for at-home workouts.

Monster Bands

These bands can be looped around any pull-up bar to allow you to complete chin-ups as you progress to doing them on your own.

Doorway Pull-Up Bar

For over 20 years I used this doorway pull up bar for my chin-ups, ring work, and hanging ab leg lifts. It’s high quality and easy to store.

Ceiling Pull-Up Bar

This is my new pull up bar of choice. It’s the perfect way to save space by mounting it to your ceiling to use for chin-ups, TRX and bands.

Renpho Scale

By far the best scale in its price range. It measures everything from your weight to BMI to body fat % to lean mass and has a multiple user function.

Stability Ball

Stability balls are a great way to replace any bench exercise while working out. They also make a great seat so that you can focus on posture.

Multi-Band Set

Exercise bands are a great at-home alternative to cable-based exercises. This band set allows you to do a variety of exercises right from home.

Single Travel Band

This is my band of choice when I am traveling. Insert the notch in a door, close the door, and you can perform dozens of exercise variations.

Adjustable Kettlebell

Just like adjustable dumbbells now you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing one kettlebell and simply adjust to your desired weight.

Individual Kettlebells

Kettlebells are an amazing way to train your body and strengthen your posterior chain. These kettlebells also won’t damage your floor.

Bowflex Kettlebells

Adjustable kettlebells allow you to perform a variety of exercises and easily change resistance and weight to suit your needs.

Bowflex Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a great addition to your home gym. They offer versatility, allowing you to switch between a variety of exercises.


I’ve been using dumbbells like these ones for 25 years. They’re no-frills, inexpensive, durable, and they do what you need them to do.

Kulae Yoga Mat

This is by far the best yoga mat I’ve ever used. It combines a non-slip rubber mat with a built-in “towel” surface to absorb sweat.

Upright Bike

Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a Peloton? This bike is fully adjustable in all directions and makes the perfect at-home exercise bike.

Schwinn Airdyne Bike

A lower-cost airdyne bike that provides at-home cardio sprint training with both upper & lower-body resistance to create a challenging workout.

Rogue Echo Airdyne

Perfect for an at-home or studio workout providing resistance for both upper and lower body. This bike is so well built it may outlast you!

Foam Roller

This is a simple & inexpensive foam roller that I’ve recommended for years. It’s lightweight, easy to store and holds up for a long time.


Deep Sleep Protocol

Can’t sleep? I developed this protocol for myself many years ago and I use it in my practice. Along with lifestyle changes, it can work wonders.

Economic Mattress

After hours of research, I’ve found this to be the best economic choice to save you money while not compromising quality & comfort.

Use Code: CABRAL200 (Save $200)

Premium Pillows

These pillows provide comfort & peace of mind without toxic chemicals or flame-retardant sprays that off-gas while you sleep.

Mouth Tape

If you haven’t yet practiced nasal breathing you absolutely must. It changes your tension levels, blood and cellular oxygen uptake and much more.

Premium Mattress

The best no-compromise, premium, organic mattress. They have the best material, testing & one of the only organic toppers in the industry.

Use Code: STEPHENCABRAL125 (Save $125 on Hybrid & Latex Mattresses)

Bamboo Sheets

I love bamboo sheets. They are the softest and most comfortable, plus they’re one of the most sustainable plants on the planet.

Use Code: CABRAL40 (Save 40%)

Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket uses premium materials and is certified lead free. It is so comfortable and helps provide a great nights sleep.

Eye Mask

I travel a lot and on overnight flights, this mask is a game-changer. It works when you need to block out light and is very comfortable.

Mask w/ Nose Piece

This mask, with the additional form-fitting fabric covering the nose, is comfortable and blocks all light that might be interfering with your sleep.

Nose Strips

Nasal widening strips for improved breathing. Simply apply over the lower nose cartilage before exercise or sleep for improved breathing.

Mood Light

Groggy in the morning or experience Seasonal Affective Disorder? Lightbox therapy may help to energize your body, mind & mood.

Wake Light

I’ve been using a wake light for years. It’s the absolute best way for your body to wake up if exposing it to the natural sunrise is not an option.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam without the toxic off-gassing effects. Try this non-toxic certified pillow that you can adjust to get just the right “fluff.”

Sleep Light

This simple amber light bulb allows you to lower your blue light exposure at night to enable your cortisol levels to fall naturally.

Cooling Sleep System

Improve the quality of your sleep! This is the ultimate bed cooling product to help create the perfect sleep climate for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Use Code: DRCABRAL (Save 25%)


Drying Rack

This dish pad and drying rack is perfect for any kitchen. It is made from recycled materials, diatomaceous earth, and is BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.

Use Code: Cabral (Save 15%)

Glass Smoothie Bottle

Drink your daily smoothie in style! This BPA-free, glass tumbler holds 32oz and comes with a bamboo straw and silicone protective sleeve.


Solve your food storage problems. These glass storage containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for leftovers and snacks.

Glass Pots

These pots are durable, easy to clean, and will last forever. They come in a variety of sizes that are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Stainless Steel Pots

General non-stick coating cookware releases toxic fumes when cooking. This set is nickel and coating free and offers a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ceramic Cookware

Caraway provides eco-friendly products that are free of Teflon, lead and cadmium. This is beautiful, high-quality, toxin-free cookware.


This is a great bakeware set that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These dishes can easily go from the freezer to the oven to the table.

Sheet Pan

This high quality stainless steel pan is great for roasting veggies. It’s easy to use and very easy to clean. This pan works great for baking too.

Stoneware Pan

This stoneware baking pan can be used for so many things and is easy to clean. I use this for roasting vegetables and fish, it’s a great all in one pan.

Cast Iron Skillet

A heavy-duty cast iron skillet that comes pre-seasoned and provides even heat. This is a great size to use for a variety of cooking techniques.

Ceramic Cookware

100% ceramic cookware that is non-toxic, nonreactive and works great. Ensure that no chemicals or metals leach into your food.

Ceramic Saute Pan

This is a great toxin-free, ceramic saute pan that is perfect for every day. It works great for just about everything, I use it for veggies and fish.

Nonstick Frying Pan

A ceramic non-stick frying pan that heats evenly and is scratch-resistant. This pan contains no toxic chemicals and is dishwasher safe.


There are so many things you can do with an Instapot. It is easy to use pressure cooker technology that creates meals in half the time.

Bamboo Whisk

My wife’s favorite for preparing frothy Matcha Tea. This whisk is 100% bamboo, all-natural and provides a more delicious flavor than metal whisks.

Avocado Kitchen Tool

This is the tool you didn’t know you needed. It cuts, pits and slices avocados into 7 even pieces. It is easy to use and dishwasher safe.


My daughters love the treats we create with this! Use fruit to make creamy, ice-cream like, desserts that are vegan and a great alternative to dairy.

Omega Vert Juicer

When I make juice this is my go-to. Its easy, efficient and makes nutrient-rich juice from the least amount of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

Breville Juicer

For juicing vegetables with a high water content, such as carrots or celery, this is a great juicer. It’s very simple to use, efficient and easy to clean.


This blends so smooth making it my favorite for smoothies. It has a variety of functionalities that make it a great addition to your kitchen.

Ninja Blender

This is a great low-cost option blender that does not sacrifice on quality. This blender is excellent for crushing, blending and pureeing.

Stasher Bags

Go plastic-free with these BPA, PVC and Latex free bags. These are non-toxic, dishwasher safe and great for lunches and snacks on the go.

Outdoor Yard Spray

A perfect natural pesticide for your yard. It’s made only from essential oils and it keeps the bugs away while keeping your pets and family safe.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has dozens of uses – including a simple way to improve digestion while providing the body with Bragg’s classic, unpasteurized ACV.

Fire Cider

This spicy apple cider vinegar brew can be gargled with, taken as a shot, or added to water in order to kill pathogens in your body.

Fine Sea Salt

This is made in the USA and comes from the ancient salt beds of Utah. It is finely ground and comparable to ordinary table salts (without the iodine).

Course Sea Salt

This pink Himalayan sea salt is loaded with trace minerals and comes clean from the source in the Himalayan mountains of India.

Nut Butter

Delicious raw and organic nut butters that are convenient and come in many varieties like pumpkin seed, sunflower, walnut, pecan, and hemp.

Whole Food Bars

An adult and kid’s favorite – These 4-flavor delicious Whole Food bars are organic, allergen-free, vegan, paleo, and school safe for most kids.

Organic Olive Oil

Always look for organic, first-pressed, cold-pressed, single-source olive oil in a small dark bottle. This company offers a healthy, economical choice.

Plant-Based Protein

This vegan-based protein is a one-stop-shop to meet your daily needs. It combines 12 supplements in one supplying you with a day’s worth of RDA.

Wild Planet Sardines

These wild-caught, sustainable sardines packed in organic olive oil are an easy go-to protein you can take anywhere. Plus, they’re high in Omega-3s.

Hemp Hearts

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t consume hemp hearts. It’s a clean vegan based protein that I can add to most dishes for an extra 10-15g of protein

Manuka Honey

This is more of a supplement than a food because of all of its ancient healing properties. Look for the K-Factor 16 and New Zealand brands.

Cassava Wraps

A great grain-free wrap & shell that allows you to replace unhealthy corn varieties while still enjoying your family’s favorite foods.


Tulsi Tea

This amazing herb has been scientifically proven to help with pain reduction, stress, metabolism, skin rashes, blood sugar, and much more.

Sparkling Tea

Looking for a refreshing drink? Grab this flavorful, lightly brewed, sparkling tea. All ingredients are organic and fair trade with no added sugar or sweeteners.

Cold Brew Coffee

Make the best cold brew coffee with this BPA-Free pitcher. This coffee maker produces 4 servings and has an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle.

Organic Coffee

When I want coffee, this is my coffee choice for toxin-tested and alkaline-based decaf & regular varieties of organic coffee beans.

Yerba Mate Tea

Need a coffee alternative? Yerba Mate can provide the kick you’re looking for without as great a spike on the nervous system as coffee.

Organic Herbal Tea

Herbal tea can be one of the best ways to increase the amount of fluid you drink while getting the benefits of time-tested herbal medicine.

Essiac Tea

Search no further when looking for the cleanest and most genuine Essiac tea herbs. These premixed packets are easy to use and enjoy.

Matcha Green Tea

When buying tea it’s important to look for a brand that is organic and mold-free. Pique ensures the highest quality teas to go!


AquaTru Water Filter

AquaTru filters are my family’s choice for reliable & clean drinking water. Fill with tap water & in minutes you’ll have guaranteed safe drinking water.

Save $100 (No Code Required)

TheraO3 Bubbler

Transform your tap water into a sanitation station. Sterilize and disinfect all forms of unhealthy foreign bacteria, viruses, and parasites with this O3 Bubbler.

Shower Filter

This shower filter attaches to your normal showerhead and blocks harmful chemicals like chlorine from filling up your shower with toxic gas particles.

Water Test Kit

Our water can be filled with contaminants, pharmaceuticals and toxins. Test your city water, well water or water filter with this at-home testing kit.

Combination Filter

This is a combination filter & showerhead if you don’t have a preferred showerhead – It filters your water of harmful chemicals like chlorine.

Bathtub Water Filter

When it’s bathtime this is my family’s choice for filtering the tap water you’re about to bathe in. It filters out chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Water Pitcher

This is an easy way to keep a pitcher of filtered water in your refrigerator knowing it has been cleaned of toxins from your tap water.

BioFilm Drops

Store and maintain pure water and extend the self-life of your water with these. Treat up to 330 gallons so you always have clean, fresh water on hand.

Trace Mineral Drops

Full spectrum minerals pulled directly from Earth that help to restore electrolytes, curb food cravings, boost energy, promote healthy sleep and alleviate cramping.


Air Quality Monitor

Monitor the quality of the air in your home, office, or car with this easy-to-use meter. This monitor accurately measures CO2, TVOC, HCHO, humidity, and temperature.

TheraO3 Module

Increase oxygen in the body and blood with Ozone therapy. Add this to your sauna session for 8-10X enhanced absorption of the ozone.

Air Filtering Plants

Check out my podcast on the NASA research study regarding plants and air as well as this combination of 4 air-filtering plants.

Car Filter

Cleans the air in your vehicle up to 20 times per hour by removing toxins like CO2, NO2, SO2, diesel, exhaust, allergens, and smog.

Air Filter

My top pick for home use due to its size and capability to run 24 hours a day ensuring your home or office is free of allergens & toxins.

Heavy Duty Air Filter

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty air cleaner this is it. This is the perfect air filter for large households, high ceilings, and open living spaces.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I use salt lamps in virtually every room in my home and office. It gives off a warming amber glow and can also make a great night light.

Essential Oil Diffuser

This beautiful Aroma essential oil diffuser enables you to diffuse your favorite healing & balancing essential oil scent into the air.



This anti-radiation bracelet will support your body against the negative health effects of EMF’s. It is effective for cell phone, WiFi, and all forms of EMF’s.

Privacy Pouch

Get completely off the grid! This pouch provides a Faraday shield that blocks GPS, WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth signals as well as reduces radiation exposure.

Use Code: Cabral15 (Save 15%)

Blue Light Blockers

If you watch TV or use blue-light emitting devices at night I recommend wearing a pair of blue-blocking glasses to improve health.

Use Code: CABRAL (Save 10%)

EMF Tablet Case

My family uses the iPad/tablet EMF & Radiation blocking cases to cut down on the harmful effects of wifi & other radiation exposure.

Use Code: Cabral15 (Save 15%)

Laptop Pad

If you use your laptop on your lap I can’t recommend enough blocking that radiation from your reproductive organs by using one of these devices.

Use Code: Cabral15 (Save 15%)

EMF Blocking Cases

I’ve been using Safesleeve for years & they are my go-to for my daughter’s iPads & my personal iPhone. We use them on all our wifi devices.

Use Code: Cabral15 (Save 15%)

3-in-1 EMF Meter

This is the top EMF Meter that detects all 3 variations of EMFs and radiations all at once and can even help you pinpoint where it’s coming from.

Trifield EMF Meter

All the features you need for EMF measurements. This meter detects all three types of EMF pollution: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave.


This is a beautiful piece of art for your home or office and it actually helps your body absorb fewer EMFs from wifi and other devices.

Use Code: CABRAL (Save 10%)


Tri-Light Panel

Experience the benefits of healing light frequencies. This pad generates red light and near-infrared frequencies in a soft, lightweight, flexible panel.


Biometric tracking can provide you with a variety of data to help improve your health. Track your sleep, HRV, heart rate, steps and more.

Use Code: Cabral10 (Save 10%)

Oura Ring

My go-to health & fitness tracking device for everyday use. I can shut off the wifi/bluetooth to reduce EMFs while still gathering invaluable data.

Grounding Mat

This grounding mat is the perfect all-purpose mat to help reduce pain & inflammation, ease stress, improve sleep and much more.

Apollo Neuro

Enhance brain & body entrainment using the Apollo Strap. It sends small electrical impulses to gently work on nervous system adaptation.

Huso (Binural beats)

Huso uses a headphone + vibrating wrist & ankle straps to engage & fully immerse the entire nervous system with Binaural Beats therapy.

Use Code: Cabral25 (Save $25)


Running Shoes

Ultralight running shoes with zero-gravity feel and moldable foam technology to provide cushioning and help to improve flexibility and endurance.

On Sneakers

Lightweight sneakers made for performance. These sneakers are perfect for running with high-performance cushioning and shock absorption.

Acupressure Sandals

Great sandals to wear around the house. These acupressure sandals will work the tension out of your feet and help calm your nervous system.

Minimalist Shoes

Lightweight and flexible shoes with zero drop. These shoes are perfect for those who want the benefits of bare feet, but with added protection.

Trail Sneakers

It’s great to be able to go from sitting in my office to outside running in the woods or trails. These are my trail runners of choice.

I truly look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you in anyway I can to living a life full of happiness, health & vitality.

Stephen Cabral
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy