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Welcome to Dr. Cabral’s Virtual Functional Medicine Practice

Beginning January 1st 2020, I will be reformatting my Functional Medicine & Naturopathy Practice and transitioning to a full-service private concierge practice. I will be referring to this new virtual, clinical practice as my Integrative Health Practice.

Going forward I will be helping my private wellness clients interested in improving all aspects of living the healthiest life they can in body, mind, and lifestyle following my complete DESTRESS Protocol.

I believe this will be Integrative Health at its finest where I’ll be able to provide personalized monthly recommendations on diet plans, recipes, exercise programs, Functional Medicine detoxes, customized nutritional supplement recommendations, seasonal lifestyle habit changes, weekly progress report check-ins, preferred scheduling, and much more.

6 Month Program

Work Directly with Dr. Cabral (details below)

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3 Month Program

Work with one of Dr. Cabral’s Certified Health Coaches (details below).

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Order Lab Tests

Order Lab Tests through Equilibrium Nutrition to be reviewed by Dr. Cabral and receive a wellness plan and consultation from one of his health coaches

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This new Concierge Practice will include all your Functional Medicine Labs. This is a $1,500 value in lab testing alone. The reason I am doing this is that it’s simply not possible to practice state-of-the-art Integrative Health without knowing your exact vitamin, mineral, omega-3, gut health, hormone and other crucial biomarkers that allow for a completely customized monthly protocol.

This new private concierge practice will allow us to go deeper into true Personalized Integrative Lifestyle Medicine for those people most interested in taking their mind, body, and health to the next level. It is the culmination of 20 years of private practice, study, research, and 250,000+ client appointments and I’m excited and grateful to now be able to offer the future of natural medicine!


As a private wellness client you will receive full concierge benefits. This includes a direct point of contact for all scheduling as well as email, phone, or text confirmations.

Plus, Julia Hayes, Dr. Cabral’s lead Integrative Health Practitioner will be your personal health coach for answering questions, weekly email check-ins, and ensuring you are making the progress you desire. She has worked with Dr. Cabral now for over 10 years and has a diverse background in health, nutrition, fitness, children’s wellness, and life coaching.

You will also be speaking with Julia every other month to fine-tune your Personalized Wellness Plan, nutrition, meal plan, recipes, exercise programming, and much more.


Each month, Private Concierge Clients will receive:

  • Updated Personalized Wellness Protocol
  • Lab Test Results Review (as needed)
  • Lab Test Recommendations (as needed)
  • VIP Concierge Preferred Scheduling
  • VIP Supplement Ordering (all direct links provided)
  • Unlimited Email Support (private concierge email with my team)
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Monthly 30-60 Minute Phone Virtual Appointment

  • 60-minute Skype Video Health Intake Call with Dr. Cabral
  • Ship out “Big 5” Labs or customize a lab package
  • Advice on additional lab test recommendations based on current needs
  • Explanation of Private Concierge Program & VIP details
  • Initial intake on primary concerns
  • New Year’s body transformation goals (if desired)
  • Ayurvedic Dosha (body type) assessment & explanation
  • Weekly Email Support & VIP email
  • Weekly Progress Report/Q&A outline

  • 60-minute Health Coaching Video Call with Julia Hayes, IHP2
  • Tutorial on how to take at-home BMI/BF%/Measurements (as desired)
  • Explanation of how to complete an FM Detox
  • How to complete your Functional Medicine lab tests
  • How to transition off your FM Detox
  • Meal planning for next 4 weeks
  • Initial lifestyle habit changes
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Weekly Progress Report/Q&A outline

  • 60-minute Lab Interpretation & Results Video Call with Dr. Cabral
  • Understanding how your lab results relate to your symptoms
  • An explanation of how your Ayurvedic Dosha may influence results
  • Initial 4 weeks customized nutrition plan
  • Personalized supplement protocol based on lab markers
  • Secondary lifestyle habit changes
  • Re-Balancing gut, hormone, sleep, or protocols tailored to you
  • Daily Email Support
  • Weekly Progress Report/Q&A outline

  • 60 Minute Health Coaching Video Call with Julia Hayes, IHP2
  • 4-Week progress report check-in
  • Advanced recommendations on your meal planning
  • Next steps on your customized nutrition plan
  • Providing approved recipe suggestions
  • How to advance on a GRE exercise program
  • Additional recommendations on Personalized Wellness Protocol
  • Fine-tuning lifestyle habit changes
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Weekly Progress Report/Q&A outline

  • 60 Minute Video call with Dr. Cabral
  • 8-Week progress report check-in
  • Updated Personalized Wellness Protocol based on progress
  • Edits to Supplement Protocol as needed
  • New Year’s body transformation goals should be met (as set)
  • Updated GRE exercise recommendations
  • Begin Spring meal planning & food list
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Weekly Progress Report/Q&A with me (as needed)

  • 60-minute Video Call with Julia Hayes, IHP2
  • 12-Week Progress Report
  • Decisions on lab-retesting (recommendations by Dr. Cabral)
  • Discussing potential new additional labs to run (per Dr. Cabral)
  • Transitioning to a new healthy lifestyle diet
  • How to begin adding more & diverse foods to your meal planning
  • Next steps on the customized gut, hormone, sleep or other wellness protocols
  • Weaning off non-foundational nutritional supplements
  • Finishing gut, hormone, sleep, or other specific protocols
  • How to complete a Heavy Metal Detox
  • Daily Email Support
  • Weekly Progress Report/Q&A outline

* After your first 6 months are complete you may decide to renew if mutually agreed upon. The next 6 months will focus on re-testing previous labs as desired and moving on to more advanced anti-aging protocols.

DETAILS Concierge Membership

My goal is to simply work at the highest level possible with those people that are serious about taking control of their health and overall well-being/aging.

This will also allow me to provide the type of care and dedication I strive for when it comes to developing Personalized Wellness Plans, and hand-picking the most suitable lab tests based on where you are at in life (or current symptoms).

After being closed to new clients for the past 14 months, on January 1st, 2020 I will open back up my practice and begin accepting new private wellness clients again. It will be limited to just 1 new concierge client per week and I’m excited to be introducing this level of service for the first time!

January 2020 Charter Concierge Client pricing will be $990 a month per individual for the above-stated services. All labs (up to $1500) will be included during your 6-month program. Family memberships are available upon request. (If this pricing structure does not work for you, you may also work with one of Dr. Cabral’s wellness coaches for $290 a month. You can view that program here.)

Note: The above monthly membership pricing does include the cost of lab testing, but does not include nutritional supplements. However, nutritional supplements may be purchased while in the Integrative Health practice with a VIP 10% discount code from EquilibriumNutrition.com. However, you are always free to purchase your nutritional supplements from Functional Medicine company of your choice. The average cost of nutritional supplements is approximately $10 a day for 12-16 weeks.

3-Month Program Work with one of Dr. Cabral's Certified Health Coaches

This program is a minimum of 3 months at $290 per month to work with one of Dr. Cabral's Certified Health Coaches: Julia Hayes, Laura Halupowski, Daniel Turk, Erica Hull.

The $290 per month includes all consultations and ongoing support for those 12 weeks. This fee does not include the cost of labs, nutritional supplements, food, or any other products recommended in your Personalized Wellness Plan®. However, you will receive special preferred pricing on labs.

After the initial 3-months, you and your health coach will decide how often you’d like to meet for ongoing support. Follow-up appointments with health coaches are $290 for 60-minutes and $145 for 30-minutes.

  • Health history intake
  • Education on how you got here and how to heal
  • Equilibrium Nutrition at-home lab test recommendations
  • Initial nutrition, health and lifestyle recommendations

  • Review of your at-home lab test results
  • Explanation of results including any root cause imbalances
  • Design of your Personalized Wellness Plan (PWP) based on your results and bio-individuality

  • Any updates needed to your Personal Wellness Plan (PWP)
  • Additional personalized resources provided based on your unique needs
  • Next steps for your health journey

Get Started

Since there is often a waiting period before your first initial consultation, our suggestion is to simply click the link below to apply to be accepted into our concierge health practice. (It is currently by application only due to high demand.)

If we believe we would make a good fit for you in our Integrative Health practice we will set you up with a call or phone call after reviewing your application.

Please do also feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing concierge@cabralwellnessinstitute.com – We’re here to help!

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We look forward to helping you achieve your goals soon! Fill out an application today and join so many others in their journey to better health.

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