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At-Home Functional Medicine Lab Testing

At-Home Functional Medicine Lab Tests

Food Sensitivity Test
Solve your food-based health mysteries by testing your levels of sensitivity to 190 common foods. Discover exactly which foods you are having a mild to moderate to severe IgG reaction to.
Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test
Using just this simple at-home, urine collection lab you can assess how well your digestive system is functioning, along with your energy and mood metabolites.
Gut Bacteria & Parasite Stool Test
Test your stool sample for parasites and yeast, the presence of specific antigens in the sample which is a physical representation of the presence of parasites, bacteria and whether there is any blood present in your sample.
Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test
It’s absolutely vital that you know exactly what your hormone levels are as you age. Plus, if you’re dealing with any type of lowered mood, metabolism or mojo this is the time to get tested.
Minerals & Metals Test
Your mineral levels include your electrolytes which provide you with the energy you need to get through your busy day, as well as buffer the effects of stress. No test is better at assessing these levels as well as looking at potential heavy metal toxicity.
Toxic Heavy Metals Test
Comprehensive test that uses both blood spot and urine collection methods in order to dig deeper into your heavy metal mysteries and provide the answers you need in order to rebalance the body.
Mold Toxicity Test
This easy, at-home lab test will scan your body to determine the presence of potentially harmful mycotoxins so that you can get to the root cause of why you’re feeling unwell.
Mind & Body Neurotransmitter Test
When neurotransmitters are out of balance, the body may be over or under stimulated, which can trigger a range of neurological or psychological challenges. This test is designed to help you assess your neurotransmitter balance.
Omega 3 & Inflammation Test
This easy, at-home lab test measures your levels of inflammation based on a ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats. This is personalized natural medicine at its best!
Starter Kit Labs
This lab package includes the Organic Acids Test and the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Plus, included in this package, you will receive a coaching call with one of Dr. Cabral's Certified Health Coaches to review your lab results and offer personalized recommendations.
The Big 5
Dr. Cabral’s “Big 5" Labs includes our top 5 labs in order to give us the most comprehensive look at your underlying root causes, plus a 90-minute call with one of our Holistic Health Coaches to review your results.
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At-Home Functional Medicine Lab Testing is the best way to discover the underlying root cause of why you're not well. Once we can identify your deficiencies & toxicities, we can implement the appropriate protocols in order to rebalance your body for optimal health.