About Jenn Todd

Integrative Health Practitioner

Why I do what I do


Growing up in rural Nebraska, I followed a standard American diet and lifestyle that continued into early adulthood. By the time I was 21, I tried my first “diet” and was shocked that losing weight could be so easy through restriction – until I gained it all back and then some. And so the yo-yo dieting began.

These early successes and setbacks had me more interested than ever on how I could use diet and exercise to optimize the aesthetics of my body. However, it wasn’t until after having children, losing my mom unexpectedly to cancer, and struggling personally with hormonal imbalances, that I truly became inspired to dive deeper into root causes and focus on wellbeing for longevity and healthspan instead.

As a wife, and mom of 2, I became an Integrative Health Practitioner and Certified Nutrition Coach to first help myself and my family, which eventually turned into my dream career. I love helping others explore what wellness looks like for them as the body becomes rebalanced, rejuvenated, and restored, and I’ve been fortunate to help wellness clients now for many years.

I dive deep into my clients’ story, help look for underlying root imbalances, enable them to understand their Functional Medicine lab results, and tailor a plan specific to each client’s needs. My clients find this personalized approach to be the key to long-term change and success. I look forward to helping you or a family member achieve the health, weight, or anti-aging goals that you deserve!

– Jenn Todd, IHP2M

Certifications & Experience

  • Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 & Level 2 (IHP2)
  • Integrative Health Practitioner, Mastery (Life Coach)
  • Certified Health Coach (CHC)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Applied Science
  • Master’s Degree, Science
  • Educator, 10 Years of Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Health-Related Courses
  • Past President, Board of the DALE Foundation
  • Current Senior EquiLife Health Coach

Consulting Program

Learn more about working with Jenn Todd and the “difference” you’ll experience while working with her on the underlying root causes keeping you from living the life you want.


If you’d like to work directly 1-on-1 with Jenn Todd to uncover your underlying root causes and solve your wellness, weight loss, or anti-aging issues, and receive your own Personalized Wellness Plan® you may apply online now (limited-availability).