ENT Immunity Protocol

The Natural Way to Keep Your Ears, Nose, and Throat Clean & Clear!

This is the same ear, nose (sinus), and throat protocol I recommend in my Boston wellness center, and the same one I personally use myself and with my own family.

Whenever you or a family member feels a cold coming on it is best to use the Adult or Children’s Immunity Protocol. Then, if it moves into your ears, nose, or throat you can add in this simple ENT Protocol offered here.

This is why I keep this package, as well as the Adult and Children’s Immunity Protocol stocked in my home at all times to have on hand and ready to use the moment my girls start to get a cold, or I feel something coming on myself…

Recommended Use:

GSE Nasal Spray: Use 2-3 sprays per nostril 2-3x per day as needed to clear congestion. After inhaling the spray, tilt your head forward for a few seconds to allow the natural solution to go deeper into your sinuses.

Neti Pot: The nasal rinse cup can be kept right in your shower and be used with just a pinch of sea salt per filed up cup (use filtered water). Place the spout in one nostril and then tilt your head to the opposite side allowing the water to gently clean your nasal passages. Repeat on the other side.

Ear Drops: Place 2-3 drops in your ear canal while lying flat on the opposite side. Gently massage your ear to allow the drops to work their way down. After 5-minutes of lying on one side repeat on the other if needed.

Throat Spray: At the first sign of a dry, scratchy throat, or when you’re beginning to feel any congestion use 3-5 sprays on the back of your throat.

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