The End of Joint Pain Explained

Most of the clients who work with my team and I at my studio are looking for some type of body transformation results. They either want fat loss, muscle gain, or sometimes a little of everything…

Regardless, 80% of all new clients come in with some type of pre-existing joint or muscle pain.

The reason that this is an issue when it comes to designing their body transformation program is that we must customize certain components of it to work around their joint pain while simultaneously addressing the cause of their issue.

The great news is that once you get your body back firing on all cylinders you can complete any exercise you want using a full range of motion (without any pain).

This type of training will allow you to maximize your results.

Now let’s see what type of joint pain you, a friend, or a family member may be experiencing and how you may be able to correct it faster than you thought.

Here are the main causes and exercise cures for joint pain that have worked best for my clients:

1. Alignment issues

This is where the joint becomes misaligned from too much “tug of war” going on between muscle imbalances (usually tight and/or weal muscles). I see this everyday with people who complain of shoulder, elbow, lower back, and knee pain.

Foam rolling, strengthening the muscular imbalances, as well as stretching the tight muscles (not the loose ones) will help.

One other point about alignment issues is that you may actually be creating the pain by using improper form while exercising. For example, some people don’t experience any knee pain during their daily lives, but when they go to do squats or lunges they feel a sharp pain in their knee joint(s).

Typically this type of joint pain is easily correctable and you can eliminate all of the pain within seconds of just making minor changes to your form. (You can watch the free 30-second fix to eliminate knee pain while squatting at this link:


2. Over Use Injuries

These injuries occur from too much stress on a particular joint. For example many runners with improper form end up with knee injuries from excessive “pounding.”

I have gotten great results from dramatically reducing my clients running and replacing it with less repetitive motion exercises that still achieve the same results (if not better when it comes to body transformation).

* Note: Long term over use injuries and poor alignment can lead to degeneration of the joint (cartilage, etc.), which can create long-term permanent joint damage. To reduce this from happening you should not train through an injury of alignment issue.


3. Trauma to Joint

This type of joint pain is caused by an actual injury that didn’t accumulate overtime like the others. It could happen from a fall, picking something up improperly, or getting hit in a sporting activity to one of your vulnerable joints.

This type of injury should be treated by your doctor and most likely in physical therapy. After the trauma to the joint has been dealt with and it has healed you should then begin a strengthening program for that joint.

The bright side of all of this is that through the proper stretching, foam rolling/SMR/massage, and a strength based program you can become (and stay) pain free!

Lastly, I do want to note that joint pain can come in one other form not related to poor alignment, degeneration, or trauma.

Believe it or not, you can actually experience severe joint pain from eating a high inflammatory or acidic diet (or dehydration). This inflammation can lead to rheumatoid arthritis and many other inflammatory based issues, which are often perceived as tightness or joint pain.

By just having my clients switch over from inflammatory and acidic foods to a more alkaline and anti-inflammatory based nutrition program they almost immediately begin to experience fewer joint pain symptoms.

If you are experiencing any aches or pains yourself, why not give it a try?

By including more alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods in your diet you will have more energy, feel better, and you’ll naturally lose weight!

Although my article today was not meant to be a “cure-all” on joint pain I hope that you feel more knowledgeable now on how to go about relieving your joint pain or sharing this information with others in need.

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Committed to your Success,

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