Candida & Bacterial Overgrowth (CBO) Protocol

What should I have for breakfast?

Dr. Cabral’s number one recommendation for his wellness clients and those on the yeast and bacterial overgrowth protocol is to have a Daily Nutritional Support smoothie with 1 cup of fruit (wild blueberries), 1 cup of leafy greens (like spinach), and 1 tablespoon of healthy fats such as coconut oil (optional). After 4 weeks you can add healthy fats like chia seeds, flax, pumpkin seeds, etc.

When should I take my supplements?

You should’ve received a two-page instruction guide on how to take your nutritional supplements. All of the herbal and enzyme-based formulas are taken on an empty stomach upon waking up and before bed. To get the most benefits from your probiotics, I recommend taking them away from your antibacterial or anti-fungal herbs at breakfast and dinner.  This allows the two different types of formulas to not have to compete with one another. However, if you do get nauseous you may take all of your Candida and Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol supplements at breakfast and dinner.

What if I forget to take supplements at the specified time?

If you forget to take your supplements upon waking you may simply take them with breakfast. If you forget to take all of your a.m. supplements you do not need to double up at dinner/before bed.

How do I know it’s working?

Dr. Cabral specifically created this exclusive Candida and Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol to work from gentlest to strongest over the course of 12 weeks. This allows for most individuals to never have any die off symptoms and thus it is just working in the background as you go about your day. You will begin to feel less bloating, gas, and digestion will become easier.

What do I do after I complete the whole protocol?

After you complete the 12 week protocol, Dr. Cabral recommends using the Candida Gut Rebuilding Protocol. This consists of the Daily Probiotic Support and the Healthy Gut Support powder. The Healthy Gut Support is simple to use and you can just add one scoop to your morning smoothie or consume it upon waking or before bed.

This protocol contains 50 billion dairy free, low histamine probiotics, as well as the glutamine and zinc needed to help seal up the gut wall. The Gut Rebuilding protocol is an add-on, since it is not needed in order to remove Candida and bacterial overgrowth. It is your option to continue on with this or not.

At this time we also recommend introducing an array of new health foods one by one to see how they work with your digestion. Dr. Cabral also recommends continuing on with the Daily Nutritional Support smoothie for breakfast.

How long should I use the Gut Rebuilding Protocol?

Dr. Cabral recommends 90 days for the leaky gut, “Heal & Seal” protocol (Healthy Gut Support & Daily Probiotic Support). This allows enough time for the glutamine and zinc to do their job by rebuilding a nurse in the wall. You may continue on longer if you’d like. Dr. Cabral himself still completes this protocol twice a year for his own ongoing health.

How do I know the Candida and/or Bacterial overgrowth is gone?

If your symptoms have largely gone away and you no longer have gas, bloating, or digestive issues, you may assume you have limited the overgrowth. However, if you would like to verify the results, you may run an Organic Acids Test. This specific lab will show you if you have any additional yeast or bacterial overgrowth to remove. You may find the link for that here:


Organic Acids Test (OAT) + 30-Min Consult

When should I retest the OAT after completing the protocol?

After you completed the full 12 week protocol, you may then decide to run the Organic Acids Test to confirm you have eradicated the Candida and Bacterial Overgrowth.

Do I need to retest my candida/bacterial levels?

You do not need to run an Organic Acids Test to confirm your results if you choose not to. Not all of our wellness clients decide to spend the money on retesting if they are already feeling better and do not have any of the symptoms of the bloating, gas, or digestive issues like they had before they started. If you prefer to confirm your results here is the link to complete a home lab test:


Organic Acids Test (OAT) + 30-Min Consult

Can I do the parasite cleanse and the CBO protocol at the same time?

No, do one at a time. Complete what you are on and then follow up with the other!

I think I’m having a die-off reaction, what should I do?

If you’re having any negative reactions to the nutritional supplements or protocol, simply stop for three days and then begin by using just one nutritional supplement at a time. You may start with any supplement for that month and just use one capsule with breakfast. If that supplement does not give you any issues you may then increase it to both breakfast and dinner at one capsule. If this works, you will then do two capsules at breakfast and two at dinner

Once you confirm this supplement is not giving you any issues, you may then proceed with adding in the next two. Begin slowly and always just use one capsule of the new product. If you were someone that gets nauseous easily when taking nutritional supplements, always take them together mid-meal at breakfast and at dinner time.

Is it okay to take other supplements during this protocol?

Yes, you may take other supplements as recommended by your health care provider during the CBO protocol.
We recommend avoiding other probiotics during the protocol as we have specifically selected certain strains to be used in a particular order to help repopulate the gut. Once finished, you may reintroduce the Daily Probiotic Support to your supplement regimen.

When do I take my thyroid medication with the CBO supplements?

Since thyroid medication should be taken upon waking, on an empty stomach (and so should some of the CBO supplements) -we recommend taking your thyroid medication first, then the “upon waking/empty stomach” supplements an hour away from that. The probiotic would then be taken 30-60 after that with food or after eating.
*always check with your prescribing doctor 

When do I switch supplement bottles?

Some supplement bottles will run out faster than others.

Switch to it’s next replacement item after the bottle runs out.

They are replaced in this order:

Biofilm Defense -> Florafilm -> Healthy Belly

OrthoFlora -> Candida Support -> Candida Complex

Saccharomyces Boulardii -> Acidophilus -> Daily Probiotic Support

What do I do after the Candida Cleanse Protocol?

Once you finish the 12 weeks of the Candida protocol, we do recommend 30-60 days of sealing the gut lining by using a product called Healthy Gut Support, as well as taking the Daily Probiotic Support.
We also recommend starting your day with the Daily Nutritional Support shake, Dr. Cabral Daily protocol, or Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin
> CBO Finisher (Healthy Gut Support & Daily Probiotic Support)
> Daily Nutritional Support (shake powder)
> Dr. Cabral Daily Protocol (Daily Nutritional Support, Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend & Daily Probiotic Support)

Can I drink coffee during the CBO protocol?

Yes you may have coffee if well tolerated, but we recommend limiting it to 1 cup of organic coffee per day (black or with nut milk), preferably before noon. Coffee can be irritating to the digestive system, as well as tax the liver, so you may want to consider eliminating for at least the first 21 days to help improve symptoms.

Is alcohol allowed during these 90 days?

We recommend eliminating alcohol during the protocol as it can be very irritating/inflammatory to the digestive tract and liver and hinder the healing process. After the first 21 days, you may choose to have alcohol as part of your cheat meal but we recommend limiting this to 1x/week.

Am I allowed to snack during the protocol?

For optimal digestion we recommend spacing your meals at least 3-4 hours apart in general. If you find that you need to incorporate a mid-afternoon snack (3-4 hours after lunch and 2-3 hours before dinner) you can use the same approved food list to choose any snacks that you’d like. Making a shake or smoothie with the Daily Nutritional Support Powder is also a great snack option! (Especially pre or post workout).

Can I have fermented products during this protocol?

Although fermented products are well-known for their health benefits due to the probiotics they contain, we do not include fermented products on the CBO food list.  This is because in those with yeast, fungal, or bacterial overgrowth they are fermented by gut bacteria and can actually worsen an already imbalanced microbiome and often worsen symptoms. You are welcome to add these back in slowly after the protocol to help increase microbial diversity.

Why are certain foods not listed on the approved food list?

The purpose of the food list is to provide the easiest to digest foods, to decrease inflammation and symptoms, as well as not feed pathogenic yeast and bacteria. Some “healthy” foods may not be listed because they are difficult to digest or because they can be fermented by gut bacteria. Stick to the food list as strictly as possible for the first 21 days, after that you may try adding things in sparingly as a cheat 1x/week (monitor for symptoms/reactions). After 6-8 weeks you may begin adding back in fruits and vegetables not on the CBO Protocol food list as long as your symptoms (bloating, gas, skin, etc.) have subsided.

I thought garlic and onion killed bacteria, so why are they excluded?

Onions and garlic contain a nutrient called allicin. This product kills yeast, fungus, and bacteria. However, it is typically used in a nutritional supplement form, which is an extract and not the whole food.
If someone with yeast or bacterial overgrowth uses the whole food, the prebiotic fibers can feed yeast and bacteria, causing symptoms such as gas or bloating.

Are spices allowed on the CBO Protocol?

Yes, except onion and garlic (whole or powdered form)

Can I have nut milk?

Yes, you may add 8oz of nut milk to water in your smoothie (or with a coffee/tea), as long as you have not been told you have a food sensitivity or lectin based issue. It is best to first test the smoothie without nut milk before testing it.

Do I need to use the Daily Nutritional Support shake during the CBO?

You may use any vegan protein powder you’d like, but if you don’t use an all-in-one like the Daily Nutritional Support shake, it is recommended that you use the Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin (2 caps with breakfast + 2 caps with dinner). If you are using another type of vegan protein do make sure you’re getting 15g of hypoallergenic protein and no added fillers such as chicory, inulin, or other foods not listed on the CBO Food guide.

Do I need to use the Gut Rebuilding Protocol after finishing the CBO Protocol?

Although it is not mandatory to use, the 2 products contained in the Gut Rebuilding Protocol will help to heal and seal the gut wall. This is helpful after removing the yeast and bacteria, since often times leaky gut goes hand in hand with gut overgrowth and dysbiosis.
Dr. Cabral recommends simply adding 1 scoop of the Healthy Gut Support powder to your morning smoothie along with taking the Daily Probiotic Support to add back in additional healthy gut bacterial strains. This should be done for 2-3 months after the CBO Protocol.

I am interested in both the CBO protocol and the Dr. Cabral Detox, which is the best order to do these in?

You could do this either way, or even together – there is really no wrong way!  Many people like to do the DCD first as it will lower your inflammation levels and get you into a healthier style of eating which will be extremely helpful when moving on to the CBO protocol in food shopping list.

What if I experience an adverse reaction?

If you experience an adverse reaction that has significant impact on your ability to function, please follow these steps to help determine if it is due to one of the supplements, or something else:

1. Have you added in any new foods besides the supplements?
If so, remove those for one week – even if they’re healthy vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, hummus, etc.
2. If you are having a reaction to the supplements, remove all supplements and wait 5 days. If the symptoms dissipate add 1 new product back in every 3 days and see which one causes the reaction (if any). You can start at just 1 capsule of that product and then increase as able.
3. If on the CBO protocol and having a skin reaction, it’s possible the die off is being pushed through the skin. You can stop the CBO Protocol for 5 days and see if symptoms subside. If so, follow step 2 above and work up to a tolerable dosage.

Where can I find CBO-approved recipes?

We invite you to join our Facebook Group! See the following link to join:


Please type into the search bar “recipe” to find over 70 Detox and CBO approved meals!

To make a recipe “CBO approved” – simply remove onions and garlic, if listed in ingredients.