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Dr. Cabral’s Next-Level Health Business Mentorship


Imagine for a moment creating your ideal health company…

Imagine all the lives you would be able to transform.

Imagine the creative and empowering services and products you’d be able to create.

Imagine working your ideal schedule doing something you can feel proud of for years to come.

Imagine earning an income beyond anything you thought was possible for yourself.

It wasn’t too long ago that I had the same dreams and aspirations…

I wanted to create better services and products for my clients and customers and take my career to the next level.

The problem was I didn’t know how…

And because of that I spent way too much, time, energy, and frustration trying to figure it out on my own.

Ideally, I’d like to save you all of this stress…

A New Level of Mentorship Is Born


That is why I decided to create the next-level health business mentorship you’re about to discover:

Dr. Cabral’s High-Level Health Business Mentorship

After completing over 250,000 private client appointments and founding the largest, International-Global, virtual functional-medicine company in the world, and one of the fastest growing Health Coaching Certifications, I’d like to share with you the insider knowledge to make your dreams a reality.

it’s my belief and experience that you can make anything happen if you set your mind to it-

The problem…

Before I share with you how we will be able to help you bring into reality the health career or business you’ve been dreaming of, I’d like to share why most people don’t make it happen.

Top 7 Dream Destroyers


Here are the top 7 reasons why most people miss out on their dreams:

  1. They try to create too many businesses products or services all at once.
  2. Instead of trying to provide the highest quality of service or products to an individual group, they look to market to everyone.
  3. Some founders never get to the point where they can delegate tasks that need to get done to others on a team they build.
  4. The need to create the perfect product or service which holds people back from ever launching anything.
  5. Not following a proven model or blueprint in the beginning of your business development.
  6. Trying to do it alone and prove to the world that you can make it without anyone’s help.
  7. Telling yourself that you’ll start next month or next year “when the time is right.”

Although there are others I could add to this list, most of them just involve not knowing the right questions to ask or the simple things you can do to automate most things in your business to save you time, money, energy, and years of frustration…

So, you basically have two options when starting a business or taking it to a new level:

  1. Go through all the headaches, time, wasted money, and frustration, or…
  2. Find a coach or mentor willing to share with you how to shortcut your time to success.

Next Level Health Founders Mentorship


Over the past 3 years I have gotten well over 100 requests to help aspiring health coaches and health business owners reach the next level of success.

Unfortunately, before now, I simply did not have the availability in my schedule to be able to help a few of those people create the business of their dreams.

Now that I have accomplished what I set out to do in establishing my media education company at StephenCabral.com, EquiLife FM Company, and the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, I would like to carve out 2 hours per week to help other Health Founders take their careers to the next level.

I’ve wanted to give back and teach for some time now and I’m excited to be able to teach and mentor those looking to reach their full potential.

Are You a Founder?


A founder is someone that is a creator. They create a service like health coaching, business product or idea out of nothing and bring it to life.

I love working with Health Founders-

They have great energy and they love helping people heal through their services or products.

I look at it this way:

I help Health Founders create amazing businesses that help thousands or millions of people in the world – many people I would never reach on my own…

It’s a win-win-win.

Is This the Right Fit?


Although I wish I had more time right now, I’m excited to be able to work with 6 Health Business Founders or those looking to start or grow companies in the areas below:

  • Health coaching
  • Functional Medicine practice
  • Wellness spa
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Personal training
  • Smart phone health app development
  • Health wearable technology
  • Podcasting
  • Book writing
  • Social media following
  • Media company
  • Health food products

These are the main areas that I’ve been successful in developing in the past and would be happy to save you the time, money and frustration of having to figure it out from scratch on your own…

Really, the only area of the health industry that I cannot consult on is nutritional supplements where I have a non-disclosure agreement with EquiLife, and as a result I’m not able to help other companies formulate, or develop that type of a company. However I am happy to share with you how to easily and successfully offer nutritional supplements to your customers…

What You Can Expect From 1-on-1 Mentorship


Working with any mentor or coach should leave you with a playbook of information you wouldn’t otherwise have on your own.  What they are doing is sharing decades of experience in your field, so you don’t have to learn through trial and error.

Here are 5 main ways you will be able to take your health career or company to that next level through 1-on-1 mentorship:

  1. New Knowledge
  2. Proper Goal Setting
  3. Action Planning
  4. Recalibrating
  5. Accountability

Whether I was trying to overcome any of my health diseases as a teenager or young adult or with any new business I’ve always hired practitioners or mentors to help me make more informed decisions.

At the end of the day I had to do the work and walk the path they had set for me, but without a path I would have been lost…

After 2 decades of helping people with every dis-ease you could imagine, I now feel this is the time for me to do the same with a few dedicated health business founders.

How the Health Business Mentorship Works


Here is a high-level outline of what you will receive while working with me:

  1. 6 Month Mentorship
  2. 1-2 Monthly Strategy Calls
  3. Monthly Action Plan Outlines
  4. Weekly Email Check-Ins
  5. Goal Progress Reports

Please keep in mind that all of the Mentorship calls are customized based on your individual goals and business. There are no boilerplate templates or repetitive questions.

We will set achievable goals and then work to surpass those goals in the timeline we’ve created together.

Are You Ready?


This is a one time offering in 2021.

I also do not know if I will offer this again simply because of new projects that I’m working on later this year.

(For reference the last time I offered a Mentorship program like this was 2015!)

Lastly, this program is only for those that are dedicated and serious about building a new health business or taking an existing one to new heights.

I only have 6 spots (2 hours per week) and it is a high-level program.

Option 1:

Founders Mentoring


  • 6 month program
  • 1 60-minute call per month
  • Monthly action plan
  • 1 weekly email check in
  • Open Rolodex to my private resources
  • Accountability
  • 4 Openings
  • $3,000 per month

Option 2:

VIP Founders Mentoring


  • 6 month program
  • 2 60-minute calls per month
  • Text check-ins
  • Monthly action plan
  • 1 weekly email check-in
  • Open Rolodex to all of my resources
  • Accountability
  • 2 Openings
  • $5,000 per month (save $1,000)

Double Your Investment


The minimum goal that I look at when investing with any of my personal coaches is at least doubling my investment.

Sometimes that will happen immediately (within months) and sometimes not for a year down the road, but I need to see the payback…

The same should be for you. If you could see yourself doubling, tripling, or even 10Xing your investment through knowledge gained during your private 1-on-1 mentorship, then this is most likely the right program for you.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to create a business that earns at least $8,000/month then this may not be the right time for you to apply. I want to make sure you’re making the right decision for you.

Ultimately you need to believe in yourself and your potential for what you feel is possible for YOU.

Apply Today!


Acceptance into this next-level Heath Business Mentorship program is by application only.

With a total of 2 hours per week maximum I am selective about who I can work with.

If you’re serious about taking your health business, life and success to the next level fill out the application now to see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

(If it’s not a good fit based on your goals or my ability to help you, my team and I will let you know on the application call.)

I wish you all the best of success and please let us know if you have any questions at support@StephenCabral.com

I look forward to hopefully speaking with you soon!



Dr. Stephen Cabral

Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy
Ayurvedic & Integrative Health Practitioner
Dr. Cabral’s 1-on-1 Health Business Mentorship Application

Dr. Cabral’s 1-on-1 Health Business Mentorship Application

Are You Applying for the 1 or 2-Call Per Month Option?

Than you for applying and I look forward to reviewing your application soon!