Adrenal Stress & Energy Test

adrenal stress testThis is the #1 Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, Hormone, and Energy test used in my Boston Naturopathic Practice.

It’s been around for decades as the gold standard for testing usable hormone levels from a Functional Medicine perspective.

Why Choose this Lab

We are not diagnosing disease from these labs, but rather looking for the underlying root causes of why you feel tired, worn out, run down, or lacking energy in general.

It is also used in conjunction with looking for thyroid issues potentially caused by the adrenal gland HPA dysfunction, as well as hormone imbalance (estrogen to progesterone levels). We also use if for clients having difficulty losing weight or improving their mood.

In my opinion this is a fantastic place to start when looking at how your hormones, nervous system, and stress are effecting your mind and body.

Find Your Baseline

Once you have these results, you’ll then be able to understand where you’re starting from and how to get back on the road to recovery and feeling great again!

All Functional Labs are completed at home. I then review your lab results when I receive them about 3 weeks after you mail them in.

You will then receive a simple to follow Personalized Wellness Plan® that I created for you based on your unique results and symptoms.

And, just to make sure you fully understand how to implement everything you’ve received you will be able to set up a 30-minute consultation with one of our Nutritionists.

How to Get Started

Simply click the button below to order your Adrenal Stress & Comprehensive Hormone Test.

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After you place your order, we will mail out your at-home lab test the next day with simple to follow instructions on how to complete it.

We’ll be with every step of the way, and if you ever have any questions simply email us at anytime.

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I look forward to reading over your labs and getting you started on the path to increased energy, less stress, and greater wellness!

Stephen CabralAyubowan,

Stephen Cabral
Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor