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Everything You Need All in One Shake!


After working with thousands of clients and trying to help them simplify their nutritional supplement protocols, I decided to take things one step further…

The Daily Detox Shake was created to be my private clients “One Stop Shop” when it came to taking multi-vitamin, mineral, electrolyte energy blend, antioxidant, and detox support formulas.

Plus, I added 15g of vegan protein from hypoallergenic rice & pea in order to make it a complete meal. You can now literally wake up, make a smoothie with my all-natural Daily Detox Shake and take all of your supplements for the day!


Save Time, Money, & Energy


My Boston practice and online clients all over the world are busy. They asked me to create the heathliest all-in-one product that satisfied all of their daily nutritional needs. And, they wanted it to come in a powdered form they could travel with, take on the go, and make a smoothie (or just shake up with water) in less than a minute…

It was a tall order to find the purest Functional Medicine and all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, and it took over 12 months of sourcing and taste-testing to complete, but the results and feedback has been amazing!

And, for less than $2.50/day you’re saving hundreds of dollars per month – that’s what happens when I cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you. (See the graph below for how much you can save and the power of the Daily Detox Shake ingredients.)


12 Supplements In 1


The Daily Detox Shake is more then 12 different nutritional supplements in one at a fraction of the price! It is literally the best product available at the best price. Compare below for yourself and see how you could be saving at the same time you’re getting healthier & transforming your body.





I never knew this until I began working with the top nutrition manufacturer in the US, but unless a nutritional supplement states it is non-GMO it most likely contains GMO ingredients. This is why it’s imperative to look for the non-GMO seal and make sure any supplement you choose has done 3rd party testing.

For everyone’s piece of mind, I needed to make sure anything I recommend to my friends, family, and clients is something I truly believe will better their life. And, I honestly believe the Dr. Cabral Detox is the best thing you can do for your mind and body.

Lifestyle Design


This is the same All-In-One daily support shake used with the Dr. Cabral Detox. It’s also the one I recommend everyone use once a day as either their breakfast smoothie, mid-afternoon snack, or even as a post-workout shake.

Our community loves the ease of use and having the peace of mind knowing they can just enjoy one smoothie a day that includes everything they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

We hope you join our health-based community and share some of your favorite smoothie recipes with us by email or posting on social media!




Help When You Need It


We understand you’ll have questions and when you do we’ll be there ready to help! Our goal is to help you finally reach your goals and achieve the health, body, and vitality you’ve been searching for. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your success story soon!

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Daily Nutritional Support

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