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Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™

Everything you need to know about how your gut & digestion became imbalanced and the exact steps you need to take to begin rebalancing your body today!

4.5 Hours of training
17 Workbook slide decks
7 Accelerator success checklists

Discover How to Rebalance Your Gut & Digestive System Today

This is the knowledge I wish I had 25 years ago…

Because if I had access to this type of root cause information and the protocols to rebalance my gut I wouldn’t have spent 10 years trying to heal my body and get well.

Luckily, I was able to figure out how to rebalance my gut microbiome and in turn heal my body from the inside out.

Now 15 years later, and after sharing this same protocol with tens of thousands of people from all over the world I’d like to make it available online for the world to access.

It’s Time to Rebalance Your Gut

Inside of this Gut Rebalancing Health Results Accelerator™ you will be taken step-by-step through the main causes of dysfunction with the digestive system. I will share with you those common symptoms you may be suffering from such as:


  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Water retention
  • Weight gain (or loss)
  • Cramping
  • Skin rashes
  • Brain fog
  • Joint pain
  • Acne
  • Low energy
  • Poor mood
  • Low Libido
  • Inflammation
  • Imbalanced immune system
  • …. and many more
Then after we help you match up the symptoms with the underlying root cause, I will share with you the protocols I’ve used in my private wellness practice in order to help people rebalance their bodies (myself included). This will enable you to follow the plans I’ve outlined at your pace and make the healing process a lot more enjoyable and stress-free.

Here’s the Formula of How You Became Imbalanced and Also How to Become Well Again...


Overtime, your body becomes imbalanced in 1 of 2 ways (but, usually both to a degree).

The first way is that you become deficient in specific nutrients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.

When your reserves begin to drop, your body has to compensate in other ways in order to maintain equilibrium. When this happens you’ll start to see the first signs of dis-ease, which we call symptoms, appear.

The second way that your body (and mind) can become imbalanced is when you accumulate internal and external toxins. These can be excessive hormone production (ie. estrogen or cortisol), or it may be from environmental chemicals like pesticides or mercury. As these toxins build up in your body, you will also see the symptoms of compensation and dis-ease progress.

By using my formula above to replace your deficiencies and remove your toxicities you will be well on your way to rebalancing your body and mind and returning back to a state of health.

I look forward to going more in depth and sharing the gut & digestion specific deficiencies and toxicities that you may be suffering from in my Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™.

Cassie Testimonial Image
I've Found Myself Again

“Gut health is something I have taken seriously since I first discovered I had overgrowth in my gut in 2016. Dr. Cabral taught me how to target the overgrowth very specifically with the CBO protocol while following his Sensitive Gut Guide. I am a whole new person. Since beginning the CBO Protocol, I am sleeping better, I have more energy, I have not been bloated, my digestion has greatly improved, I have gotten to know my body at a deeper level, and the best most unexpected improvement has been my mood. Dr. Cabral has a deep gift of knowledge and he knows how to clearly get that information across in an easy to understand and an easy to apply way!”

Cassie Recent Student

Your Teacher - Dr. Stephen Cabral

Dr. Stephen Cabral is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and founder of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute & EquiLife. He is the father to two young girls, owner of a French bulldog named Moose, and along with his wife, they live in Boston, MA.

At 17 years old, Stephen Cabral was diagnosed with a life-altering illness and given no hope for recovery. He suffered endlessly for many years. It was only after Stephen met his mentor, Dr. Peet, and traveled all over the world and discovered how to combine ancient Ayurvedic healing practices with state-of-the-art Naturopathic & Functional Medicine did he understand how to fully rebalance the body and re-energize it with life.

After Dr. Cabral found his answers and completely healed his body, his mission became to share the knowledge he learned with the world so that others may discover the answers they were searching for.

How to Accelerate Your Gut Rebalancing Results

I decided to call my one-day courses “Health Results Accelerators™” because I wanted to be able to teach you everything you need to know about how your gut & digestion become imbalanced + the action steps to begin rebalancing your specific symptoms.

You’ll learn in approximately 4 hours what would take you:

  • Years of research
  • Dozens of books on female hormones
  • Seeing multiple consultants/doctors
  • Spending thousands of dollars on “programs”
  • Years of time, stress, energy & frustration

My goal is to teach you in a half-day what it would take years to learn on your own if ever (remember, I spent 10 years looking for my answer(s), but it wasn’t until I met my mentor that I was shown what I was missing…)

You can choose to watch one lesson per day, or consume all the content in half of a day – The choice is yours, but the information in this Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™ contains the answers you’ve been looking for…

This Time Will Be Different


Believe it or not, most ebooks, courses, and programs taught online are developed by people copying other people’s books or material, but never having worked with anyone in the real world…

It’s sad but true.

So essentially, what you’re getting is just a well-marketed program by people without any experience in solving the issue you have.

That’s where my Health Results Accelerators™ are dramatically different.

I teach on the topics that I have helped people within the real world in my clinical practice in Boston, MA.

I saw what worked (and didn’t work) and can save you the time, money, energy, and frustration of having to figure it out on your own.

Plus, I’ve modeled this Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™ course after the acclaimed Integrative Health Practitioner Certifications used by medical practitioners and health coaches around the globe.

Here's Why It Works

Yes, you must have all the information you need in order to know how you got here and what to do in order to get well, but…

The information you’re getting must be delivered in a way that is easy to grasp, connect with, and then be able to take action on in your life.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to get in this Gut & Digestion Rebalancing Health Results Accelerator™.

Here’s why it works so well:

  •  Engaging online teaching video format
  •  Quick 10-20 minute lessons
  •  Removed any non-essential filler
  •  Slide decks created to make learning fun
  •  Downloadable handouts to follow along with
  •  HRA checklists created to ensure you’re successful

And, although this Health Results Accelerator™ has been created for people without any health knowledge at all, they are also professionally designed for health practitioners to be able to implement with their patients or wellness clients anywhere in the world.

Andy Testimonial Image
I Feel Completely Rejuvenated

“For as long as I can remember I have experienced digestive issues in the form of chronic constipation, stomach pains, bloating, hives, rashes, acne and brain fog. When I came across Dr Cabral’s teachings, I learned that I had “leaky gut” and there was far more that I could do to help with my digestive issues. I started with a 21-day detox and upon completing it, felt completely rejuvenated. I then took a food sensitivity test which showed multiple food sensitivities and an organic acids test which showed candida overgrowth. I have since completed several detoxes, an elimination diet of the food sensitivities as well as the candida protocol. I can honestly say that I have never felt better!”

Andy Recent Student

Your Gut & Digestion Rebalancing Lesson Plan

The lessons below outline exactly what you’ll be learning in this Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™ program.

Please feel free to click on any lesson in order to expand it to learn more.

Gut & Digestion Rebalancing

If you’re looking to uncover the underlying root causes as to why your gut & digestion became imbalanced and how to begin the healing process, you are in the right place. In Lesson 1, I will introduce you to the principles we use every day in our practice that allows us to help people to get well, lose weight, and live longer stronger.

In lesson 2, I’m going to make sure you understand exactly how the digestive system works. Once you understand the inner workings of your digestive tract, it will be easier to understand how it can become imbalanced and what we can do to begin rebalancing it in order to return to a state of health.

Now I’m going to ensure that you fully understand all of the different ways your gut & digestion can be out of balance. Once you understand that there are only so many ways for your gut to become imbalanced, you’ll be able to identify where your imbalances might be so that you can then move forward with rebalancing your gut & digestion.

In lesson 4, I’ll go over one of the most common symptoms of digestive imbalances: acid reflux. I will help you to fully understand the root causes of acid reflux and the ways in which we can begin to rebalance the body naturally so that these symptoms are no longer an issue. Nobody should have to live their lives taking PPIs or other medication to suppress symptoms when there is always a root cause reason as to WHY they aren’t experiencing optimal health.

Most people have heard of ulcers, but do they really know what ulcers are and how they can become a problem in the first place? In this lesson I will teach you the ways in which you can develop ulcers and how you can take an integrative approach to ensuring you never have to experience these uncomfortable symptoms again. 

In lesson 6, I will go over the most popular symptom of gut & digestive imbalances. Bloating is popular because it can be a symptom of multiple gut root cause imbalances and can lead to a lot of discomfort. I will teach you all of the ways in which you can decrease, and ultimately eliminate bloating once and for all so that you can experience the health & wellness that you’ve always dreamed of.

Candida overgrowth is one of the main causes of these imbalanced gut & digestion symptoms. While candida is naturally present in the body, it becomes a problem when an overgrowth occurs. This lesson will detail exactly how this overgrowth can happen and what you can do to begin rebalancing your gut microbiome in order to experience a healthy gut & digestive tract.

In lesson 8, I will take you through all of the different ways bacteria can overgrow and cause gut dysbiosis. Some strains of bacteria are purely pathogenic, while others are needed in the right amounts. This lesson will teach you exactly how to identify if your gut bacteria is out of balance and what you can do to begin rebalancing it naturally.

Now we’ll go over the least talked about root cause of gut & digestion imbalances: parasites. To many’s surprise, about a third of the world’s population has parasites. These parasites can cause havoc on your digestion, and identifying and eliminating them is an integral part of the gut rebalancing protocol. This lesson will detail the different types of parasites and how you can eliminate them to ultimately achieve your health & wellness goals.

In lesson 10, we’ll go in depth on how H. Pylori affects the digestive tract and how it can cause major issues down the road if not addressed. This bacteria typically lives in the mucous lining of the stomach and can be eliminated through natural protocols. H. Pylori is another one of the main root cause imbalances that can affect your gut.

Depending on who you ask, constipation can be defined differently. But, regardless of the definition, we know that constipation affects many people. In this lesson I will teach you the reasons why you might be constipated and how you can work to naturally relieve it and ultimately rebalance your gut & digestion so that you never have to experience constipation again.

In lesson 12, I will walk you through all of the different reasons you might be experiencing loose stools. Bowel movements can tell you a lot about your gut health and after this lesson you will fully understand what factors can affect the consistency of your stool and how you can begin to rebalance your microbiome to experiencing healthy bowel movements daily.

Many people don’t know this, but there is a valve at the end of the small intestine that separates the small intestine from the large intestine (colon). Once fecal matter makes it to the colon, it is made up of mostly bacteria. The main function of the ileocecal valve is to ensure that bacteria doesn’t make its way back into the small intestine. This lesson will take you through exactly why your ileocecal valve might not be functioning properly and how you can begin to rebalance your body to ensure this issue doesn’t persist.

In lesson 14, we’re going in depth on increased intestinal permeability also known as “leaky gut”. Leaky gut can cause a lot of inflammatory-based symptoms and can take a huge toll on overall health & vitality. I’m going to teach you exactly how leaky gut is caused, the effects it has on your health, and how you can begin to rebalance your body to seal up your gut lining.

Often overlooked are the most simple and fundamental aspects of health. Foundational Nutrition plays a huge role in rebalancing your gut and this lesson will detail the optimal way to supply your body with what it needs to maintain a balanced and healthy microbiome.

In Lesson 16, we’re now going to go over the world-renowned CBO Protocol that has been used by thousands of people all over the world to effectively rebalance and optimize their gut health. I will walk you through exactly what this protocol consists of, how it works, and how to use it in order to get the results you’ve been looking for. There is a reason why thousands of practitioners are using this protocol with their clients and I’m excited to share it with you.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this Health Results Accelerator™ and you fully understand how your gut works, how it can become imbalanced, the main root cause imbalances, and what you can do to rebalance it, I want to make sure you’re able to maintain those results. In this final lesson, you will learn how to maintain a balanced gut and ensure that you take your results with you as you move forward on your health journey.

Now Is The Time

There is never a good time to begin anything new…

Your mind will always try to talk you out of it to keep you stationary in your comfort zone of what you know (even if it’s not very comfortable).

This is why the majority of people will never be able to heal.

It’s not that they can’t – It’s just that they succumb to the business of everyday life…

The problem is that this holds so many people back from living the life they’ve always wanted.

Don’t you want to improve your energy, mind, mood, body, and overall health?

I know you can do this and I know you have so much more potential…

You Deserve to Be Well

I played the role of the victim for many years…

I was sick, tired, and unhappy.

There were times where I just believed that I was meant to be sick and that most people in my family were dealing with health issues too, so why should I be any different…

The problem was that that type of mentality caused me years of suffering and that time could have been spent getting well and then living my new life.

Today, I feel healthier and more energetic than I ever have and yet I’m chronologically getting older each year…

How can this be?

Once you discover that the body is a beautifully designed organism that needs the right input and a strategic emptying of it’s rain barrel, you begin to realize health isn’t a mystery.

Your answer is waiting for you and I can’t wait for you to begin writing your own success story starting today!

Daniel Testimonial Image
Gave Me the Life I've Never Had Before
“Having struggled with chronic year-round allergies since I was a child, it eventually became clear there was no OTC or prescription drug out there for me. When I found Dr. Cabral, testing lifted the vail on my chronic seasonal suffering. The satisfaction of being shown precisely why you are suffering, and the way out, is beyond words that I can describe here. Today I am 100% allergy-free, and I’m happy to report this after the passing of three allergy seasons. The CBO Protocol is the real deal. This protocol didn’t just give me my life back; it gave me the life I’ve never had before”
Daniel Health Coach

365-Day Access

Today we are offering this Health Results Accelerator™ at its introductory pricing, but this is a limited-time offer.

I simply want everyone to be able to take advantage of this Female Hormones Health Results Accelerator™ program that saves you thousands of dollars by not having to be a private wellness client, but still affords you the same exact teachings, lab options, and protocols I share in my concierge practice.

Plus, if you reserve your spot and get started today, you will lock in 365-day access with unlimited updates during that time for free (additional $99 value).

100% Money Back Guarantee

There is no risk to signing up today and beginning your health journey with me and my team.

If for any reason over the next 30-days you’re unsatisfied, simply email and we will refund your money.

Our goal is to help you in anyway we can and if we’re not able to do our job, you have my promise that we will wish you well and refund 100% of your investment (labs must be returned if you chose Option 2).

Remember, my team and I are here to put an end to your daily thyroid suffering and to help you heal once and for all. We are committed to your success.

Support When You Need It

Have a question?

We’re happy to answer any support questions between Monday-Friday 8-5pm EST. Simply email

And, we also have qualified IHP Certified Health Coaches running support groups for all of my Health Results Accelerator™ Programs. Many of them provide private Facebook groups to bring together other people just like you going through these programs and in need of encouragement, advice or to answer questions they may have. We’ll connect you with an IHP should you be interested in private coaching or a support group.

NOTE: These Health Results Accelerator™ programs are designed to not need any outside coaching or support. They were curated after working with thousands of clients with the same health imbalances as you, and all questions are typically answered inside of the lessons and the step-by-step protocols.

Don't Wait to Get Well

Starting right now you could be well on your way to discovering what thousands of others already have in order to rebalance your female hormones and return your body to a state of health and well being.

You deserve to be healthy & happy and I want to make sure this is the last stop on your road to getting well.

I know from speaking with people all over the world that these types of health issues don’t resolve themselves. They typically only get worse with time…But, right now you have the ability to change all of that and begin the healing process. It’s time to take back control of your health and allow me to empower you with everything you need to know about how your female hormones became imbalanced and the action steps you can take to begin rebalancing your hormones today.

Remember, in less than half a day I’ll teach you how you got here and how to get back to balance through removing your toxicities and replacing your deficiencies. It would be an honor if you’d allow me to pass this information along to you, so that one day you may be able to do the same for someone else…

Reserve your space today for this limited-time offer, pricing and bonus results support-pack. Simply choose the option that works best for you below.

Ayubowan & I look forward to seeing your success story soon!

Bonus Results Support-Pack

For a limited-time we are giving away this amazing bonus package FREE with every purchase, which I hope will only further accelerate your results and ensure you keep them for life!

  1. The Rain Barrel Effect
    This is the #1 International Best Seller that enabled me to share my DESTRESS Protocol™ with the world. You’ll get a copy mailed to you to read along with this Health Results Accelerator™ or to pass on to a friend in need. (Value $14.95)
    *Currently unable to ship internationally
  2. EquiLife Gift Certificate
    You are always welcome to purchase any of your health product needs from any Functional Medicine company worldwide, but I am happy to offer you a $20 gift certificate to EquiLife as a thank you for trusting in me and my team and investing in your health & happiness. (Value $20)

Gut & Digestion Accelerator

Get Digital access to the entire program on all devices: Android, iOS, Desktop and tablet. Gut & Digestion Accelerator Course Image



What is the Gut & Digestion Lab Test?

The Gut & Digestion Lab in option 2 above is the very best Functional Medicine at-home lab that enables you to discover your unique levels of these specific biomarkers:

Not only will you discover your individual Candida, Metabolic & Vitamin levels for your body, but each lab comes with a personalized health coaching call ($290 value) to outline your plan. This means you’ll be educated on what your results mean and what you’ll need to do in order to improve them.

This amazing Functional Medicine lab is typically $499 – This massive $199 discount is only available when you invest in your health by choosing option 2 above with the lab included.

NOTE: The lab test above is not mandatory, nor needed specifically in order to follow the protocol laid out in the Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™ program. It is an optional add on for those wanting to explore their internal health to a greater degree.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Currently we are unable to calculate shipping costs + taxes through this checkout, but we can offer you the same discount on this lab with a coupon code if you email your Gut & Digestion Health Results Accelerator™ Receipt to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Cabral’s Health Results Accelerators™ are able to be viewed on any device such as a phone, tablet, computer, or even internet ready smartTV. All lessons are provided digitally by video and PDF handouts which can be accessed anywhere in the world where internet is available by logging into your account at

This particular program is designed for anyone who is looking for a natural way to rebalance their gut & digestion or for health practitioners who are looking to deepen their knowledge on this topic

Dr. Cabral does not diagnose, treat, or cure disease – Instead he will help you find the underlying root cause of your health issues in order to rebalance your body. Always seek out your Medical Doctor for acute-based illnesses.

Dr. Cabral has been helping people for over 20 years to transform their health, body, and mind. After seeing and overseeing 250,000+ client appointments he had all of the private data he needed in order to know what worked and what didn’t work. These are his exclusive programs that no other author or doctor can share with the public.

No prior health education is needed – just the will and interest to learn and get well!

No. Dr. Cabral will talk about all the options you have inside of his Health Results Accelerator™, but you do not ever have to run any labs to make this program work.

Dr. Cabral will advise you on what he recommends for science-backed nutritional supplements. You will then be able to choose any brand you prefer. Supplements are just 1 part of his 8 part DESTRESS Protocol™. He will also offer you 3 levels to choose from depending on price – But you are also welcome to opt out of using any supplements since it’s always your choice.

Absolutely. You can finish this Health Results Accelerator™ in a day, or watch one video per day for a month. Plus, you have 365 days of full access!

All handouts are easily downloadable as PDFs.

You have unlimited access for a full 365 days.

As of today, you will receive a Bonus Results Support-Pack of:

  1. New copy of Dr. Cabral’s book, the Rain Barrel Effect
  2. $20 Gift Certiicate to EquiLife

Yes of course. Although extremely rare, if you didn’t benefit from the information provided in Dr. Cabral’s Health Results Accelerator™, simply email for a full refund. If you choose the lab option you will just need to ship back the lab kit.

Absolutely! Simply email your technical question to and we’d be happy to respond usually the same day Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm EST. And, although health results accelerators™ do not include private health coaching, you can ask questions every month on the Live Q&As!