CBO Finisher: Heal & Seal – Gut Rebuilding Protocol




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By combining the clinically proven nutraceutical benefits of glutamine, zinc carnosine, and aloe vera along with a multi-strain high potency probiotic you’ll be able to begin healing your gut.

The seven probiotic species in Dr. Cabral’s Daily Probiotic Support work together to help modulate inflammation within the gut and also provide additional benefit by sustaining normal gut barrier function and normal microbiota balance.

  • High-potency multispecies formula, 50+ billion CFUs (per 2 capsules)
  • Modulates healthy inflammation pathways
  • Supports gut barrier function
  • Synthesizes CLA which helps regulate fat mass

Your Gut Rebuilding Basic Protocol Package Includes:

  • (1) Healthy Gut Support
  • (1) Daily Probiotic Support
  • (1) Dr. Cabral’s Gut Healing Foods List
  • (1) Dr Cabral’s Gut Rebuilding Protocol