Health Practitioner Mentoring

Price: Application only



My first priority is doing what is best for everyone I care for in my practice. My passion has always been showing people there’s always a solution to what they’re going though – they just haven’t found the root cause yet and how to resolve it.

This same philosophy applies to every member on my wellness and weight loss team. I’ve mentored over 400 health & fitness practitioners, doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, therapists, nutritionists, and every other type of health practitioner.

Let’s Change the World Together!

The reason why I love helping other practitioners is because I then get to teach more passionate people how to help even more people get well and lose weight – Everyone wins!

If you need help designing your ideal practice, systems, and protocols, as well as how to reach more people I can help you with that.

After completing over 200,000+ client appointments over the past 17 years, I am happy to share with you what works best for helping your patients and clients and how to create your ideal health practice.

Monthly Private Coaching

Just like my wellness client protocols, each mentorship program is completely personalized based on your needs. On our first call I will get to learn about you, your ideal practice goals, both your short & long-term goals, and what you’re looking for out of both life and business.

Next, we will speak once a month by Skype or phone for 60-minutes. On these calls we will assess your progress, any obstacles you’ve encountered, and then refocus your game plan for the next weeks.

My mentorship programs last as long as you need guidance and support, but the minimum amount of time is 3 months. I use this length of time in both by wellness and mentoring practice, since amazing transformations can happen in this time period!

To Apply

My mentorship program is by application only and I’m only able to work with a maximum of 8 health professionals at any given time. Since I want to fully commit to each person I mentor, this this coaching program is often closed for many months of the year depending on my current schedule.

To apply today simply email with the subject “Mentorship Application” and a summary about your current or future business and what you would like help with.

Thank you for doing what you do to help others live a healthier and happier life and I look forward to potentially working with you soon!