Telomere Testing + 30-Minute Health Coaching Call


Discover your true “biological age” today! This package includes 1 telomere test and 30-minute consultation with our Holistic Health Coach to explain the results and offer personalized recommendations.



What’s Your Real Age?

Did you know there’s actually a way you can find out how quickly your body is aging?

I don’t mean how old you’re getting chronologically, but rather how fast are your cells aging and breaking down?

It’s Time to Go Deeper

Tracking the age of your cells is important because your telomere length is a simple yet comprehensive indicator of your overall health that can change based on lifestyle factors.

Telomere length has been used for decades as a measure of biological aging in over 20,000 studies conducted at some of the world’s foremost institutions. Now it is available to you.

Slow the Aging Process

For your body to heal and function properly as you age, your cells must divide and reproduce to replace old, worn out cells.

Your telomere length matters because every time your cells divide, a tiny bit of your telomeres are used up as they do their job to protect your DNA and allow your cells to reproduce without damaging your genetic information.

Find Out Your Telomere Length

This makes your telomere length a uniquely insightful measure of how much capacity your cells currently have to make copies of themselves, a necessary process for you to grow, heal, and thrive.

Years of clinical data also support the link between telomeres and the aging process and many studies have been published on the role of telomere length in numerous age-related diseases.

Get Started Today

To find out how well your aging biologically we encourage you to test your telomere length today.

This will allow you to find out your true age and then with the help our of Holistic Health Coaching Team we will provide you with an individualized protocol to slow and even reverse the aging process!

When you order from this page we will ship your Telomere lab test right to your home where you can complete a simple blood drop test by pricking your finger. You will then mail this into the lab with the packaged return mailer and then you’ll receive your results in about 4 weeks.

At that time we will review your results with you and provide you with a specific anti-aging plan regardless of whether you Telomere number was lower or higher than your chronological age.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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