A Man’s Guide to Muscle & Strength


Dr. Cabral wrote this book as a manual to help other fitness professionals design safe programs for their clients and also for the end user to see the exact workouts Stephen Cabral uses with his own clients. It is designed for both men and women to use on their own as a stand alone program guide with 12-months of workouts to choose from.



Independent Book Review

Your demands are simple enough. You want a straightforward, no-nonsense strength and conditioning program that fits into your schedule and results in a healthy, lean, and defined physique that will get you noticed. You’re willing to put in the work, but you want to see results. Now you can.

In A Man’s Guide to Muscle and Strength, renowned personal trainer Stephen Cabral provides you with proven, step-by-step programs that will transform your body. Choose from nine six-week programs designed to increase strength, power, agility, muscle mass, and total-body conditioning. Best of all, each program can be customized to fit your schedule, your life, and your goals.

Work out at home or in the gym with over 140 of the most effective strength building and body shaping exercises. Packed with detailed instruction, more than over 300 technique photos, equipment variations, safety considerations, and the latest nutrition advice, A Man’s Guide to Muscle and Strength provides you with everything that you need to sculpt the physique you’ve always desired.

(Copies of this book purchased from this website are personally autographed by Stephen Cabral and also come with a copy of the same exercise program card that Dr. Cabral’s clients use to track their workouts.)

Celebrity Reviews

“Stephen Cabral is an awesome trainer, and his workout programs are phenomenal.”
Kim Lyons — Trainer for The Biggest Loser TV Series

“You won’t find any redundant, time-wasting exercises in A Man’s Guide to Muscle and Strength. These are serious programs to develop muscle strength, size, and power while improving coordination and athleticism. It’s what everyone wants but few know how to achieve.”
Lou Schuler — World Renowned Fitness Author