Dr. Cabral’s Big 5 Lab Tests

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Dr. Cabral’s “Big 5” Labs include the HTMA + OAT + Omega-3 + Food Sensitivity + Thyroid/Adrenal/Hormone + a 60-minute call with one of our Holistic Health Coaches to review your results and personalized recommendations.

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These are the top 5 lab tests Dr. Cabral recommends to every new Wellness client in his practice that would like a comprehensive deep-dive into their overall health and well-being.

Each of these labs offers a unique perspective of assessing the body and how certain underlying imbalances may be holding you back from achieving your optimal level of health and vitality!

By running the 5 Functional Medicine lab tests listed below you will have the ability to actually discover what your deficiencies and toxicities are. From there you can then begin to build your body back up while ridding it of the toxins that are making you feel sluggish and at less than your best.

Below you will find a short summary of each lab test, as well as individual links to each lab for additional details as needed. Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to helping you get back the life and body you’ve been dreaming of!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

By examining your mineral imbalances the HTMA looks at the deeper underlying root causes, which are keeping you from feeling well again. This lab also helps you discover your heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels.

Because of its price and comprehensive assessment, the HTMA is my personal choice for getting started in Functional Medicine lab testing. You can complete the lab right at home by taking just a few snippets of hair from the back of your head.

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Organic Acid Test (OAT)

This lab test is easily the most under-rated lab for looking at the deepest root cause level of why you’re not feeling well.

According to GPL Labs, The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria. Abnormally high levels of these microorganisms can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue and immune function. Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids.

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Omega-3 Test

By now most people know how important it is to reduce inflammation in their body. But, very few people actually test their levels to see how healthy their Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios actually are. This lab allows you to look deep into your blood to see how you measure up and how balanced you really are.

Research shows that if you have a 9% or greater saturation rate in your blood of Omega-3s, then you’re 90% less likely to die from sudden cardiac death.*

The reason why this statistic exists is because plaque or cholesterol does not tell the whole picture.

And that’s because if your arteries can’t expand due to inflammation (too much Omega-6s) then you’re far more likely to have a cardiovascular event.
So, by increasing your Omega-3 levels to balance your Omega-6s your overall cardiovascular and health profile should improve.

This same test can be used to help inflammatory muscle/joint pain, skin, nervous system issues, energy, mood, and much more…

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Food Sensitivity Test

IgG food sensitivity testing is different than typical food allergy testing that looks for severe, life-threatening or immediate food reactions.

In my practice, I let people know that I don’t see a need to test for foods that you already know you get hives, headaches, low energy, moodiness, or acne from…

This state-of-the-art lab specializes in analyzing small droplets of blood that you place on a card and mail in. Your blood will then be tested against 94 of the most common foods, and provide you with a personalized analysis of which foods you are mildly, moderatly, and highly reactive to. This is the simplest and mos straight forwardrd way to get the results you need to begin making positive health changes in your life (or your children’s).

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Thyroid/Adrenal/Hormone Test

Losing weight has less to do with the amount of calories you eat or how much you exercise, and everything to do with hormone balance, cortisol levels, and metabolism.

By looking at the hidden inflammatory triggers and hormone imbalances we can discover what is holding you back from the body you want and the results you deserve.

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Simple At Home Testing

All labs at were specifically chosen for ease of use. That means I can mail out these labs anywhere in the US and they can be completed by you the same week right at home.

And that translates to better compliance, faster results, and happier healthier clients.

All at-home lab tests take 3-4 weeks to get the results back after you’ve mailed them in. At that time you will receive a wellness plan, which includes:

  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Meal Planning Guide
  • Food Shopping Guide
  • Detoxification Methods
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Sleeping Tips
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Customized Nutritional Supplement Plan
  • Goal Setting Formula Sheet
  • Progress Report Tracking
  • Private FB Support Group Access

Health Coaching Call

Plus, included in this package you will receive a coaching call with one of Dr. Cabral’s Certified Health Coaches to review your lab results and personalized recommendations.

It’s Time to Take back control of your health & body!

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  • We will mail you lab test kit out to you within 48 hours of your purchase (M-F).
  • Coaching calls are scheduled for approximately 3-4 weeks after you complete and mail in your lab kit.
  • Your personalized health recommendations do not include the cost of recommended food lists or products.
  • Health coaching calls are completed by Dr. Cabral’s personally certified Holistic Health Coaching Team.
  • During your health coaching call you will receive an explanation of your labs, as well as a specific plan for you.
  • After your consultation is over you will be sent a private link from your health coach for additional bonus reports
  • Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.