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The Dr. Cabral Detox is “The Most Powerful, Scientifically Researched, Full-Body Detoxification, Weight Loss & Wellness System Ever Created.”


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Product Description

Why You Don’t Look & Feel Your Best


The problem with diets, juice cleanses, and strict fasts are that they never address the underlying cause of why you can’t lose weight, keep it off, and take back your health & vitality. They’re simply missing the key factors that allow you to effortlessly lose weight and reclaim the body you always wanted.

Think about this – if you have to force the weight off through hours of cardio and dieting, how do you plan to ever keep if off for good? You can’t and you won’t. The thing that’s been missing is that to enjoy the total package of health, energy, vitality, and your ideal body, you must rebalance the underlying root causes keeping you stuck where you are right now…


One Dimensional Diets Don’t Work


Not only were fad diet and weight loss supplements not intended to help you keep the weight off, but they’ve set you up to fail thinking that it’s your fault you didn’t follow the plan correctly. Eventually they’ll lead you to believe that “nothing works for me.”

I’ve heard that thousands of times in my practice and I understand where you’re coming from. And I agree…  Diets (even whole food ones) do not hold the secret to why you don’t see the reflection you’d like to when you look in the mirror. They’re missing something, and it’s something that no one seems to be looking at.


The Dr. Cabral Detox Was Born


For 10 years my wellness & weight loss centers have completed over 150,000 client sessions – making our research data one of the largest weight loss & wellness resources in the world. And 4 years ago, we took our revolutionary body transformation program to a whole new level.

After studying for years overseas in India, Sri Lanka, China, and the Netherlands I discovered how to combine state-of-the-art Functional Medicine with long-forgotten ancient healing traditions. The result was the most powerful, scientifically researched, full-body detoxification weight loss system ever created.

It finally addressed the underlying root causes keeping you from enjoying the life you always wanted at the weight you always dreamed of.



Why It Works


At first I thought the initial client results were a fluke, but then the success stories kept coming. I knew it was formulated to work, but I honestly originally intended it for my private wellness clients that were suffering from immune imbalances and other debilitating health issues. The fringe benefit that came along with these clients getting well again, was always a substantial weight loss.

So, I kept digging deeper into why this formula was working so well to help clients lose weight and keep it off (besides the fact that they all reported elevated mood, clearer thinking, better skin, abundant energy, and improved digestion). It turned out that these 3 products combined held the key to rebalancing the systems of the body that control inflammation, water retention, bloating, fat burning, and metabolism. This is ultimately the key to addressing the underlying causes of why you look bloated and swollen and feel like “blah.”


Targeted Weight Loss


Any fad diet can help you lose weight for a short period of time, but only a true wellness system can help you keep it off for good. The reason is that your body naturally sheds the weight as it returns to health and the Dr. Cabral Detox is intended to allow you to do that the simplest and easiest way possible through a strategic plan to address all your problem areas.

As I said before, weight loss is the symptom – not the cause. The cause of your weight issues may be hormonal, metabolic, adrenal, thyroid, immune, digestive, nutrient deficiencies, or toxicity. Hidden toxicities in one of the #1 reasons I see for people struggling to regain their health & ideal body and that’s why the Dr. Cabral Detox works so quickly and effectively – it gets to the root cause of the problem by addressing the underlying issues!


Naturopathic Doctor Designed


I spent years studying Naturopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Ayurveda Medicine, and many other practices all over the world. My goal was to not force anyone I care for to fit into one medical model, but rather choose the method that would best serve them.

This philosophy led me to design what I’ve seen in my own practice to be the very best way to begin the healing process and shed needless bloating, water retention, and the weight that is keeping you from loving the way you look and feel.


What’s In It?



Scientifically Researched Ingredients


Over the past 20 years I’ve read tens of thousands of pages of research and tested over 1,000 nutritional supplements in the real world. I’ve had the privilege to see what works and what doesn’t…

This is what allowed me to formulate the cleanest and most powerful detoxification cleanse ever made. It is the answer to what I was searching for when it came to giving my wellness and weight loss clients the best results in the fastest time possible.





I never knew this until I began working with the top nutrition manufacturer in the US, but unless a nutritional supplement states it is non-GMO it most likely contains GMO ingredients. This is why it’s imperative to look for the non-GMO seal and make sure any supplement you choose has done 3rd party testing.

For everyone’s piece of mind, I needed to make sure anything I recommend to my friends, family, and clients is something I truly believe will better their life. And I honestly believe the Dr. Cabral Detox is the best thing you can do for your mind and body.


7-Day Success Plan




Cabral Community Favorites


After a strategic 2-day full-body detox shake, my Dr. Cabral Detox allows you to consume nourishing foods that will crush any cravings you may have and send your energy levels soaring.  We also make it easy for you by giving you a super simple 3-step guide for building healthy delicious meals. Here are just a few of our Cabral Detox Community Favorites!


6 Reason’s You’ll Love the Dr. Cabral Detox



7-Day Success Stories


My team and I have completed over 150,000 client appointments and have seen the power of the Dr. Cabral Detox. We love celebrating with our clients and customer community every time they send in their success story and we look forward to seeing yours soon!


Best Product. Best Price.


The Dr. Cabral Detox is more then 12 different nutritional supplements in one at a fraction of the price! It is literally the best product available at the best price. Compare below for yourself and see how you could be saving at the same time.


Net Cost is Zero


The Dr. Cabral Detox is more then 12 different nutritional supplements in one at a fraction of the price! It is literally the best product available at the best price. Compare below for yourself and see how you could be saving at the same time.






Choose Your Right Fit


The Dr. Cabral Detox has been proven to work incredibly well for both wellness & weight loss (being overweight is a symptom of a deeper imbalance). Depending on your current health or weight issue, please select the Dr. Cabral Detox below that is the best fit for you:

Dr. Cabral Detox Options

1. For a quick health reset or to lose 5-10 lbs, choose the 7-Day Detox.

2. For deeper healing or to lose 10+ lbs, choose the 14-Day Detox.

3. For ongoing health issues, or to lose 15+ lbs, choose the 21-Day Detox.




Be Apart of Something Greater


Did you know that 45% (18,000,000+/year) of all child mortality is caused by under nutrition? Did you also know that vitamins and mineral supplementation for undernourished children was ranked the #1 priority two years in a row?

Our charitable mission is to help at-risk populations in need – specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five – gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Angels now reaches 30,459,000 at-risk families in 45 countries.

Your purchase of the Doctor Cabral Detox allows us to provide a full year’s supply of those nutrients to the women in children most in need. Join us today in making a difference!


Help When You Need It


We understand you’ll have questions and when you do we’ll be there ready to help! Our goal is to help you finally reach your goals and achieve the health, body, and vitality you’ve been searching for. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your success story soon!

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Daily Nutritional Support


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