Bathing Suit Body Diet


After 10 years of the exclusive use of Dr. Stephen Cabral’s private clients, the 17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® is now available to everyone!



The 17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® is the answer you’ve been waiting for…

It is a short-term healthy diet plan to help you lose weight, without sacrificing long-term metabolism or weight maintenance.

This is also the same private diet plan I’ve used with celebrities, fitness models, and VIP clients to help them get ready for a big event in less then 3 weeks time.

And, the average weight loss over those 17 days has held steady between 7-10 lbs!

(Note: The smallest amount of weight loss was 4.7 lbs and the largest weight loss was 23.1 lbs!)

This is also the 10-year anniversary of the 17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® and as a celebration I’ve decided to completely update the already successful plan to take it to that next level!

Get Your Free Copy Today

And, as part of the 10-year anniversary celebration you can get your copy completely free with any qualifying order from the online community during the month of June 2017.

Simply make any purchase over $69 on your choice of any Functional Medicine at-home lab test, nutritional supplement, wellness protocol, or Dr. Cabral Detox.

This is $39.95 value completely free as my way of thanking you for putting your trust in my team and I – and to help you get in your best shape yet for your big event or day at the beach!

No Fluff. Just Real World Results.

The 17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® is a no frills, straight to the point guide on how to safely and naturally lose weight, drop inches, decrease bloating, and shed body fat.

It’s the answer to not having to wade through 300-page diet books, which only add more confusion rather than answers…

Instead, in BSBD I cut through the fluff and simply give you a step-by-step 17-day meal plan and shopping list. I literally provide 3 pages on how to follow the plan with some important tips to maximize your results and make things simple, and then it’s right into the diet plan!

It really can be this easy and to show you, here’s exactly what you’re going to get:

17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® Overview

Page 1: How to the use the 17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet®
Page 2: Why the BSBD Works So Well
Page 3: 3 Phases of the17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® (7-7-3)
Page 4: 17-Day Bathing Suit Body Diet® Approved Foods
Page 5: “3 Steps to Successful Eating”

Page 6: Begin Phase 1 – Days 1-7
Page 7: Day 1 Meal Plan
Page 8: Day 2 Meal Plan
Page 9: Day 3 Meal Plan
Page 10: Day 4 Meal Plan
Page 11: Day 5 Meal Plan
Page 12: Day 6 Meal Plan
Page 13: Day 7 Meal Plan

Page 14: Begin Phase 2 – Days 8-14
Page 15: Day 8 Meal Plan
Page 16: Day 9 Meal Plan
Page 17: Day 10 Meal Plan
Page 18: Day 11 Meal Plan
Page 19: Day 12 Meal Plan
Page 20: Day 13 Meal Plan
Page 21: Day 14 Meal Plan

Page 22: Begin Phase 3 – Days 15-17 (Last 72 Hours)
Page 23: Day 15 Meal Plan
Page 24: Day 16 Meal Plan
Page 25: Day 17 Meal Plan
Page 26: Note from Stephen Cabral
Page 27: Approved Nutritional Supplements (optional)
Page 28: Food Shopping List
Page 29: Taking Your Results to the Next Level

Make This the Month!

Make this the month you get in your best shape ever and say goodbye to unwanted belly and body fat.

Don’t miss out on my private body transformation diet plan that is now being made public for the first time in 10 years!



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