Band Workout Set


During the month of April I’d like to send you one of these exclusive Online Personal Training Workout Packages ($99.00 Value) that I’ve created for my private clients all around the world – Check Out the description below for all the details!



Thank you being a part of the Cabral Concept Community!

During the month of April I’d like to send you one of these exclusive online personal training workout packages I’ve created for my private clients all around the world.

They’re literally the same travel and bodyweight workouts I create for celebrities, athletes, and Executive CEOs to stay in shape whether they’re at home, in the gym, or on the road.

Free 5-Piece Resistance Band Set

Plus, I also want to ship you the same exact 5 piece resistance band set I send to them as well.

They’re also the same bands I use at my home and when traveling…

You cannot buy this online band workout package anywhere else!

April Only Offer

The Home & Travel Band Exercise Set with the Online Workout ($99 Value) is only available exclusively through the and is yours free of charge when you purchase any Functional Medicine lab test. 

You can choose from any of our popular Food Sensitivity test, OAT, HTMA, Adrenal and Hormone, Thyroid, Weight Loss Testing, Vitamin D, Inflammation, Parasite, Genetics Testing, The Toxicity Test, and many more! 

What You’re Getting

  • 5-piece Band Workout Set
  • Band Travel Case
  • Band Doorway Attachment
  • 3 Online Band & Body Weight Workouts (Stephen Cabral Exclusive)
  • Free Upgraded 3-Day Shipping in US

Special Offer Details

We will mail all the labs to you within 5 business days (in the US) and each one of these labs can be done right at home with a simple urine, hair, stool, finger poke, or saliva sample.

After mailing in your lab kit (free shipping included for US), you’ll get your results in just a few weeks after mailing in your at home test and we even provide a complimentary Health Coaching phone consultation with most lab kit packages!

To put Functional Medicine to work for you and find the underlying root causes keeping you from total body health & wellness I can’t recommend lab testing enough…

Plus, as a bonus this month you’ll be getting my resistance band package with the online workout to do right at home, at the gym, or when traveling!

To get started while supplies last in April simply choose any of our popular online Functional Medicine lab tests!

(After April 30th, 2017 the Band Workout Set with the 3 online band workouts designed by Dr. Cabral will go back to it’s $99 everyday price. You can purchase this set at this price today, or get this Band Workout Set free with any online lab purchase at